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    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, do not adjust your tv set. Do not touch that dial. And whatever you do, do. Not. Contact your TV provider. Yes, this is JBW SHOWDOWN! We’re radiating your noggin’ from the ripe ol’ day of Friday! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this amazing crowd in in Estadio General Joaquín Amaro stadium, Mexico! And since we’re rocking it “South of the Border” style, I’m happy to welcome by guest this week—the craziest man in the NWL division—AVIDICO!

    The crowd blows the roof off! Avidico is making his way to the table!

    Avidico: Hola Sly. It’s great to be back in my Home town MEXICO CITY

    Sly: “Hola”.

    Avidico: well let’s get stuck into the action we have planned tonight

    Sly: You heard the man, the First Match is going at you!

    Match #1

    Le First Competitor: Tommy Boy George!

    Ring Announcer: And standing in the ring, his opponent, KJ Punk!

    Avidico: these two are on an incredible losing streak

    Sly: You can say that again.

    Avidico: These two are on an incredible losing streak?

    Sly: (rolls eyes) Let’s just get this match started.

    Sly: Tom George picks up the over Punk, but he didn’t do it alone—a little help from SevenCagedTigers was needed!

    *** Commercials? Commercials! ***

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