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    Ricky: Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Warfare!!! We are live New Orleans, Louisiana and what a great show we have planned!!!

    Stanley: We are 5 days away from JBW's upcoming PPV Monarchy of Aggression and it looks to be a promising PPV but tonight is our go-home show and we see where things lead beofre the big PPV at the Wembly Stadium. First, lets take a look at the matches we have planned for tonight:

    Matches set for Warfare tonight

    "The Holy Trinity" VKM vs Tom George

    rko619 vs steveorton

    The Prophecy vs Justice

    TJ Rage vs PrimusSucks

    Warfare World Champ Snair vs broc808

    thejman93 vs LMPunker

    TheDevilsAdvocate vs KJ PUNK

    Ricky: We have more planned for tonight and a lot of ground to cover from last week's big Warfare. We will talk about Brown One quitting JBW as well as WWTNA getting struck with a steel chair during the big brawl that took last week on Warfare.

    Stanley: Your damn right we do! A lot of mind-blowing things has happend in JBW as of late! Lets not forget the little incident on Mayhem where the JBW lawsuit was revealed as a bamboozle to the JBW federation!

    Ricky: We will discuss that later but right now, let Warfare begin!!!

    ~As the show kicked off the camera jumped over to the New Orleans bar that was across the street from the arena. Snair, along with the other Five Star Attraction members were hanging out in wait of their respective matches. Then suddenly the door fell open an TheDevilsAdvocate along with the other members of SuperNova walked in an took their places at the bar. Not liking this Snair rose up from his seat an walked over to the SuperNova members.~

    Snair: You are not allowed to be in the same place as us without getting your asses kicked

    ~Turning around with a grin an a beer bottle already in hand, TheDevilsAdvocate simply patted him on the shoulder which was a very cocky gesture. Snair, who did not take too kindly to that, slapped TheDevilsAdvocate across the face. In retaliation TheDevilsAdvocate broke the beer bottle over Snair's head an all members of both teams began to fight eachother, running people out of the bar.~

    ~Eventually after several minutes of fighting, a good majority of members on both teams were knocked out. Manabu, Snair, Markus, and Trips88 stood tall against TheDevilsAdvocate an HolyJose. Stinger187, and IgetWild were laid out on the floor near by. Then Trips88 told the rest of the FSA to get out of the bar as he wanted to handle this himself. As a response they did as he asked. Wanting to play fair, TheDevilsAdvocate told Jose to leave as well, and to take Stinger187 with him.~

    ~As soon as all the people left, Trips88 an TDA had a stare down. Trips88 made sudden movements in an attempt to make TDA flinch, and eventually started to actually wail on TDA. TDA fought him off an tackled him to the ground where he delivered a series of fists to Trips88's head before he was kicked off an Trips88 applied a submission move on his arm. Kicking out of this move the both of them got back up to their feet as they both had blood dripping from their cheeks.~

    Trips88: "Why wont you just give up?"

    TheDevilsAdvocate: "I was here on my own accord. An you are not the person I want."

    Trips88: "I know who you want an he is very valuable to us! Do you not get that? This is why I left SuperNova. They always failed to grasp the bigger picture."

    TheDevilsAdvocate: "Well if you were a better Leader then we would not have been in the slump that we were in. Since you have left SuperNova has been winning a lot of matches an my good friend Jose recently just won some gold. You are just a miserable, bitter, failure."

    ~Not wanting to hear anymore, Trips88 tried to tackle TDA but then suddenly the police pulled up outside with their sirens sounding out. Getting to his feet, Trips88 picked up IGetWild an carried him out of the back entrance an disappeared into the darkness of the alley ways. A beat up TDA who took on all of the members of FSA along side his fellow comrades could hardly move. The Police immediately arrested him an he was taken away to prision for this crime.~

    Stanley: Whoa, did you see that Rick?! An FSA/SuperNova brawl in the New Orleans bar to kick off Warfare!!

    Ricky: Yup I did Stan. A lot of personal anger between the two groups. I also cannot believe Snair got hit with that beer bottle!

    Stanley: Snair got whacked! Payback by TheDevilsAdvocate from when Snair hit TDA with that steel bat a few months ago which put TDA on the shelf for a while!

    Ricky: Lets just hope Snair is okay as he does have a match tonight.

    Stanley: Why? I hope Snair is crying from that beer bottle to the head! I hate that guy!

    Ricky: Oh come on Stan. He is a human being you know!

    Stanley: D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F ?!?

    Ricky: Real mature Stan. Anyways, I'm being told that we have to stay silent for a minute as something is going to happen right now.

    Stanley: I wonder what it is..... Wait, why are the lights going out?

    Eric Bishoff!!! He is here on Warfare!!!

    Stanley: Its Eric Bishoff as hes in The Eye corporation group on Mayhem! What is he doing out here?

    Ricky: I don't know but he has a suit on with a microphone in his hands which could mean one thing...

    ~Eric Bishoff gets inside the ring as he speaks~

    "Hello everybody! *Crowd boos* Aw, don't be like that! This is suppose to be a fun night and I have lots of gifts for you all! Okay, i'm joking, I wouldn't give you shit even if it was Christmas. *Crowd boos even more* On a serious note, I really have some important stuff to tell you JBW fans and for those watching Warfare tonight. In case you all don't remember or have been living under a rock, let me take you back to last Saturday on Mayhem when Iron Ape revealed himself as the new President of JBW. Iron Ape was the right man for the job and WWTNA knew it. He knew how much of a responsible businessman Iron Ape is and decided to have Iron Ape replace the worthless, lying Brown One as the new JBW President. *Crowd boos* Iron Ape assigned me to run Warfare tonight and keep things well-put and organized for when the new Warfare GM will be decided. Speaking of the new GM of Warfare position being decided, tonight, I will reveal the new GM of Warfare but that will be later on to end the show. Now i'm not going to randomly assign a GM of Warfare out of a hat, no, i'm going to visualize the talent based on two things, being a responsible person and knowing how the system works in JBW. It all happens tonight. Thank you ladies and gentlemen and enjoy the rest of the show!"

    Ricky: Great news from Eric Bishoff. Warfare will have a new GM at the end of the night!

    Stanley: Great news! I hope its me!

    Ricky: I rather have Vince Russo run Warfare then you.

    Stanley: Hey man, low-blow!

    Ricky: Just kidding man. Bromance for life!

    Stanley: Haha! Fist pump?

    Ricky: Not right now. Moving on to our first match, "The Holy Trinity" VKM takes on Tom George right here tonight!!!
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    Match 1: VKM vs Tom George

    Theme Song: Coming Home

    Ricky: Walking down to the ring is "The Holy Trinity" VKM as he makes his way to get ready for his match against Tom George!

    Stanley: This is pretty much a tough match VKM needs before competing in the fatal four way match for the Warfare World title at Monarchy of Aggression.

    Ricky: Your right Stan. This is his only shot to prove to the JBW fans that he is destined to win the Warfare World title.

    Tom George
    Theme Song: In the Middle of it now

    Ricky: Tom George makes his way to the ring and boy is he in a pissed off mood these days!

    Stanley: Can you blame him? He just can't pick up a win here on Warfare and his tag partner SevenCagedTigers is out with an injury, leaving Tom George to fend for himself.

    Ricky: I know, very tough time for Tom George but he has an opportunity to beat VKM here tonight.

    VKM wins the match but post match, The Prophecy attacks VKM, spraying him in the face with mace.

    Ricky: This guy The Prophecy is just sick! Spraying mace in VKM's face after his impressive victory against Tom George was just uncalled for!

    Stanley: Yeah, well, I don't agree with it either but The Prophecy is just making an example out of VKM before the big fatal four way match comes at Monarchy of Aggression.

    Ricky: Guess your right Stan but he does have a match to get to later on tonight. If I were him, I would pay a little more attention to my match.

    Warfare Move Of The Week

    Presented by Old Spice! Smell like a man, man!

    Ricky: That move was used by TheDevilsAdvocate during his tables match against Warfare's World Heavyweight Champ Snair, using that devastating powerbomb on Snair through the table which won him the match. A very extreme moment right there and shows that this move is a career-ender for sure.

    ~The FSA walk into the arena, Manabu has a small cut above his right eye and there is dried blood around his lips. Manabu has his arm round Snair in a brothers in arms esque scene. The other members are seen with some scrapes and cuts though seem less battered than Snair is~

    Manabu: Is that how low the rotting stars will go? Searching around for us and attacking us when our backs are turned?
    I should've seen this coming, only the weakest of diseases the ones who know their close to tasting the bitter taste of their own fate would do something as dispicable as this.
    But Dont worry Snair, I'll make them all pay for this I'll give them the most inhumane torture there is. TheDevilsAdvocate will be shown for the fraud that he is, I'll show everyone how disfigured he really is. You know I'd let you have your revenge Snair but why not let someone whose so cold blooded that they teach his way of life in school so that the kids know the difference between right and wrong, so that the kids know who they shouldnt grow up to be like.
    *Manabu turns to the camera*
    I'm directing this to the SuperNova so everyone pull your heads out of your asses and listen for just one minute, I know how much you all love staring into mirrors at your hideous reflections and thinking how 'beautiful' you are but I'm a fair guy and figure I should give you a warning. This is the last time you will make a mockery out of this great stable, day in day out we've been destroying you and truly showing our worth yet you just keep coming back, getting petty wins over us. I'm sick of seeing you infect everyone with all the toxins inside of yourselves, how long before it spreads into us? How long before it turns YOUR champion Snair into a cooing pigeon flapping about like hes just heard a gunshot? Im putting a stop to all of this, no longer will you be the golden boys no longer will you have a reason to smile no longer will the fans cheer your names. And TheDevilsAdvocate, I have the biggest suprise saved for you. Remember this as The FSA Era.

    ~The FSA leaves to their lockerrooms but Snair goes to the doc's room to get treatment for the bruises after the bar fight~

    Ricky: Wow. A lot of anger and pain in Manabu's words tonight.

    Stanley: Agreed. Manabu is really in a piss-off mood tonight. SuperNova should really watch there back because even though I really hate the Five Star Attraction, they are a strong group and the numbers are too much for SuperNova these days.

    Match 2: rko619 vs steveorton

    rko619: Good bye to yesterday

    Stanley: Look who it is, the beast rko619! I sure don't wanna mess with him tonight!

    Ricky: Me either! Last week on Warfare's big 20, Malcolm Cage embarrassed rko619 by putting him through a table! I'm sure rko619 has to be feeling the affects after that!

    Stanley: I doubt it. rko619 is a big man, he'll get over this and get back to dominating his opponents.

    Ricky: We'll see about that tonight!

    Theme song: Emergency Beat

    Ricky: And making his way to the ring is steveorton who takes on rko619 here tonight!

    Stanley: Steveorton has been proving himself lately. He has been picking up wins and has showed that he really wants to be the best in JBW. He has the heart for the business and that's what I admire.

    Ricky: Couldn't have said it any better myself Stan.

    Stanley: You're damn right you couldn't have.

    Ricky: What are you trying to say?

    Stanley: I'm #1 on commentary! Step aside JR, Stanley is taking your spot as the best damn commentator!

    Ricky: No comment.
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    rko619 wins because of steveorton getting distracted from outside by Sincara which got him counted out. Steveorton showing his anger, takes a steel chair, and starts to attack rko619 with it. rko619 is down, hurt from the chair shots to the back.

    Stanley: Whoa! Steveorton just exploded here tonight!

    Ricky: Agreed! Steveorton showed his aggressive side by attacking rko619 with that steel chair! Sincara should rethink messing around with Steveorton more often!

    Malcolm Cage's music hits!!!

    Ricky: Making his way to the ring, Malcolm Cage is here with a mic in his hands. Whats this about?

    Stanley: That's the key question right there Ricky. With rko619 laid out from the chair shots, who knows what Malcolm Cage will do?

    ~Malcolm Cage gets into the ring and speaks as rko619 is knocked down on the ground

    Malcolm Cage: Well rko619, it time to take the fight else where. is that what you really want rko? You want a fight rko619? How about a fight tomorrow night on Showdown. I figure it is time to beat you at your own game. and since you feel the need to kick me to the gutter, why not make it a street fight? *Crowd Cheers* Would the JBW crowd like to see a good old fashion street fight? *Crowd Cheers in agreement* Well then it’s settled rko619. Wednesday night it will be me and you in the street. You can meet me in the streets and I will willing help you BACK INTO YOUR CAGE!

    ~Malcolm Cage leaves the ring with a big grin on his face~

    Stanley: A street fight between Malcolm Cage and rko619 on Showdown tomorrow!? AWESOME!!!

    Ricky: I do question Malcolm Cage's choice to face rko619 in a street fight tomorrow on Showdown.

    Stanley: Who cares!?! Its a STREET FIGHT!!!

    Ricky: I guess your right but bad things happen in street fights and one of them migt end up getting hurt on Showdown.

    Stanley: Um, so? Wheres your balls man?

    Ricky: Right where your commentary is.

    Stanley: Touche.

    (The Alpha Dog is shown in his locker room talking on his IPhone with someone.)

    Alpha: Oh, so you think The Alpha Dog is aiming too high. To be honest, THE ALPHA DOG THINKS HE'S AIMING JUST RIGHT!!! If The Alpha Dog didn't think the rest of the FSA would pose any form of a problem, The Alpha Dog would already have the WWC Title AND DON'T GET THE ALPHA DOG WRONG, MANUBA, IGETBORING, SHITSTAIN, AND TRIPPS, THEY DO NOT POSE A THREAT TO THE ALPHA DOG!! THEY ARE ALL CHIHUAHUAS THAT WOULD GET RIPPED APART IN THE ALPHA DOGS YARD, BUT...(breaths in then out) they have the numbers and Zeus Apollo is different. (listens for a second) DO NOT CONSIDER THAT DOUBT!!! (Listens for a moment longer.) OF COURSE, THE ALPHA DOG REMEMBERS WHAT YOU TOLD HIM ABOUT DOUBT!!! (Takes a few breathes) The Alpha Dog is just saying that Zeus can just be a bit more of a problem than the rest of the FSA, but don't worry. The Alpha Dog is already taking steps to take him out of the equation and the numbers problem will be negated by Supernova. They hate the FSA just as much as you and The Alpha Dog do. If Zeus gets taken out, it makes getting the WWC Title that much easier. (Todd Stevenson enters the room and goes over towards Alpha.)

    TS: Excuse me, Gabriel...

    (The Alpha Dog holds up a finger to Todd and listens)

    Alpha: YOU THINK THE ALPHA DOG IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING STUPID?!! (Listens again) YES, THE ALPHA DOG REMEMBERS WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE JOINING THE JBW AND ALL THE ALPHA DOG HAS TO SAY TO THAT IS GOOD RIDDANCE!!! NOW THE ALPHA DOG TOLD YOU HE HAS IT UNDER CONTROL AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?(Listens then says with a strained voice) It means...HE HAS IT UNDER CONTROL!!! Now hang up because this chihuahua wants to speak to The Alpha Dog.(Puts away the phone then looks at Todd) NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!!

    Todd Stevenson: I'm...sorry...Gabriel, I just came to ask you a few questions but I have to ask... who was on the phone?

    Alpha: (Gets right into Todds face and stares at him intimidatingly) First of all...What did you just call The Alpha Dog?

    Todd: Gabriel. That is your name right?

    Alpha: If your going to talk to The Alpha Dog,...REFER TO HIM BY WHAT HE IS!!!! And as for who was on the phone, was that part of your original line of questioning?

    Todd: (Starts shaking) No, but...

    Alpha: Then The Alpha Dog says...DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHO WAS ON THE PHONE!!! Worry about what your paid to do and ask The Alpha Dog your questions.

    Todd: (Composes himself) Ok...Gabr...(The Alpha Dog quickly stares at him) I'm sorry, I mean Alpha Dog. This Sunday at Monarchy of Aggression you are in a Submissions Match with Zeus Apollo, a known member of the FSA, and also a man you have yet to get in the ring with one on one. How do you feel heading towards Sunday?

    Alpha: The Alpha Dog is excited. What you say is true Todd. The Alpha Dog and Zeus Apollo have yet to face in one on one combat, thus the reason he is still undefeated. So when The Alpha Dog and Zeus Apollo meet this sunday, you will witness (holds three fingers up) three things. One, the first time The Alpha Dog and Zeus Apollo face off in a non-Tag Team Match. Two, quite possibly the best match the JBW will ever see. And Three, the end of Zeus Apollos undefeated streak.

    Todd: But are you at all worried that maybe the FSA will get involved?

    Alpha: THEY BETTER NOT IF THEY KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR THEM!!! They won't anyway. You see The Alpha Dog thinks that they are using Zeus to keep The Alpha Dog distracted, DISTRACTED FROM WHAT IS YEARNING FOR THE ALPHA DOG THE MOST, and that is the WWC Title because they know for damn sure that THE ALPHA DOG WOULD TAKE IT FROM THEM IF GIVEN THE CHANCE!!!

    Todd: So, you think that is all Zeus Apollo is...a distraction? You don't think he can beat The Alpha Dog this Sunday?

    Alpha: (Looks at Todd) Now, you listen to The Alpha Dog Todd. (Then turns to the camera) Listen to The Alpha Dog everybody watching this, especially you Zeus. It doesn't matter...(pulls out his phone and puts it to his ear) LIKE THE ALPHA DOG TOLD YOU...HE HAS IT UNDER CONTROL!!!( puts it away)

    Todd: Wait a minute...

    Alpha: IT FOR DAMN SURE DOESN'T MATTER if you bring all your inhuman powers back from Mount Olympus with you to Wembley Stadium this Sunday. THEY WILL NOT SAVE YOU FROM THE ALPHA DOG!!! WOOOOOO!!!

    (The Alpha Dog exits frame.)
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    ~The SuperNova enter the arena after bailing TheDevilsAdvocate out of jail from the bar fight as they walk to there lockerrooms~

    Stinger187: Hey TDA, you okay man?

    TDA: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

    Stinger187: Just asking. You have blood dripping from your nose.

    TDA: I'll clean it up. I'll be fine. I have a match tonight so I won't miss it for the world.

    HolyJose: Me too. I should probably get ready for my match as well coming up. I'll catch up with you guys later.

    Stinger187: See ya Holy! Kick ass in your match! *Stinger187 turns to TDA* Now TDA, who do you think will be the Warfare GM tonight?

    TDA: Hard to tell. Either way, I hope he doesn't get in our way.

    Stinger187: Exactly. The new GM could make us follow the rules but we simply won't. We have a job to do and that's to end the FSA era here on Warfare.

    Match 3: The Prophecy vs Justice

    The Prophecy
    Theme song: Resident Evil

    Ricky: The Prophecy makes his way to the ring and is getting ready to face JBW's newest star Justice!

    Stanley: You know, I have to admit, I like The Prophecy's style! So technical and blue-blooded with a cocky attitude. Its hard for me to hate him!

    Ricky: Well i'm not a fan of him. What he did to VKM earlier by spraying mace in his face was just uncalled for and just nasty tactics from The Prophecy.

    Stanley: Like I said earlier, The Prophecy is just sending a strong message to his opponents competing in the fatal four way match at Monarchy of Aggression, that's all.

    Ricky: JBW's newest wrestler Justice makes his way to the ring as he gets ready for his match against The Prophecy! What a debut he had last week on Warfare huh?

    Stanley: Certainly! He took Mayhem TV Champ The Sleeper to his limit in that hardcore match they had although there was no winner in that match, Justice did prove himself in JBW and that's a start!

    Ricky: Lets see if he can make that same impact he did last week!

    The Prophecy wins by pinfall.

    Ricky: The Prophecy wins here but what a showing by Justice! He was impressive tonight but The Prophecy was the better man and out-smarted him. The Prophecy even hit Justice with the LIGHTS OUT Superkick which gave him the win for sure.

    Stanley: Great match here. Hardcore brawler vs technical wrestler match right here!

    ~After the match, The Prophecy picks up the mic and speaks~

    The Prophecy And so I defeat Justice. Pfft, this Sunday there will be real justice when I become the new Warfare World Champion. This ham and egger is nothing compared to my opponents Sunday at Monarchy of Aggression, but make no mistake, just like tonight I will emerge victorious. For months I have claimed to be The Prophecy, claiming that my time was now, and that time is almost here. London England, my home country, the land where I was born and after nearly 8 years the land that I will return to. 8 years ago I left to become a wrestler, I travelled all over the World, waiting patiently for my time, for my shot. Finally, it is upon us, I may have left England a young, green, but still cocky and confident...but when I return, I will be taking what is mine....what I deserve, my Warfare World Championship. The time for jokes, and putdowns is over, this is serious. Snair, VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate, 3 of the very best here in JBW, 3 guys who could all leave MOA as champion. But i cant, I wont let more excuses, no more waiting, this is it. In front of my people I will become the champion Warfare deserves, and so desperately needs, whether they cheer me, or whether they boo me is irrelevant. No one is stopping me now, there are no brakes, there is no slow down...this train will pull into England and destroy anything and anyone in its path. Sunday....Monarchy of Aggression....Im going home....and The Prophecy....will be...fulfilled.

    VKM's music hits!!!

    Ricky: VKM is here as he storms in the ring to get revenge on The Prophecy!

    Stanley: And out goes The Prophecy as he runs out of the ring. Smart move by Prophecy to wait til Monarchy of Aggression to fight.

    VKM: Oh look everybody, The Prophecy runs out of the ring like a little coward! You think spraying mace in my face was going to keep me down!? No, I still have a promo to cut and it will be right now! *Crowd cheers* Well Prophecy, you won't be running anywhere at Monarchy of Aggression! Same goes for you too TDA and Snair! At Monarchy of Aggression, I look to kick ass and capture the Warfare World Heavyweight Championship! While I may have the odds against me as i'm competing against three other wrestlers, it won't stop me from capturing the Warfare World title, not a damn bit! After this Sunday, you will be looking at the NEW Warfare World Champion, V. K. M.

    Ricky: Words from VKM as he looks to capture the Warfare World title along with three others in the fatal four way match at MOA this Sunday! It should be a great match!

    Stanley: You're not kidding! That match will blow the roof off the place!
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    ~Backstage, we see Eric Bishoff and Tad Locust having a chat~

    Tad Locust: Hey Eric, just though I stop by and say you are doing a great job running Warfare tonight.

    Eric Bishoff: Why thank you! What is your name? Don't believe we met before.

    Tad Locust: My name is Tad Locust, the future here in JBW.

    Eric Bishoff: Keep this up and you will be the future! By the way man, I have to say, how did you know Brown One was such a crook here in JBW? You really exposed him well to WWTNA.

    Tad Locust: Well, I just knew. Something told me in my mind that Brown One was the man behind the chaos around here in JBW. He planned to take out IPITB so that it would make things worser and worser here in JBW and to also make EWNCW look like a smooth, running company. he was also one of the men that helped push EWNCW to do the subliminal message lawsuit. JBW is free from shady people like him.

    Eric Bishoff: Great job man. WWTNA should be proud of you! I know I am!

    Tad Locust: Thanks man. He and I are trying to look out for whats best here in JBW, that's all.

    ~Snair interrupts Eric Bishoff and Tad Locust's conversation~

    Snair: Sorry to interrupt but we need to talk Eric.

    Eric Bishoff: Sure. What do you need to talk about?

    Snair: His name is TheDevilsAdvocate. He started a brawl between his little group called SuperNova and the FSA. He needs to be stopped and I was wondering can you punish him?

    Eric Bishoff: This TDA kid sounds like a hand full. I'll give TDA a little lesson tonight.

    Tad Locust: I would like to help too Snair. I want in on this too.

    Snair: Okay man, what do you want to help with?

    Eric Bishoff: Hey, I got an idea. Lets talk in my office.

    ~All three men goes into the JBW office to discuss plans~

    We hear Bullet For My Valentine playing Your Betrayal through out the JBW arena

    Ricky: whoa who is this, oh wait it's the new Warfare TV Champion HolyJose coming out to the ring with his new entrance theme "Your Betrayal" by Bullet for My Valentine. Giving out high fives and even one kid who is wearing a HolyJose t-shirt he goes up to him and takes a photo and autographs it for him. He enters the ring and celebrates some more now he's asking for the mic, let's see what the new TV Champ has to say.

    *HolyJose stands there for a few seconds lifting the mic and smiling to the crowd and finally speaks*

    HolyJose: We did it! I stand here tonight the NEW WARFARE TELEVISION CHAMPION! It was a long hard fought battle, Markus you're one tough competitor after last week you have earned some of my respect as a fellow competitor. There are a few things that I would like to get off my chest here tonight. First being the TV Champion is my proudest accomplishment and believe me this is just the beginning of the Holy one's dominance I will ultimately be the World Heavyweight Champion but that will come in due time when I earn it just like I earned this TV title. For the fans I promise you I will not only be a fighting champion but a champion of the people. So this isn't only for me but for each and everyone one of you fans!. This Sunday I defend my title against Markus at Monarchy of Aggression. Markus now that I am champion there is no way I am letting go of it so quickly trust me I will give you an even harder fight this sunday than when I first faced you. Let's keep the FSA and your buddy Jurgan out of this let's also keep out SuperNova it's just one on one who the better man is and trust me Markus it is and always will I'll see you all this Sunday, especially you Markus one last time. Enjoy your night everyone! Again Thank you all for your continued support I will not let you down!

    Ricky: Holyjose is still in the ring.. wait here's comes Markus Beerstein and Jurgen

    Stanley: They are beating Jose without mercy, Holyjose fights back and drive Jurgen to the mat throwing punches, he goes for Markus but is quickly down via clothesline, the beating starts again and Jurgen picks up Jose, wow!!!!, now Markus locks Holyjose in a powerful Bear Hug, Jose tries to resist, but ends up passing out because of the pain,

    ~Beerstein picks up the mic and speaks~

    Markus: "You have presented my new finisher, The Beer Hug, pretty cool right haha, I thought would a great idea to introduce it to my opponent here, just as a little test of what's to come" (Crowd boos the FSA member), "Its a shame look this down come here and brag with a title that he isn't worthy to carry, a title that it's just like beer, it only good in my hands, Jurgen could you lift this piece of less human being"

    ~Jurgen out Jose on his feet while still unconscious~

    Markus:"This is your TV champion people??" (crowd chants YES) "REALLY??, haha that catchphrase sounds good when comes from my mouth and not from that schwachkofp Wiz or whatever his name, anyway back to the real wrestling, How you can respect this asshole?, look at him all fuck up, he ain't no champ material, just a guy with unexplicable very good luck that he won by fluke, you're a bunch of schwachsinnige"

    ~Crowd chants WHAT?? and go back to Germany~

    Markus: Oh sorry, the PPV is in England, shame is not my country, where people appreciates good wrestlers not like you, and I ensure that I will regain MY TV title this sunday in Monarcy Of Agression, and as a show of my good nature, I have present for you Holyjose, to enjoy your last days as a champion

    ~Jurgen holds Holyjose as Markus brings a beer~

    Markus: "Come on drink, it's as yours, you're trying to refuse??, don't tell me you're a punk"

    Ricky: Damn he is forcing the bottle onto his mouth and most of the beer is spilled


    Stanley: Oh!!!!!!!!!, beer bottle smash to Jose's head and they lay him all blooded up

    Markus: You're time is coming!!, I will regain my title on Sunday ich verspreche!!!

    Ricky: What a despicable human being is Markus Beerstein!!!!

    Stanley: Just like what TDA did to Snair, Beerstein just broke a beer bottle over HolyJose's head!

    Ricky: We need to get some help out here for HolyJose. He is just busted wide open.

    ~The JBW doctors and SuperNova rush to the ring to help HolyJose~
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    Ricky: Hey JBW fans. As you know, Zeus Apollo couldn't be here tonight on Warfare as he headed to Mount Olympus in Greece.

    Stanley: Yeah, he will be at MOA but decided to branch out to his ancestors of Greece.

    Ricky: Zeus Apollo even sent a little sneak peak about a new little show he has planned to show you all his expeiance being in Mount Olympus. Check it out.

    Ricky: Coming soon to JBW!

    Stanley: That looks like an interesting journey from Zeus Apollo! I have to watch this!

    Ricky: Right now, we are heading into our next match!

    Match 4: TJ Rage vs PrimusSucks

    TJ Rage
    Theme song: A Warrior's Call

    Ricky: JBW's newcomer TJ Rage makes his way to the ring to compete in yet another match in his JBW career so far!

    Stanley: Last week, we had a lot of debuts like TJ Rage. He was very impressive in his first match! Lets see what he is really made of tonight in his second match!

    Theme song: Texus

    Ricky: Here comes PrimusSucks as he looks to take on TJ Rage.

    Stanley: This guy is a Texas Horns fan? Wow, this guy has bad taste in sports.

    Ricky: Well Texas does blow but that's besides the point. Tonight, PrimusSucks has a match to win.

    TJ wins by pinfall.

    Ricky: TJ Rage wins yet again! Very impressive this kid is!

    Stanley: This guy is undefeated....... For now.

    Ricky: Thanks for being an asshat Stan!

    Stanley: I try, I try!

    Ricky: Well congrats again to TJ Rage!

    ~TJ Rage grabs the mic and speaks~

    TJ Rage: What you people are looking at right now, is a future champion. My name is TJ Rage, and over the years I have wrestled all across Europe. Actually .. I have DOMINATED all across Europe, I have won Heavyweight Titles all across Europe, and I have come to JBW to do the exact same thing. Dominate. What I did last week to Tom George, is just a taste of what to come, in my future here in JBW. As you saw last week, when I lock in that Rear Naked Choke, there is no way in hell, that anyone can get out of it, not even the "oh so great" Warfare World Champion Snair can get out of it. But thats not all I am capable of. Do you see all these scars on my body? The reason I have these scars, is because that while wrestling in Europe, I competed in Cage Matches, Street Fights, Table Matches, you name it, I have done it all. If anyone dares to face me, in one of these matches, I guarentee that they will regret it for the rest of their life. This is a warning to the entire JBW roster, The Viking Warrior, TJ Rage has joined JBW. ~TJ Rage leaves the ring~

    ~Backstage is JBW's masked Warrior as he has something to say~

    Advico: igetwild
    at monarchy of aggression we will meet again for the nwl title
    at monarchy of assression i will beat you for your title
    all my life i have been wrestling in the lightweight divisions trying to get it the respect it deserves
    with the title on you it gets none
    you are a disgrace to the division
    i came to jbw to bring a highflying division
    that division is now here
    now i have a chance to make it the best lightweight division in the world
    and i will
    oh and igetwild
    no habrá escondido detrás de la atracción de cinco estrellas llegado nuestro partido
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    ~we cut backstage to see Todd Stevenson with Jman who is wearing an "I'm a Paul Heyman guy" t-shirt~

    Todd: Ladies and geltelmen I'm Todd Stevenson and I'm here with Jman. Jman, your heartfelt speech last week on Warfare was one of the more disscussed topics in the world of professional wrestling; what has this newfound attention been like for you?

    Jman: You know Todd, for a while there I didn't really have the passion for this business but the love and support I've gotten from fans, other wrestlers, and friends has lit a newfound fire under my ass to want to compete. Hell, I woke up on Wednesday morning and I had a text from CM Punk saying that he loved the promo.

    Todd: Everyone is wondering what plans CM Punk has for the future but what about you? What are your plans for your singles career in JBW?

    Jman: I wanna be World Champion. I could give you some bullshit about how I need to work my way up in the singles division but I think I've proven I can carry a title and I know I can compete with the big boys in this company. If I do need to prove myself to JBW brass then so be it, but the ultimate goal is to become World Champion; if anybody in that lockerroom tels you any different, they're lying.

    Todd: I appreciate the honesty. Okay, I gotta ask about the t-shirt?

    Jman: Haha! Most everybody in the crowd here tonight know that I'm a South Philly kid. I grew up around the corner from ECW arena and worked for Paul and ECW after high school as the pyro and lighting guy. Before and after shows I would get lessons from RVD, Lynn, Dreamer, and became an honorary member of the roster. Like a lot of guys in this business, I owe a lot to Paulie.

    Todd: Okay Jman, thank you for your time.

    Jman: No problem man.

    Match 5: Snair vs broc808

    Theme song: Soundwave

    Ricky: The Warfare World Champion Snair is making his way to the ring with his Warfare World title around his waist and with the FSA by his side

    Stanley: Snair's head is tapped up from the beer bottle hit from TDA.

    Ricky: That was a hard hit to the head. Nowhere near as close to how hard Markus Beerstein hit HolyJose with the beer bottle though.

    Stanley: Snair isn't in the best of moods. I have a feeling he'll take all of that anger out on his opponent tonight.

    Theme Song: Here comes the boom

    Ricky: broc808 makes his way to the ring to face Snair. If he can beat Snair tonight, then that will move him up in the JBW rankings that will be revealed right after MOA. Lets hope that's the case for broc808.

    Snair wins by pinfall.

    Ricky: Snair wins and proves that he will put up a fight to keep his Warfare World title at MOA. Great match here.

    ~Snair grabs the mic and speaks as the FSA gets inside the ring with him~

    A fan shouts YOU SUCK on his mic.Snair stops and says You really think that way?Fan throws his soda on him to which Snair replies nevermind I'll give a piece of my mind and slaps as hard as he could and says "choke on that bitch." He enters the ring and notices his opponent still lying down which angers him and shouts "Whats the matter with you sick freak!? its already 3 min. and you still haven't left the ring." and kicks his opponent. As he begins to talk, the crowd gets louder. Snair says "I know you're anxious but this is not the the way to show your appreciation so in other words SHUT YOUR MOUTH when I talk you listen.This Sunday at MOA there's a world championship match, its not just any championship match its MY WORLD championship match. All these weeks I've been hearing this so called contenders talk about their dreams but let me tell you I too had a dream to become the Warfare champ now that I've done that I raised the bar and decided to become the longest reigning champion in history and while I'm working my ass off in gym and training to get my goal these 3 assholes were just dreaming. So make no mistake about it I'll walk in Wembley as Warfare world champion and I'll wall out as the Warfare world champion. My path is choosen and you 3 will suffer to standing in its ways like the rest and may be you 3 2an start a looser convention. Last week I was glad Brown one was fired from his fucking job since he always disrespected me my booking me in all those horrible matches against all those worthless wrestlers.Let me tell a thing about him he may look stupid, may even act stupid but dont let that fool ya he is really STUPID! He doesnt know the dignity of this gold, I've earned it, nobody handed it over to me.Now after standing in this ring with this title on my shoulder I can feel its power, I can tell you its quite addictive.Locker room feels intimated, they show respect so I've the duty of not letting this power in wrong hands which I'll truly obey. After MOA, people will term success as my True companion and Age of Sinnoccence will be stronger than ever."

    ~Snair along with the FSA leaves the ring~
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    Ricky: Hey JBW fans!!! We will like to talk about something important that happened last Saturday on Mayhem. It was a big shocker to say the least. It was when James Aldrick confessed that the Subliminal l message lawsuit was a scam to throw JBW under the dirt. A drunk James Aldrick then confessed to EWNCW being part of the whole scam. JBW has always been in competition with EWNCW but now, it looks like both companies have gotten worse between each other.

    Stanley: You know what, screw EWNCW! They want a war, they got it! I cannot wait until we come face to face with them because there WILL be hell to pay! They wanna send some drunk basturd named James Aldrick to scam us huh? Just because we are kicking there ass in the ratings, they wanna throw dirt on our company?! EWNCW will pay for putting us through that lawsuit!

    Ricky: Whoa, never seen you rant like that!

    Stanley: Sorry, my anger got the better of me. Lets get our next match started please.

    Match 6: thejman93 vs LMPunker

    Theme Song: Ill state of mine

    Ricky: thejman93 makes his way to the ring and boy is he all game tonight!

    Stanley: After being put as a singles competitor and his partner thedag getting sidelined by RanJam and Ice Cream Man, thejman93 has been focus and motivated to be the best here in JBW. You can't expect less from him.

    Theme Song: Punker World

    Ricky: LMPunker makes his way to the ring, ready to take on thejman93.

    thejman93 wins by pinfall.

    Ricky: Great victory by thejman93! What a match this was!

    Stanley: Never been a fan of thejman93 because of his cocky ways when he was in The Arisocrats but he has shown me a different side to him which is awesome. He has a bright future ahead of him.

    ~thejman93 grabs the mic and speaks~

    "What's up JBW?! *loud pop from the crowd* I have something I need to get to here in a minute but first I wanna address that jackass K-Jammin. Dude, you better pray that Ma$$dinero takes you out of commision at Monarchy of Agression because if he doesn't, I will. *crowd pops again* Now, it seems like I'm not on the card at MoA....*crowd boos* Someone else who doesn't have a match is RamJam....So how 'bout this, Jman vs. RamJam at MoA! *crowd pops* My buddy Ma$$ can beat up on K-Jamm and I can beat up on RamJam! Waddaya say JBW? *loud pop* I want it, they want it, do you want it RamJam?"

    RanJam's music hits!!!

    ~RanJam makes his way to the ring and speaks~

    RanJam: HAHAHAHA! You kidding? Heck yeah I would love to face you and end you at MOA!!! You have pissed me off far enough ever since you cost me the Warfare tag team titles! Now, I costed you the tag team titles by injuring your friend thedag! *Crowd boos* You will be on the injury list right with thedag once i'm through with you! I see fear in your eyes jman, you know, I know, and these people know you can't beat me! You may think i'm a weird clown who has issues but at MOA, i'm not going to be a clown anymore! I'm going to be darker, edgier, and just unbeatable! I'm not going to be a joke, more of the devil's demon! MOA will be the last you ever seen of thejman93! BUAHAHAHAHAHA!

    ~RanJam leaves as thejman93 looks a little worried about what will happen at MOA~

    Ricky: Man, RanJam's promo just made me fearful of what will happen at MOA.

    Stanley: He wants to end thejman93's career and hes going to get a new persona. I'm a little worried for thejman93 to be honest.

    Ricky: That match happens at MOA! Speaking of MOA, we are going to show you guys the Warfare card set up for MOA:

    Warfare Matches set up for Monarchy of Aggression

    Malcolm Cage & steveorton vs rko619 & Sincara

    Advico vs JBW N.W.L Champion igetwild

    thejman93 vs RanJam

    Trips88 vs Stinger187

    Zeus Apollo vs The Alpha Dog

    Markus Beerstein vs HolyJose for the Warfare TV title

    VKM vs The Prophecy vs TheDevilsAdvocate vs Snair for the Warfare World title

    Stanley: This is a great card! The Wembly Stadium will be on off the charts at MOA!!!
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    Main Event: TheDevilsAdvocate vs KJ PUNK

    Theme song: Under your skin

    Ricky: This is the last match on Warfare tonight and TheDevilsAdvocate looks to compete before the fatal four way match at MOA.

    Stanley: Yeah, a lot riding on this match tonight. TDA losing is the last thing he wants.

    Eric Bishoff's music hits!!!

    ~Eric Bishoff gets inside the ring and speaks!

    Eric: Hey TDA, just came here to inform you that your match won't be against KJ PUNK, its going to be against......... Tad Locust!!! *Crowd boos* Good luck my friend, your going to need it!

    Tad Locust
    Theme song: Slow and Sad

    Ricky: What a change of an opponent i'll say!

    Stanley: I don't know much about Tad Locust but I do know hes sick and twisted in the head as seeing his previous matches!

    Ricky: Tad Locust gets into the ring and the match gets started!

    Tad Locust wins by pinfall and interference from Snair.

    Ricky: Tad Locust wins this match but because of Snair interfering!

    Stanley: I hate how Tad Locust won tonight but a win is a win.

    Ricky: TDA being out-numbered in this match was the downfall of this match. Great match between Tad Locust and TDA but it had to be ruined by Snair!

    Ricky: Snair is carrying TDA to the back with him, what is he doing?

    Stanley: I have no clue and I don't like of it either. Meanwhile, Tad Locust is still in the ring after his victory.

    Tad Locust: Last week, While everyone else on the Warfare roster were getting invlolved in senseless wars and trying to work 2 nights a week. I was doing something more valuable with my time and this companys time. I exposed The Brown One as not just the person behind the attacks of IPITB. But also the person behing all of the legal hell that has been going on in JBW. TBO was a silent cancer to JBW that tried to kill this promotion until I exposed him for what he is, A liar and a traitor. Now Im sure there are some intellectually crippled people in this arena and watching at home who think TBO is innocent and Im just a lying phycopath.(Crown cheers). Thats exactly what a thought. But the proof is already right in front of your eyes.Afterall,Whos the person standing in a JBW ring and whos the person whos probably standing in the unemployment line?(Laughs Manically).(Crown chants You suck).

    Ricky: All of what Tad Locust is saying doesn't sound quite right.

    Stanley: Well, Tad Locust did expose Brown One talking to another EWNCW star. That is all the proof you need right there.

    Ricky: Just doesn't seem like The Brown One that I have encountered with over the years. If all of this is true, I would lose respect for Brown One.

    Stanley: Same here my friend.

    Ricky: Well up next, Eric Bishoff reveals the new GM of Warfare! Who could it be??? Find out next!!!
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    Eric Bishoff's music hits!!!

    ~Eric Bischoff is seen stood in the ring, donning his trademark leather jacket and a microphone and speaks to the JBW fans~

    GOOD EVENING JBW UNIVERSE!!! It's so great to be here and to finally be getting some tv time but listen, I'm out here for a reason tonight. I'm sure you all saw what happened to WWTNA and you've all heard about the Brown One right? Well I'm not a man to hold grudges so the best to him in all his future endeavours but that leaves one problem, we dont have a general manager! No no it's not me but it's a man I hold in great respect and I know he's gonna do a great job, please welcome your new general manager............. MANABU NANAHARA!

    Japanese Avenger, THE NEW WARFARE GM!!!

    ~Manabu walks out to the ring grinning as the crowd loudly boos, he stops in the ring and poses, going to every ringpost and posing on it, getting into the ring with Eric, Manabu speaks~

    Manabu: Thank you Eric, you've made me a very very happy man.
    Well thats--- *Manabu interrupts* That doesnt give you a right to talk! get out of here now! Dont think I wont excersize my new found power.
    So I'm you're new general manager, how about that aye? I take out WWTNA and they give me the job of GM for warfare! Ohh this is gonna be fun, theres just so much I wanna do! Where to start where to start...first off Marcus gets a rematch! *The crowd boos loudly* Aww you guys dont like that? how about this then if Jose gets counted or disqualified, marcus wins the belt! *The crowd boos even louder* Whose gonna stop me? Who has enough power to oppose Warfares new general manager? No one! There will be more changes than anyone in this arena can count, hey how about this another change, FSA Calculators! Just so you dont have to count on your fingers and toes I mean I know how you all get confused between the fingers and the webbing you dirty little freaks!
    Hell I'll even change the name of warfare, The FSA show sounds pretty good to me or maybe Manabus super fun happy hour? Ha why am I even asking you guys? It's not like you can change anything! There will be new matches new title belts and The FSA will reign supreme in all of them! and from now on I will be addressed as Mr.Nanahara!
    Oh and that little message to our buddies SuperNova? You're all on thin ice and if you even dare look at cock eyed you'll be on the streets dancing in puddles of piss for a measly dollar! This nightmare has just become reality!

    ~Manabu leaves the ring as the FSA comes out to celebrate Manabu's new position in JBW~

    Ricky: You have got to be fucking kidding me right!?! This cannot happen! Manabu in control of Warfare?! The FSA will dominate here!!!

    Stanley: I cannot believe Manabu is the GM of Warfare! This is surreal!!

    Ricky: Looks like Manabu is our new boss for Warfare from now one. This just makes me sick!

    Stanley: That's all the time we have folks!!! Monarchy of Aggression is 5 days away and Warfare's card is set but the next stop is JBW Showdown tommorrow and the last stop is Mayhem til MOA takes place! See you guys next Tuesday!!! JBW!
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