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    We are back from commercial break and we heading in to our 7th match of the night!!!

    Match 7: Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander vs Trips88

    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander
    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander makes his way to the ring. (grabs a microphone)

    "Last week, The Alpha Dog debuted in the Warzone with two goals in mind. One, to show the world ,especially the piss poor excuses for wrestlers in the back, what real wrestling is all about. And two, to dominate the entire JBW. (Pauses and looks around the arena) And as sure as The Alpha Dog stands in his yard right now, as sure as the grass is green, the sky is blue, night is black, and AS DAMN SURE AS THE JERSEY SHORE IS SHIT,(Pauses to listen to the crowd react)The Alpha Dog will accomplish them." (Paces around the ring silent)

    "Every time you see The Alpha Dog enter his yard you will be seeing a change occurring in the JBW. The piss ants in the back will be FORCED to adapt to handle him but even that won't matter. THEY CAN THROW WHATEVER THEY WANT AT THE ALPHA DOG, IT...WILL...NOT...MATTER!(Pauses to listen to crowd react) WHEN IT IS ALL SAID AND DONE, you will be looking at The Alpha Dog standing tall as the most...DOMINATE...superstar in the JBW." (Pauses for a few moments then turns to the camera)

    "And the domination begins tonight for The Alpha Dog can hear things others can't. Ever since The Alpha Dog has stepped into his yard,...he has been hearing something crying.(Pauses and closes his eyes and breathes in) Something crying...something begging...(slowly pushes his hands through his hair then pulls on the back of his hair) SOMETHING SCREAMING for The Alpha Dog to" (He then suddenly opens his eyes and looks into the camera.)

    SNAIR! THE ALPHA DOG IS HUNGRY and you are his next meal."

    Trips88 makes his way to the ring.

    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander wins the match!!!

    Post match, Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander is still beating on Trips88!!! He doesn't even care if the match is over!!!
    Here comes Zeus Apollo as he runs Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander right out of the ring!!! Zeus then picks up Trips88, reaching his hand out for Trips88 to shake it but Trips88 refuses to which gets Zeus Apollo mad. Zeus Apollo saving Trips88 from a beating??? I wonder what that about.

    I hope you enjoyed the rest of the show guys! Now its time for the main event!!!!

    Main Event: Snair and The Prophecy vs VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate

    Snair and The Prophecy
    Snair and The Prophecy makes there way to the ring.

    VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate
    VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate makes there way to the ring.

    VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate wins but VKM took out tagged himself in the match, taking out his own partner TDA, and getting the pin letting his ego get the best of him there!!! The Prophecy and Snair really couldn't co-exist as they budded heads with each other though the match!!! All four men have made it known that the Warfare World title is important to them!!!

    Thats all the time we have for tonight, we will see you guys next week!!! JBW!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    Sly: “Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME to JBW Showdown! This is our second airing and we’ve got a great show in store for you headlined by a spectacular cross-brand matchup in RomanFlare vs. HolyJosé. And sitting next to me to call the show is Warfare’s TV Champion Markus Beerstein. What brings you to the table?

    Markus: What brings me here??, well TBO promises me a dozen of free beer if I do the show, how you can say no to that, also that little pussy call HolyJosé will be here I want to see how RomanFlare tears him apart, oh yeah I haven't forgot last week, you're ridiculously ugly, no one never told you??, God I'm drunk haha!!

    Sly: And so the odor of booze will be stained upon this announce table. And with that note, let’s start our first match of the night.

    Match #1 Sincara vs Steveorton

    Here comes Sincara!

    Markus : Here comes Sincara, this guy is fucking nuts Sly, and is looking for serious payback on little Stevie for that defeat in Global Uprising, even I'm still don't understand how someone can lose against Steve Orton. Get me another beer, damn!!

    Sly: The censor will be a busy man tonight.

    Steveorton is coming down the ramp!

    Sly: Steveorton is walking into this one with the momentum! Let’s see if he can hold it! There’s the bell!

    Sly: And the Ref is calling for the bell—Double Countout! These two are brawling their way back up the ramp. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think this match solved anything between these two! As they fight their way into the back, we’d like to remind you that JBW Showdown is sponsored by Guinness!

    Markus: You have to drink it. It has Markus Beerstein seal of approval!! Hahaha!

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    Match #2 Jackasses vs Pittsburgh Pain
    Here come The Jackasses!

    The Jackasses music hits and El Gabo and The Red Ryda have mics in their hands as they make their way out to ringside.

    El Gabo: If you'll excuse us guys, we just want to get something off of our chests before we have our match. This'll just take a second.

    Red Ryda: You know, when we saw that we were booked in a match vs. Pittsburgh Pain, we had planned on coming out to try to get our opponents riled up. You know we like to antagonize things a bit around here, and we had planned on coming out with El Gabo as the Pittsburgh Steeler mascot, and me coming out as the Green Bay Packer mascot, with me kicking his ass just like The Packer's kicked the Steelers ass in the superbowl.

    El Gabo: But, something happened over the weekend that has gotten me and Red real upset. Aside from getting beaten down and injured by The GoldDiggers on Saturday, we heard on Sunday that one of the boys from the real Jackass, Ryan Dunn, had passed away. He was an inspiration to us in our careers and lives, and he was legitimately one of the funniest guys on MTV.

    Red Ryda: So just like he fought through pain to give his fans a show, we are gonna fight through pain to try to give our fans a show. Rest in peace Ryan! *crowd pops*

    *The jackasses take off their shirts to reveal that their wearing "Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn" t-shirts behind them*

    And their opponents...

    Sly: In the opposite corner of the Jackasses are Warfare’s rising tag team, the Pittsburgh Pain.

    Sly: And the Pittsburgh Pain pick up the victory! Both of these tag teams seem to be on a roll lately, but in opposite directions. And for any of the fans watching at home—I assure you, the champ is still with us. He’s just pounding back beers instead of talking! Let’s roll into our second to last match of the night!

    Match #3 The Sleeper vs Loki
    Sly: As we get ready for this match-up, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve received news that the higher ups have banned the rest of the Apostles from the building tonight. Loki is a lone ranger tonight!

    Here comes the gold wearing Sandman!

    Markus: The sleeper has speed and technique, but its facing one of that motherfooker Chainsaw bitches Loki. Don't care--I can take both anyday, anyway.

    Here comes Loki.

    Markus: Loki is here and last Saturday he seems he had to say something about the FSA, Like someone care for a bunch of assholes who dress like a pussy emos and pretends to invoke demons! The Sleeper has this in the bag!!

    Sly: Can we really say pussy on the air? Either way, as the censors are screaming in my ear, the ref calls for the bell!

    Sly: Loki has the Sleeper hooked, and up into a suplex. The Sleeper slips out and lands behind Loki and underhooks the head—Dragon Sleeper! The sleeper has it locked in tight—and body scissors. Loki has nowhere to go! Tap out! The Mayhem TV champion has made one of the Apostles tap out! The crowd is absolutely elated!

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    Sly: I… What? Where do we get these sponsors?!? How can we keep getting away with these crazy, innuendos filled commercials? No time to stop and debate—Our main event is NOW!

    Markus: Main Event time, I'll enjoy this beer watching how Romanflare kicks that idiot Jose ass!!! Want a beer Sly?? Kidding! Not going to give you!! Dumbass!!!!

    Main Event – RomanFlare vs. HolyJosé

    And first out is Mayhem's representative!

    Sly: Out first is RomanFlare—being pulled to the ring in a fancy chariot! That bonus he got from commentating last week must’ve been nice!

    Markus: I got tell you Sly, first I didn't care about this guy Romanflare, but with his new attitude I have to admit that he has improve, come on!! break Jose's neck!!

    And from Warfare: HolyJose!

    Sly: As my broadcast partner has once again gone silent, I promise you’re about to see a 5 star shed-burning match! The ref calls for the bell and the clash begins!

    Sly: This match has been back and forth folks—with the crowd planted firmly in Jose’s corner. Jose literally has Roman against the ropes and BIG right hand has Roman on his ass. The ref pulls back Jose and—where’s Markus going! He’s up on the apron! He’s yelling at Jose—Jose takes a swing and misses as Markus jumps off the apron. Roman is up behind Jose and—TIGER SUPLEX! Roman rolls up the pin—holding the shorts! 1! 2! 3! And Roman has picked up a tainted victory and the crowd is letting him have it.

    Markus is in the ring and is ALL over Jose as Roman rolls out the other side of the ring. Markus is stomping Jose’s face down—adding injury to insult. He’s lifting Jose to his feet. Jose’s up and German Punisher—planting Jose in the mat. Markus has his revenge and then some as he stands over Jose, title raised up, and the crowd booing themselves hoarse! Ladies and Gentlemen, good night.

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    Mayhem ep 17 6-27-11
    Welcome everyone to the one night only edition of Monday Night Mayhem! We’re live from beautiful San Diego California at the Valley View Casino Center where these 18,000 plus fans are ready for another great show here tonight. We’re proving right now that unlike a certain Orlando based company, JBW is not afraid of Monday Night competition. We have a great show planned for everyone tonight as MassDinero and St. George team up to face The Silver Bros in our main eve-
    Speak of the devils, here come the Mayhem tag-team champions now! Their sporting their signature T-shirts that say “We’re here, We’re Silver, get used to it” on them (available at and their getting heavy heat from this crowd here tonight. *Silverdust grabs a mic and speaks*

    SD: Is that any way to greet your main eventers here tonight people? *crowd boos* Honestly, you paid money to come and see us perform, so how about a little more common courtesy than that?

    SL: Yeah, you guys are obviously just jealous because your gloots aren’t as firm and succulent as mine.

    SD: Right…well, anyway we’re competing in the main event tonight so you better get used to it. When our boss came to us last week and offered us the opportunity to main event a show against Mass and George, we had no option but to take it. We’re out to prove we’re more than just Ape’s lackeys, isn’t that right Lace?

    SL: Yeah, we’re way more than just eye candy for the boys in the back, we’re the best tag-team in the world, and even if there was competition from the other Mayhem tag-teams, we’d still be the tag-team champions.

    SD: There is no doubt that that’s the truth Lace, but still, we’ve been getting emails and tweets all week long about how big of underdogs we’re supposed to be for tonight. Can you believe that? WE, the Mayhem tag-team champions are the “underdogs” vs. Mass and George. Just like at the PPV when we pulled off “an upset” over The Sleeper and Helmsley, right? Me and this goofy sonofabitch may talk different, dress different, and act different, but when it comes to chemistry in the ring, there is no match. How long have these punks been together anyway? Two months? We’ve been together our whole lives. I know every move he’s gonna make before he makes it, and vice versa for him. Hell, we’d even put our tag-team gold on the line here tonight, but frankly, you two don’t deserve it! We’re the very best tag-team in the world, and we’re gonna prove it here tonight. *Silverdust drops the mic and starts to head to the back, but SilverLace picks the mic back up and speaks*

    SL: Oh and one more thing: *looks around* TheDag, I know you’ve gone through your revelation and everything, but *sniff sniff* your still my boy toy, so… call me when you get the chance.

    *The Silver Bros walk away and we hear both of them bickering with one another*

    SD: After I just said we know every move each other is gonna make, you do something like that?

    SL: Sorry I had to.

    SD: We agreed I was gonna get the last word.

    SL: I said I was sorry.

    Match 1: Brandon Smithson vs. Scottland

    Scottland makes his way to the ring and he looks to pick up a big win here tonight to possibly crack the top ten in next month’s rankings.

    Brandon Smithson
    Brandon Smithson makes his way to the ring and he gets a big pop from the crowd here tonight as he gives high fives to everyone in the front row.

    Brandon Smithson wins the match! Great showing by Smithson here as the crowd applauds his efforts. We see in the back that Chris Parker is looking on from the monitor in the back and he looks impressed at what he had just seen.
    We pan outside, where a helicopter is lowering itself down and then dropping a ladder.. Mass, St George, and Siaki all slide down the ladder with ease.. V3 is in the building everyone! *crowd goes wild*.. All three members split up and go different ways, who are we going to follow?? Looks like Siaki is the nearest one.. He heads into the stadium where Melissa Mendez is waiting by the door to question Siaki..

    Melissa: Melissa Mendez here with JBW Backstage Access, we have Psycho Siaki walking through the door and the question we want to know is what's going on with V3.. We got helicopter entrances, the boys all took their own paths, is this one of the secret strategies you guys are known for??

    Siaki: Melissa, lemme just say this like every week, V3 business is for V3 ears only.. What I can do for this quick interview is address Chainsaw.. Chainsaw I hear you threaten our loved ones.. If you lay a finger on anyone that is a part of us, I will make sure I will break every bone in your body.. I will take that Mayhem Championship from you, lay it across your face and then stomp the gold into your face.. You touch anybody, I mean ANYBODY, we will take the same means amongst your ranks.. This I guarantee..

    We see Brandon Smithson walk up to Siaki, still beaming from his recent win when Siaki attacks Smithson with a roundhouse kick to the face.. Picks up Brandon and piledrives him onto the concrete.. He then grabs a nearby box of ring equipment, sets it near Smithson's head and baseball slides into it creating a big impact between the head and the box of heavy equipment.. Siaki gets up then walks back to Melissa..

    Siaki: This is only a fraction of what’s gonna happen to the Eye, and everyone else that wont fight this war alongside us will have to feel the wrath of V3.. You see, this was nothing personal against Brandon here, I even think he’s a good kid, but had to be an example. There is no time for peace and love here on Mayhem, and besides, if you're not with us, you're against us.. This is not a fun time collaboration, this is a war we are fighting to return the JBW to its former glory.. Melissa, watch yourself, be aware, I have to go handle some unfinished business.. I’ll see you soon..

    We cut to commercial break now and wow, I wouldn’t want to get in Siaki’s way tonight. He looks to be in one of his moods. We’ll be right back!

    We’re back now and we see that Dave has an interview set up.
    Dave: I'm joined here with the Mayhem T.V. Title Champion The Sleeper and his tag team partner Helmsley. Sleeper up next there is a #1 contenders match for your T.V. Title between AngrySamoan and Wes Goldman. Which one of these two would you rather be facing at Monarchy of Aggression?

    Sleep: First thing thing Dan, Helmsley and I are now to be referred to as "Dos Vatos"....

    Dave: name is.....

    Sleep: Second, I know there is a match to decide the #1 contender to face me at Monarchy of Agression, I set the damn match up myself. Plus I don't give a fuck who I'm facing at the next ppv, I could kick both of their asses with one arm tied behind my back. But if I had to decide who to fight I would choose Wes Goldman, just because he is affiliated with The Eye.

    Dave: Why did you and Helmsley attack them last week in the lockerroom?

    Sleep: See Dan it's like this, where I'm from it isn't about the talking it's about the proving. I couldn't just tell them that I'm a bad mutha fucka, I had to prove it to them. So they could get it engraved in their minds that if they want to have any chance at even competing with me in the squared circle, they are going to have to throw everything they have at me. Because I will be throwing everything I have at whichever one of them I get in order to keep this gold around my waist.

    Dave: How long do you think you can keep your winning streak going?

    ***Before The Sleeper has a chance to answer he and Helmsley are attacked by Chainsaw and his minions with steel pipe***

    Chainsaw: “Mayhem…consider *points at a downed Sleeper* this a warning. I told you all last week that no one in The Eye was to be molested. Well, these two decided they wanted to be hero’s last week, and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Opposite is the key word here ladies and gentleman. You see, me and my Apostles are anything but hero’s. We are the Devil’s children, we are hellbound souls yearning only for destruction and chaos. And unlike someone else from another show that claims he’s here to cleanse the company of all of its diseases, we are not afraid to admit that we’re the embodiment of evil in this company. *turns to Anomander Rake* Do it Anomander.”

    *AR begins to pour gasoline around the outline of a still unconscious Sleeper and Helmsley, and Loki then sets the outline ablaze*

    Chainsaw: *kneels down to The Sleeper* “Next time, it won’t be your outlines.”
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Back at ringside now…

    Match 2: Number 1 contenders match for the TV title AngrySamoan vs. Wes Goldman

    AngrySamoan makes his way to the ring and he gets a big pop from the crowd here tonight. They clearly would like AngrySamoan to face The Sleeper for the TV title. AngrySamoan grabs a mic and speaks

    AS: “Hello JBW, you know that for the last couple of months I’ve been all about changing my ways due to the bad karma I’ve inflicted on myself, and I know that I haven’t exactly been on the winning side of things as of late, but I just want to let you know that my time will come. I don’t want anyone to get discouraged by my recent losing streak, because it’s just me getting paid back for all the bad things I’ve done in my past. I know that we here in JBW are role models for a lot of people, and I just want everyone to know that it’s not because I’ve become a new person that I started on this down streak. So to all of the drug dealers who are out there contributing to our nation’s drug problem, change your ways now. *crowd cheers* And to all the people abusing their spouses, stop now before it’s too late! *crowd cheers again* And to all the mothers who have deserted their children for their own selfish gain, it’s not too late t-“

    *before AngrySamoan can finish his last sentence, someone from the crowd yells out “Don’t talk about my mother you fat samoan fuck!” as the rest of the crowd laughs.*

    AS: *chuckles* Of course I’m not talking about anyone personally here. Haha, alright enough of this bring out that piece of shit Goldman so I can get back on track.

    Angry fan: Yeah fuck you too then. Goldman’s gonna beat the shit out of you!

    Wes Goldman
    Goldman makes his way to the ring, getting booed by everyone in attendance besides that one annoying fan who is cheering him.

    Wes Goldman wins the match and is the new number one contender for the TV title! This was a superb match besides that one stupid fan who kept heckling AngrySamoan during the match. I think it even might have thrown AngrySamoan off his game a little. Who wouldn’t be distracted when someone is shouting things like “I love my mom you piece of shit” and “I know where you parked Samoan” to you the whole match?

    Anyway, the ring is cleared and…
    K-Jammins music hits and out he comes with his fiancée Katie who may aswell not be wearing anything, her skirts more like a belt! They climb into the ring which strangely has been set up with a red carpet laid out and a king size bed in the middle

    K-Jammin: " Hello you beautiful people!! *crowd boo's as usual* Naww C'mon people I'm trying to be nice here, you don't understand how much you hurt my feeling's when you boo me! and I've also got a surprise for you all, now it's clear that by looking into the crowd that most of the guys are virgins and most of the women are sluts. What? It's true, im not judging you or anything, but c'mon take a look at this woman *He climbs out the ring and stands in front of a woman in the front row* Have a look at this woman, she look's like she's had more pricks than a second hand dart board and i dread to think what kind of STI's she has! Oh and look at this guy * walks a few feet down and is now standing in front of a skinny guy with glasses* I'm willing to bet my left testicle that you have never had sex? But don't worry people because to let you all know what it's like, right here right now on Mayhem me and Katie.. are gonna' have sex! *crowd cheers in approval*

    * K-Jammin takes his top off and sit's on the bed as Katie starts giving him a lap dance and slowly takes her clothes off. They both strip off to their underwear and Katie is now on top of KJ as they practically eat each other's faces!

    K-Jammin: " Now Unfortunately, if you was to actually see my dick and Katie's pussy we would indeed be fired, so we will be doing it under the covers but don't worry, I’ll leave the mic next to us so you can hear everything! Now Katie, why don't you start things off by doing a little sucking"

    *Katie goes under the covers while you can still see K-Jammins face*

    K-Jammin: " Don't worry fella's this could be you one day, obviously not with someone as good looking as Katie she will most probably be a hooker but begger's cant be choosers i guess AHHHH! Katie that's it keep doing it like that! Oi you in the front row, stop touching yourself there's a kid next to you! AHHHH fuck fuck fuck!! Katie you know i don't like it when you bite! Okay that's enough now actually, now let me return the favour *K-Jammin now slips under the covers and Katie comes up so we can now see her face *

    *As the mic is still on the bed which means the arena fills with Katie's moans, they do this for about 2 minutes and then KJ sticks his head up again

    K-Jammin: " Right, now let's get to the main event babe!

    * He climbs on top of her, the covers are hiding the real action but you can see both there faces, they have sex for about 3 minutes but then a member of the crowd throws a can of coke directly at them, KJ looks furious! He put's his jeans on walks over to the fan*

    K-Jammin: " What the fuck? Is that the only way you can make a girl wet huh? FUCKING LOOK AT ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU! How old are you?"

    Guy: " Um 19, im sorry man my bud told me to do it for a dare"

    K-Jammin: " A dare huh? Okay I'l play... truth or dare?"

    Guy: " Um truth"

    K-Jammin: " No your picking dare, i dare you to take a punch in the face from me"

    Guy: " Look man I.."

    *Before the guy can finish his sentence KJ punches him in the face and pulls him over and just starts kicking the shit out of him! He throws him in the ring*

    K-Jammin: " You still think that was funny do ya?? * he holds the guy up * Katie, slap the hell out of this virgin prick! * Katie slaps him without hesitation and then spits in his face *

    * The guy is now crying but KJ jumps on top of him and punches him until he's face is pouring with blood *

    K-Jammin: " Now, just so you all know i will not be getting into trouble for this, we have it on video he threw a metal object at me so i was just defending myself! You know what that's the last time i try to treat you people, your the most pathetic scum on earth...."

    *The crowds attention are drawn to the rafters as, suddenly, a length of rope is dropped in the middle of the ring, and before anyone realises what's going on, Ma$$Dinero is sliding down the rope. He lands in the ring, and a shocked looking K-Jammin, livid at the intrusion, storms into the ring*

    K-Jammin: "What is the meaning of th..."

    *Mass cuts him off with a backhand that caught him flush on the side of his face*

    MD: "Back off, K-Jam, this has cuck all to do with you, I don't give a shit if you wanna shag that slag, so cuck off, and let the big boy talk!"

    *K-Jammin, stunned at the blow, gets straight out of the ring, and scurries back to the locker-room with a frightened looking Katie in tow. Dave, mic in hand, rushes to the ring and holds it out for Mass to begin talking.*

    MD: "Well, you know, Mean Dave, I've got a few things to say about Anomander Rake..."

    *Mass is cut of by an official looking man, who enters the ring and presents Mass with an envelope*

    MD: "What the CUCK!!! What's all this?" *Mass opens the envelope and a look of disgust and frustration creeps across his face. He then lays the official looking man out with a spinning backfist* "I guess I won't be talking about Anomander Rake. This right here, my Masses, is a court order, preventing me from going 100 yards of Anomander Rake. I know what this is all about, but I'm going to keep quiet for now.... People. I'm sorry, but I've gotta go call my Lawyer! C'mon, Dave. Let's go find George!"

    *With that they leave the ring, with Mass looking very annoyed now*
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    The broadcast now cuts to a shot of RomanFlare walking down a hallway, getting closer to the camera. As he draws closer, he--he tosses the camera to the ground, muttering "Get out of my face" as he walks past. We can see the Cameraman scramble to pick up the camera and follow Roman into the GM's office.

    Ape: " What the 'fack do you want?"

    RF: " I'm here to propose a business agreement: Me joining the Eye."

    Iron Ape leans across the desk, a serious look on his face. " You? Why should I let you join? You haven't done shit in this company."

    Roman, infuriated by Ape's insult, lashes out verbally. " I'm the ONLY reason Chainsaw is still a champion. Two of your so-called members couldn't even pick up wins at Global Uprising--and another one lost just this Wednesday to the Sleeper! Your group needs me more than I need you!"

    Ape leans back into his chair, obviously replaying Roman's words in his head. " I'll make you a deal: impress me and I'll think about letting you join. Now, get out of my office!"

    Roman saunters out of the office and past the Cameraman. " What did I tell you earlier!?" We see the camera go flying, followed by the sound of slightly overweight cameraman hitting the ground.

    **Commercial break**

    We cut backstage now and we see apparently the Mayhem World Champion Chainsaw has requested another interview, and we know how that last one went so God help whoever’s interviewing him.

    Roland Butter: Umm, Ch-Chainsaw, you requested an interview with me?

    Chainsaw: Wrong. I demanded an interview, and I wished it was my old friend Melissa here with me right now. *looks into camera* What’s wrong Melissa? Didn’t you enjoy our last encounter? *laughs fiendishly* Don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you real soon dear. I even would have taken Dave if I had a second choice, oh well though, you’ll do for now.

    RB: Umm, Mr. Chainsaw, can I go on record by saying I would have preferred you had your wish with Melissa or Dave.

    Chainsaw:*says nothing, but turns to Roland and gives him a sinister look*

    RB: Not that I don’t want to interview you or anything, I just wish you could have gotten what you wanted is all. They refused the job, so they sent me instead. I hope that’s alright with you Mr. Chainsaw.

    Chainsaw: Oh Roland, pull your tongue out of my asshole for a moment. You’re far too insignificant for me to spend my time on.

    RB: Of course I am sir. I’m sorry.

    Chainsaw: *sighs* You know, I can’t help but laugh at what Mr. Siaki had to say earlier. He thinks he can intimidate me with his fruitless words and empty threats. Everyone already knows how our endeavors will end. Your friends and family will suffer Siaki, and they will suffer in front of you, and they will suffer because of you, and they will suffer…because I have suffered. You see, even if Siaki had not formed his little group and even if I had not become a part of The Eye and took the championship away from him, we would have still crossed our paths. It was destined to be the case. Siaki, you and the rest of V-3 walk around like you own the place, doing whatever you like, having big extravagant entrances, taking up all the air time while many of us are struggling to be on the show at all. Simply put, you’re a bully Siaki. You’re a bully just like Samson was a bully, and just like all the rest of the bullies who tortured me as a child. But do you know what happened to all the rest of those bullies? They…all…fell by my hand. Just like you will fall by my hand at Monarchy of Aggression. Think about it. You walk around beating up helpless worms like Jonathon Coachman, and earlier tonight you destroyed Brandon Smithson after he had just had a match. That wasn’t very fair of you Siaki. But yet, these people, they still love you. They still cheer you, and they still despise me. I mean, forgive the hyperbole, but we’re not so different you and I. We both obviously use our superior strength to gain an advantage over those smaller than us. We both are after power within the company. We even are threatening to kill off our fellow cohorts to gain an upper hand in our feud. The only difference is, the people I manhandle deserve to be punished, and I’m willing to admit that I’m evil to the core. But you, you walk around like your some big hero just to get the admiration of these insects you call fans, even though your actions indicate that you’re clearly no saint. It’s just something for everyone to think about.

    RB: is there anything else you want to get off your chest Mr. Chainsaw?

    Chainsaw: Yes there is actually. It’s come to my attention that someone by the name of Chris Parker thinks he can waltz in on my business and he thinks he can get off scott free. Well Parker, if you wanted my attention, you have it. Next week, you are gonna have a match against Loki and Aerial in a handicap match. You wanted to get your hands on my Apostles so badly, well now you have your chance. I’ve already confirmed this match with Iron Ape, so you have one week to prepare. Good luck.

    *Chainsaw walks off camera and this interview is over*

    Back in the ringside area now…
    Chris Parker’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand. Chris Parker speaks.

    CP: I know I’m not scheduled for right now but I’d like to respond to what our world champion has just said. First though, I wanna comment on what happened last week because I think some people might have misunderstood just what was going down. I didn’t come to the ring after the main event to save V-3 and Dos Vatos, because quite frankly, they don’t need my help nor am I interested in giving it to them. What I’m interested in is getting to Chainsaw at whatever cost, and if that means I have to plow through anyone and everyone in my way to do it, it’s gonna be done *crowd cheers*. I don’t care if it’s V-3 and The Eye put together, if they are stuck between me and the very top of this organization I’m going through them and over them. You see, I don’t care about The Eye or any conspiracy or anti-conspiracy, I want the Mayhem World Championship, and I’d prefer that I go through Chainsaw to get it. It’s as simple as that folks. I don’t need any gimmicks, I don’t need any war time tactics, I need to put on a pair of ass-kicking boots and go to work. Now that brings me to the match Chainsaw has set up for me next week. Alright, I’ll play your little game and I’ll fight your two goons on your terms for now, but I just want to let you know that I’m scouting out for potential partners on Mayhem who might want a piece of you as much as I do, so for anyone who is interested I want you guys to keep in contact with me. Just remember Chainsaw, once I’m done with your little dickwad minions, I’m coming straight for you!

    Parker drops the mic as the crowd gives him a roaring ovation. Our Chris Parker seems like he wants to go it alone against Chainsaw and crew, but he knows the numbers game needs to be even if he has a chance at getting what he wants.

    The camera cuts to the corridor where St George is having a cigarette. Eric Bischoff has arrived on his own and walks down the corridor in St George’s direction. Bischoff stops and the two eye each other up, and this might not be good folks considering what’s happened with the other members of V-3 tonight.

    EB: George

    SG: Eric

    EB: What no Derik this week? No smart remarks?

    SG: Eric, you know how I feel china. Our cockney cage match at Global Uprising was one of the best matches on the card, and to be honest, we put on a great show.

    EB: Why the niceties George, what are you up to?

    SG: Im not up to anything china, lets just say you’ve earned my respect. I just wanna know why you’re wasting your lemon with the Eye?

    EB: Well George, lets just say I’m getting more respect off you at the minute. Me and The Eye? Well it could be time…

    Psycho Siaki comes running down the corridor

    Psycho Siaki: *shouts* George! You ok my brother?

    SG: Its ok, its ok. Just having a chat with my China Eric

    PS: Eric? China? What’s going on?

    SG: We’ll finish this another time Eric. You’ve got my number if you wanna talk bruv.

    Siaki and George head back to the locker-room, Siaki can be heard saying…

    PS: Eric? China? Phone number? What’s going on George?
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    "Dos Vatos" come out and they look pissed off. They walk straight to the ring without Sleeper giving all the little kids wearing his mask high fives as he usually does.

    Sleep: CHAINSAW get your ass out here right now, I want you in a match tonight !!!!!

    *** A few minutes goes by and Chainsaw never comes out. Then Iron Ape comes on the titantron with Chainsaw and his minions behind him.***

    IA: Sleeper you have got to be the dumbest son of a bitch on the JBW roster. The only reason you have stayed undefeated in singles competition is because I have let you, but you are quickly getting on my last nerve. The last couple of weeks you have been sticking your nose in business that doesn't concern you. You need to wise up and distance yourself as far away from V3 as you can possibly get, because I have plans to take out all of them and anyone standing with them very soon. Now this little match you want with Chainsaw, it aint gonna happen. You don't have any power here on Mayhem to be making matches, only I do. But what you can have is a tag team match. "Dos Vatos" vs. two of Chainsaw's minions, but you won't be finding out what two until the match starts. Now have a good night.

    Sleep: The only way you’re gonna stop me is to drop me. Now get them fuckers out here, I'm ready for a fight.

    Match 3: Dos Vatos vs. The Apostles

    Anomander Rake and Demonic
    Anomander Rake and Demonic make their way to the ring getting showered with boos, no doubt because of their allegiance with Chainsaw and Iron Ape, but also because of the shit that has gone down between Anomander and MassDinero recently.

    The match was thrown out due to Aerial interfering with the finish, even though it looked like The Sleeper was gonna lead Dos Vatos to a victory here. Dos Vatos got the last laugh here tonight though, as even with the numbers advantage it was The Apostles who were running off after the match.

    We cut to the back now and we see that Melissa Mendez has caught up with Mass and George for an interview.
    MM: V3, I see you arrived in style again tonight, and you've already upset a few people. What have you got planned for us tonight, as this will be the first time you have teamed together here in the JBW. The Silverbros are pretty confident that the win is in the bag.

    Mass: Hahahaha, did you hear that George?

    SG: Yeah, I heard it china. In the bag my arse! People seem to forget that we’ve teamed together before back in good old England!

    Mass: Speaking of good old England, how was your brothers flight back home there George, I’ve meant to ask you earlier.

    SG: You know Mass, I haven’t got the chance to speak to him just yet, but I’ll give him a call after the show tonight.

    Mass: Well good then. Anyway, Melissa, you want something to report? Report this. As Georgie boy said we’ve tagged before and have been tag champs before. Tonight, and for one night only you will see the return of….

    Mass & SG: DRUM & BASS!

    MM: Drum & Bass?

    Mass: Yeah, we were 1PW champs Drum & Bass

    SG: Silverbros, we have no problem tagging against you aunt Annie’s tonight. In fact, its gonna be Robin Hood being part of D&B again and kicking the Brad out of you!

    Mass: That’s right George. Now lets get to our locker-room real quick. I need a read this letter again.

    MM: Erm… ok… there we have it folks. A one night only return for Drum & Bass against the Silver Bros. Back to you ringside, for the main event.

    Main Event Drum and Bass vs. The Silver Bros

    The Silver Bros
    The Mayhem tag-team champions make their way to the ring to a 50-50 split of boos and chants of “Drum and Bass! Drum and Bass!” They don’t care though, as just like they said, they’ve been “underdogs” before.

    Drum and Bass
    St. George and MassDinero make their way to the ring to a standing ovation from the crowd here tonight. These fans are in for a treat as they get to see the in ring reunion that has been years in the making. We’ll see if they still have that chemistry though as they are gonna face off against the tag-team champions right now.

    Drum and Bass win their debut match as a tag-team here in JBW and they beat the Mayhem tag-team champions to boot! Let’s hope this wasn’t a one night only thing like they said before! George and Mass walk their way up the ramp giving each other congratulatory daps when out of nowhere K-Jammin comes in with a steel chair and slams it into the back of MassDinero. An obviously shocked St. George gives chase to K-J but the fookin coward has already taken flight through the crowd. St. George tends to Mass when we hear K-jammin speak on a mic.

    KJ: “Did you see that? You all saw that right? Those bastards just tried to double team me just now. You cowards haven’t seen the last of me by a long shot. Mass, I hope you can hear me over the sounds of your own agonizing screams. You think you can try to punk me out in front of my girl and get away with it?!? This was supposed to be a beautiful evening shared between me and my angel, but you ruined it!! You have no idea of who you’re dealing with! This is just the beginning Mass, get ready to feel more and more pain, because every single week from here on out your gonna get beaten to a bloody pulp. Oh, and after I’m done with you, me and Katie are gonna pay you a visit in the hospital and fuck all night long in top of you if we have to. Maybe then you’ll learn not to fuck with K-Jamm!”

    What will be the repercussions of K-Jammin’s vile actions tonight, and what else will become of the Chainsaw/Siaki situation? Find out next week! JBW!
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    JBW Warfare will be posted at this very moment.
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    One more filler for JBW Warfare!!!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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