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    Mayhem ep 16 6-18-11

    Hello and Welcome everyone to the Philips Arena in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia where we have a great show tonight. Tonight we have all the backlash from an amazing PPV, along with a rare appearance by JBW founder and CEO WWTNA Mark, but first…

    Coming in at number 10 is...
    RomanFlare! Flare’s video comes up on the titantron and he comes in at number 10. Romanflare’s recent rise up the ranks in JBW has been well documented, and his change in attitude along with it has been met with negativity from the JBW faithful.

    Coming in at number 9 is…
    AngrySamoan! Much like RomanFlare, this two time former number 1 contender for the Mayhem World Championship has undergone a recent change in attitude, but in the hearts and minds of the JBW fans, this change has been for the better. This recent change might have coincided with a loss of aggressiveness though, as his change in heart hasn’t gotten him many wins as of late.

    At number 8 is…
    Wes Goldman! Goldman could have been much higher on this list less than a month ago, but a recent string of losses by the likes of The Sleeper/Helmsley and MassDinero, and him getting owned by The Jackasses last week have brought him down a spell. Still though, the man that is The Eye’s monetary backing has huge potential written all over him.

    At number 7 is…
    Chris Parker! Not much is known about the international superstar Chris Parker as of yet, but his domination of Loki last week in a match that lasted just under ten seconds bought him some huge points. This relative newcomer to JBW has big things ahead of him if he keeps on this track.

    Coming in at number 6 is…
    Brandon Smithson! Mr. Amazing Brandon Smithson is one of the most interesting and unique talents on the Mayhem roster, along with being one of the most well liked superstars by our fans. His rally for peace here in JBW has been met with a great response from our fans, and has landed him solidly in the top ten at number 6.

    Coming in at number 5…
    The Sleeper! Our Mayhem TV champion and resident badass luchadaor is still undefeated in singles competition here in JBW, a feat that not many can claim with as long as he’s been in the company. With The Sleeper now having Helmsley by his side to guard his back, there’s no telling how high his ceiling is here in JBW.

    At number 4 is…
    St. George! Veni Vidi Vici’s ass kicking cockney code cracker has been one of the most over guys since he first stepped into a JBW arena, but his response from the crowd multiplied once V-3 was revealed to the world. With a solid win over a wrestling legend like Eric Bischoff at the PPV, St. George proved that he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

    At number 3 is…
    K-Jammin! Well, if your goal in the company was to be hated by every single person in the arena than K-Jammin is the person you should mold yourself after, because he accomplishes just that. The brash, controversial superstar constantly brings in ratings though, and he backs up his oversized mouth in the ring. Now that he has someone like Katie in his corner who’s willing to do anything for him, he’s become even more feared and hated while in the ring.

    Coming in at number 2 is…
    Ma$$Dinero! Easily one of the best talkers in e-fed history, Ma$$Dinero has proved himself much more than just a great freestyler. With a recent win over Wes Goldman in an epic match at Global Uprising, Mass has secured his spot in the company, and is only one spot away from being the number 1 contender for the Mayhem Heavyweight Championship.

    And the new number 1 contender for the Mayhem Heavyweight championship is…
    Psycho Siaki! Siaki was absolutely screwed out of his last chance to regain the top strap, so it was only fitting to give him another shot at the gold. He now renews his rivalry with our evil, sinister Mayhem World Champ, Chainsaw.

    Well there you have it folks, Mayhem’s top ten rankings for this month. The same rules that apply for Warfare apply for Mayhem. The wrestlers on this list will constantly be moving up and down based off of success in the ring, and…

    Hey, I know that theme!

    It can't be! The fireworks are going off! It can't be him! The fans are chanting the name "Gooooooldberg" "Gooooooldberg" He's stepping through the pyro. It's... It's... IT'S RomanFlare? Wearing a bald cap over his mask like an idiot (yes, Roman is a masked wrestler if you didn’t know). He's making his way down to the ring as the crowd shower him with boos. He looks like he has a bug up his ass.

    " Unfortunately Bill could not be here tonight, but I didn't want the pyro to go to waste. Enough shenanigans, I'm here to report another part of the Mayhem conspiracy against me. You see, as you just saw, there is this new ranking system for the top titles on each brand--1 to 10, with 1 being the #1 Contender. Naturally, I should be #1, right? I mean, I haven't lost a match in weeks, my segments are some of the highest rated 15-minute periods of the show, and last Sunday I single handedly decided the outcome of the Mayhem World Title match. It's even my birthday today! I deserve a title shot and you all know that! *crowd boos* But NOOOOOOOOO, I'm all the way at the bloody bottom of the list. But hey, the decision makers in JBW know what they’re doing right? I mean, the guy at number 1 has to be more deserving than me, that’s what the top 10 says, so it has to be true. Let’s see, who’s at number 1, hmm *acting like he’s trying to remember* oh I know, it’s the man who failed to capitalize on his chance last Sunday, Psycho Siaki. Of course, the guy who already had his chance and blew it! You know what, I'm tired of this bullshit. I'm being overlooked by everyone from the GM to the fucking catering crew! Apparently I need to make an even bigger name of myself, and I started that on Sunday. Siaki had--"
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    K-Jammin's music hits and out he comes in a tuxedo and holding a rose while mocking the crowd by doing sarcastic waves.

    KJ: "Now don't any of you think about throwing anything, as this tux cost more than your houses, and cost's more than to have your sisters for the night that matter.” *KJ steps his way through the ropes*

    Roman: "What the Hell do you want? Can’t you see I’m a little busy right now?"

    KJ: “Alright kid, your time is done. Why don’t you go to the back and keep telling yourself the reason you’re not on PPVs is because of a conspiracy, since you’re the only one who cares. The grownups have more important business to take care of.”

    Roman: *stares holes through K-Jammin for a few seconds* Fine! But don’t think you all have heard the last of me tonight. This isn’t over! *steps out of the ring and out to the back*

    KJ: Now that that’s over, as you all know now, i am in love. Katie has changed my life for the good, i now love each and everyone of you great fans! Apart from you fatty, and you, okay so i still hate all of you scum but what im getting at is Katie has completed me. I now have the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect hair, and now the perfect girl... who has the perfect arse! So Katie babe, please come out here darling.

    Katie walks out to the usual "She's a Crack Whore" chants, but she is still beaming like the sun. She climbs into the ring and shares a kiss with K-Jammin

    KJ: " Thank you for coming out here babe, now after me and you had the best sex ever last night... 5 times in fact ... it got me thinking about all the women I've slept with in the past, and how there nothing compared to you! and us two together can rule JBW, so the reason i asked you out here is ... * Get's down on one knee, the crowd starts booing tremendously * Katie Marie Dawson, will you marry me?"

    Katie starts crying straight away and accepts the ring! He picks her up and swings her around the ring both wearing huge smiles

    Katie: " KJ, the past few weeks I've been with you have been the happiest in my life. The jokes, the love, and the sex have made me the luckiest girl in the world, and i promise that while you don't need my help to one day be world champion, i will do everything i can to ensure that belt will one day be around your sexy waist * They kiss once again * "

    KJ: " Ahh yes the World Championship, while that's not on my agenda right now i would just like to let you all know that i WILL be the World Heavyweight Champion one day, but right now i have to deal with some random pricks who think they can stick there nose in MY business, I'm talking about Hippy Smithson and Ma$$ Wanker Dinero. Just quit yeah boys? I mean don't get me wrong i honestly don't mind breaking your necks, i would just rather spend my time sexing up Katie. Oh and Ma$$... I haven't forgotten about you getting involved with my match against John Lennon's son at Global Uprising so as i told you during the week... I'l be seeing you soon son. Now me and Katie are off for a quickie, so all you people enjoy the show okay? Love you all" * They both blow kisses to the crowd and walk to the back hand in hand as we go to commercial break*

    Match 1: AngrySamoan vs. Scottland

    AngrySamoan makes his way to the ring with a good response from this crowd here tonight. He looks to beat Scottland yet again in singles competition.

    Makes his way to the ring after he demanded this rematch from Showdown. He feels he should have won that match and he wants to prove it tonight.

    AngrySamoan beats Scottland again. Very good match here as whenever these two step into the ring together it’s always a war.

    We cut to the back in Iron Ape’s office and The Eye are having a meeting where we see a just arriving Chainsaw and The Apostles step into in mid-conversation.

    Iron Ape: I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do!…*spots Chainsaw and crew as they enter Ape’s office* Finally, someone who actually won their match at Global Uprising. Where have you been? You know what, nevermind, winners are allowed to be late.

    Wes Goldman: He only won because that Roman Candle kid hit Siaki with a hammer. Anyone could have layed on the man for the pin!

    Eric Bischoff: Big words coming from someone who got beat that badly.

    WG: I’m sorry, did you win your match? No one was even talking to you anyway, why don’t you butt out? Oh, and what’s this shit about hugging George after the match?

    EB: I’m 55 years old and a fucking legend kid, a loss does nothing for me. George was bleeding like a stuck pig when I got through with him. And I can hug whoever I want, and don’t you ever tell me to butt out again. Once you’re in the hall of fame, which will be never, then you can tell me to butt out.

    Ape: Wes brings up a good point though Eric, what were you thinking after the match with Goerge? And I can talk to you like this.

    EB: Ape, you know I don’t need this. I came here as a personal favor to you! I challenged St. George as a personal favor to you! I got into a cage match with a man half my age and held my own and then some. I can go home and retire right now and never give wrestling another thought, but if you wanna question my intentions here than…

    Ape: Okay, you made your point, but that doesn’t stop the fact that you didn’t do your jobs. I mean, do I have to make The Silver Bros and Chainsaw do all our dirty work around here, or are Wes Goldman and Eric Bischoff gonna pull their weight?

    All of The Eye begin to bicker and argue at that point, until Chainsaw in an unusually calm voice says:

    “Enough of this. *the room becomes silent* Mr. Ape, I take it by the reactions of the room that The Eye’s performance at the PPV was unsatisfactory, correct?

    Ape: Well, yea-

    Chainsaw: *cuts Ape off* And so you’re willing to admit then that you taking the reins from me a few weeks back wasn’t the smartest of moves. What I mean by this is, that your plan proved to not be as good as my plan could have been.

    Ape: My plan was fine, it’s jus-

    Chainsaw: *cuts Ape off again* These are rhetorical statements Mr. Ape, so there is no need to respond to them. We all know at this point that my plan for V-3 could very well have had a much different outcome than your plan did. So, now…we are gonna go with my plan. And before you say anything, I know there are potential legal consequences to consider here, and I know we’re already on thin ice because of this subliminal messages lawsuit, but I want to let you know that I will take full responsibility for my actions, and that you will not be liable for a single action on my behalf.

    Ape: *says nothing, just pauses for a moment and ponders the situation*

    EB: You’re not seriously considering this are you? This is insanity Ape!! You know we can’t do this!

    Ape: What choice do we have Eric?

    Chainsaw: Good. Now let’s all go to the ring and give the rest of the lockerroom a little message shall we?

    EB: You people do whatever you want, I’m outta here.

    Ape: Wait Eric. *Bischoff storms out the door* Don’t worry, I’ll speak with him later.

    The Eye walk out the door on their way to the ring, but just before they leave our sights we hear Silverlace interject:

    SL: Did anyone else have fun in the closet? We should have our meetings in there from now on.

    We cut to commercial while The Eye make their way to ringside.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    The Eye’s music hits as they make their way to the ring getting huge heat from this live crowd here tonight. *Chainsaw grabs a mic and speaks*

    “V-3, we, The Eye have a very important message for you: the time for mercy and kindness is over for you. I had foreseen our great leader Iron Ape’s plan not coming to fruition, and I planned all along to have my wishes eventually come true. It doesn’t matter if they had happened three weeks ago, three weeks from now, *chuckles* or if they’ve already under way, everyone you love, everyone you care even the slightest about will perish before your eyes. We will make you watch as they suffer at my hands, and then we will demolish you in the ring, and then slaughter you outside of the ring, and that’s just going to happen. There’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can say, it’s just an inevitability that you will all have to live with. But alas, you are merely but the first of many steps towards my great plan. First is V-3, then Mayehm, then JBW, then EWNCW if they want some, then…the world.

    Now, to the rest of the lockerroom, you will all suffer the way I have, you will suffer the way Samson has, and you will all suffer the way V-3 is going to suffer, so my STRONG suggestion to you…is to run. Run away as fast as you can, and pray that you don’t accidentally run in our direction, as if any of us are even bumped into by any of you, it’ll be the last thing you ever do. Now, with that being said, Ape, you’re going to make a match for tonight. It’ll be me and my Apostles vs. V-3 and whoever they can manage to scrape together in a 5-on-5 tag team match. This…will be interesting to see. *laughs as he passes the mic to Ape’s outstretched hand*

    Ape: Consider that match done Chainsaw. I know this is your plan, and I know you’ve assured me everything will work out okay, but please, if you can, try to do your thing out of the arena. If it’s at all possible that is. Now, I don’t know who V-3 is gonna get as partners after that little speech, but if they can’t find anyone I just want everyone to know that the match can easily be made into a 5-on-3 handicap match. I also want you to know that if you three survive the match tonight, then next week St. George and MassDinero are gonna once again team up, but this time, they’ll be facing The Silver Bros. in a straight up tag team match. That is, if you two think you can handle them of course.

    Silverdust: Come on boss, you know we’ve got you back! We’re the best tag-team in e-fed history, we can handle anything!

    SilverLace: Yeah boss, I’ve wanted to handle V-3 for forever. I even dream of handling them. I even had one last night where I had Mass in all sorts of different positions and maneuvers, I had him so tightly that there was no escaping for him! I even had him in the bunny hop when I whispered into his ear that..

    Loki: *Grabs the mic and cuts Lace off* Enough of that. We understand Lace, but I’ve wanted to get something off of my chest for a while now. Chainsaw, I know you’ve told us many times to hold our tongues about this, *Chainsaw is seen with his head down rubbing his forehead* but Global Uprising was the last straw. The FSA, and specifically Mana-

    Chainsaw: *snatches mic away from Loki* Insubordinate swine! I told you to shut your mouth. The end of that statement is The FSA and Manabu will go on about their merry business until I say otherwise. Goldman, I know you wanted to say something, so now’s your chance. *hands mic to Goldman*

    WG: Yeah I do want to say something. Ape, I know I haven’t done right by you as of late. Yeah I know, but it’s true. This losing skid of mine, it ends now. I think I know what the problem has been, and I’m gonna fix it immediately. The big man over here has the Mayhem Heavyweight Championship, and The Silver Bros have the tag-titles, but the TV title is more or less up for grabs. Right now, I need to stay focused on brining all the Mayhem gold to The Eye, and worry about Mass and V-3 later. For right now though, I need something from you. I need a match against The Jackasses. They think think can try to humiliate me last week and get off scott free? They’re mistaken. If you book this match for me and RedDevil right now, I’ll prove to you that I can carry my weight around here, and that I’m much more than just money and good looks.

    Ape: Now that’s the Wes Goldman I want to hear. Jackasses, that match is now.

    Match 2 The GoldDiggers vs. The Jackasses

    The Jackasses
    The Jackasses make their way to the ring, getting a good response from this crowd here tonight. They don’t look worried at all about their opponents tonight, even though they are both clearly pissed off. The GoldDiggers jump the Jackasses before the bell and this one is under way.

    The GoldDiggers win the match even though the Jackasses put up a strong fight. In the end though it was Goldman who choked out El Gabo to pick up the win. It doesn’t look like The GoldDiggers are done though because after the match Goldman and RedDevil proceed to stomp away at El Gabo and The Red Ryda. They are just wailing on them until security has to pull them away. That was certainly uncalled for.

    The camera now cuts to a view high up on the arena rooftop to show the nearby harbour. Loud music can be heard playing as a luxury yacht anchors.

    As the yacht comes to a halt, off step Psycho Siaki, MassDinero and St George. V3 Have arrived! A camera crew, along with Melissa Mendez get straight down to the harbour to catch up with them.

    MM: Hello guys, how are you all?

    Siaki: Hello hello Melissa, I’m afraid if you wanna interview youre gonna have to walk and talk… we’re Mayhem bound!

    The three men start to walk towards the arena, walking through the streets and passing the general public on the way.

    MM: erm… ok… I don’t know if you’ve heard, but that evil Chainsaw has plans for…

    SG: Plans! What plans?!

    Mass: What the cuck?

    Siaki: Go on, enlighten us…

    MM: Well a match has been set tonight for a 5 on 5 tag match between V3 and Team Chainsaw.

    Mass: That’s cuckin typical. That dick chainsaw cant even count. There are three of us, not five!

    MM: Well, I believe the plan is that you have to find two more stars to team with you or this match will be 5-on-3.

    Siaki: Ok my brothas, this aint gonna be too hard.. We know who got us..

    SG: Mass, remember those Julius’ we talked about earlier?

    Mass: Yeah

    SG: You got their number?

    Mass: Yeah

    Siaki: Allow me my brotha… *Siaki makes a call on his mobile* Yeah, its Siaki. I’ve got a proposition for you guys, but I need you to get back to me, Mass or George asap.

    MM: Can you enlighten us to who you were calling?

    Mass: V3 information works on a need to know basis, and at the minute, you don’t need to know.

    V3 arrive at the arena where they head to the lockerroom. Well that’s good news, at least V-3 has someone in mind already for who they want to partner up with tonight. Who could it be though?

    We now cut to the back where Dave is standing by with Chris Parker.

    Dave: Hello and welcome Chris Parker, I understand you would like share some thoughts on what has transpired tonight.

    CP: Well yes I do Dave, and I’d love to converse with you all night long, but tonight it’s all business. First of all, I’d like to talk about my rank here in JBW. Yeah, I saw it in the back on the monitors, and I suppose number 7 overall would be okay for some people, but to me it’s not acceptable. The fact of the matter is, I’m the most physically gifted superstar on the entire roster, and I know I can dominate this company if given the chance. More than that though, I know I can dominate our Mayhem Heavyweight Champion, Chainsaw. *crowd boos* Yeah I know, I hate his ass too, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I know I can beat him in a match. I mean, look at what I did to his little goon last week. If those little punks would ever man up and fight me face to face instead of sneak attacking me or triple teaming me, then I’d prove to all of you guys how good I really am. Chainsaw, I heard what you had to say earlier, and I’m definitely gonna be running once I see you, but it’s not gonna be running away from you, oh no, it’s gonna be running towards you to kick your twisted ass! *crowd pops* That’s right, the first chance I get I’m gonna knock your head off just like I did to Loki last week. Now I know Siaki is the number 1 contender for the title, and don’t get me wrong, he’s no doubt a deserving talent for the honor, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be looking to go through him and everyone else on my way to the very top of this organization. You’re looking at JBW’s fastest rising star folks, so get used to seeing this face!

    Dave: Interesting words from an interesting man. K-Jammin vs. Brandon Smithson is up next in a rematch from Global Uprising.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Match 3: Brandon Smithson vs. K-Jammin

    Brandon Smithson
    Brandon Smithson makes his way to the ring while getting a great reaction from the crowd. As great as seeing K-Jammin thrown into a river by MassDinero, the finish to that match seemed off. These two need a definitive conclusion to their rivalry here.

    K-Jammin makes his way to the ring with Katie draped around his arm. This newly engaged couple might be the most hated pair since Triple H and Stephanie.

    K-Jammin wins the match after he held on to the ropes to counter Smithson’s move. Great ring awareness by K-Jamm, and sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Smithson put up a great match though, and as far as I’m concerned, these two are 1-1 against each other in their two matches. They are a very evenly matched pairing.

    We cut back to the Mayhem lockerroom where V3 are going over the plans for their match against Team Chainsaw.

    Mass: Any news from our guys yet Siaks?

    Siaki: Nothing, it goes straight to their voicemail when I call both numbers..

    SG: Well we cant just sit on our bottles chinas. *SG turns to the other guys in the lockerroom* Hey?! Any of you guys want in on our cuts n scratch tonight?

    The lockerroom goes deathly quiet as nobody responds to SG’s invitation

    Mass: Oh yeah, here we go, everybody’s showing their true colours.

    Siaki: If you're all afraid then stay here.. We need people that have no fear at taking down the powers that be.. If you cant answer the call of your fellow warrior, then you are no soldiers at all.. Not in this battle.. So is there anyone here ready for one of the brutal battles in JBW history??

    dead silence

    SG: Well fuck you and the horse you rode in on! Come on guys, we want this match and to make it happen we need two more to make our team. Siaki, any news back from you know who?

    Siaki: not yet bruv

    SG: Fuck it, any other news then?

    Siaki: I just listened to Beethoven’s 6th symphony

    SG: Which movement?

    Siaki: 4th

    SG: 4th is definitely the best

    Ma$$Dinero: I’d love to sit here and discuss the finer points of Ludwick, but cuck it! I have to go and get something off of my chest! Dave, c'mon, it's mic-time!!

    Dave: Sure thing, Mass!

    St George: What! Are you Zsa Zsa? It's dangerous out there with those Mince Pie Back and Fronts lurking about.

    MD: Don't fret, big man, I'll be back in two shakes of a hamsters prick. C'mon, it's me. What's the worst that they could do? Bury me alive!?!?!?!

    Siaki: Haha, that's my Mass! See you soon, brotha, and don't be late, we got a battle on our hands tonight.

    We cut to ringside now and we see the image of WWTNA Mark on the titantron and the crowd goes wild!

    WWTNA: Hello JBW, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet considering that MassDinero has something for us. Now it’s come to my attention as of late that there have been a lot of accusations and finger pointing going around our great company here, and apparently some piss-ant lawyer by the name of James Aldrick thinks he can just sit there and slander our great name. Well, let me explain this to everyone this one time, we at JBW think it’s high time that the truth come out. I came here today to personally assure every single one of our fans that everything in our programming is 100% legal, 100% ethical, and 100 % for the best interest of our fans. *crowd pops loudly as WWTNA speaks over them* And we are not going anywhere because some two-bit scrawny little pencil-neck says we should!! This is our company, and no one is gonna take it away from us! *crowd pops even more loudly* Mr. Aldrick, if you’re gonna go ahead with this lawsuit, then our lawyers have assured me that we are prepared to counter-sue and take you for every single dime you have. Thank you, and goodnight!
    Mass' music hits, Mass' Masses go bat-shit crazy, and he makes his way to the ring with Dave, who is carrying a diamond encrusted, platinum microphone. Once they are in the ring, and Dave is holding the mic in place for Mass to start talking, Mass begins with*

    MD: So, my Masses, I've had quite the couple of weeks, huh? First of all, that’s excellent news WWTNA, I know I’d be willing to fight for us any day of the week. Second of all, well, last week at Global Uprising, other than giving a certain filthy swine a bath and kidnapping a few fools, I had a well deserved night off. I want to take this time to thank my good friend Mass Murder, who took care of a nagging problem that was threatening to get out of hand unless treated with the appropriate, um, treatment. Now, Mr Murder may have only been booked for one night only, but he has assured everyone's favorite rapping wrestler that he is up for a repeat performance anytime he's needed and has asked me to issue a fair warning to the JBW roster that none of them are safe from the murderation he's willing to unleash on anyone who cucks with me. Thanks for listening, my Masses, I'm out!

    *Mass goes to leave the ring, but he suddenly stops, turns around, marches back towards Dave and says*

    MD: Wow, you know something, Dave, you've got that nice little pimped out mic, and as it's been way too long since Mass blessed his Mass' with a rap from the heavens. So, if I may just say a little something before I leave.

    Ahem... Ladies and Gentlemen... It's acapella time!!

    *Mass' Masses pop big time! Once they've settled down, Mass begins*

    Wedgely Silverman, I'm done with you, had fun with you, but it's over,
    I got the monkey off my shoulder, and dropped you like a boulder!
    You tried to cuck Ma$$Dinero, but Mass Murder cucked you harder,
    and crushed you worse than Darth did when he said "Luke I'm your father!"
    If beatings were visions, Mr Silverman got an eyeful,
    saw more than a 'nam vet, man, he made me get spiteful!
    Wedge was staring at my japs-eye while I was pissing in his eyeball,
    now this rich guy, turned bitch guy's feeling all suicidal!
    Bruv, you can't deny it, it's written all over your screw-face,
    but don't be tryin' to turn your shoelace into a hang-mans-noose noose, mate!
    I may have reigned on your parade, and quickly ended your crusade,
    and you're considering leaving Mayhem, and wrestling on Tuesdays,
    but I really think you need stay here, take a breath and slow down,
    you can always throw down with the other mid-carders on Showdown!
    Bung Roman a few quid, he's a good kid, he'll look after you,
    I promise we won't laugh at you, you know it's the best path for you!
    Ahh, I ain't got time for this, all your planning was a waste...
    All I'm bothered about now is punching K-Jammin in the face!


    Mass' Masses: AMEN, BRUVA!!!!!!

    Mass exits the ring, leaving Dave in the ring, beaming at that last line of his rap
    *commercial break*
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

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    Well well well, here comes Mr. Loudmouth again.

    And he's riding a chariot? I wonder how he got the security to pull that for him.

    " How do you like my new ride? Fitting for the Roman Emperor that I am!" RomanFlare halts the chariot and climbs down. He waves the men back up the ramp and slides under the ring ropes.

    "I told you jerks you wouldn’t see the last of me. I'm back out here again because I was so rudely interrupted last time. That's the kind of bullshit I'm talking about. I demand respect! This Hurricane of Pain commands FEAR! *crowd boos*….And what better way to prove that than to cost Psycho Siaki his match at Global Uprising? You know, I’ve been getting asked all week long “why did you do it Roman? Why did you cost Siaki the match?” Well first of all, it’s none of your f’ing business. Second of all, that asshole deserved it, and third of all, and most importantly, taking out the #1 Contender during his title match is the perfect way to get myself more respect and to start getting the idiots in the back to understand what a talented threat I am. But you know what else? It also served another strong purpose. I'm going to assume that the dumbasses that make up the JBW fans are well aware of our GM Iron Ape. He's the one that makes all the decisions around here! And what better way to kiss his ass than to protect his top dog and help the title remain in the Eye's possession! And people in the back keep asking me " Aren't you worried that Siaki will pay you back?". My response is always the same: NO! Because, if there is one thing in common between Siaki is this gorgeous young lady in the front row here, is that any "wrestling" match with me when always end with them pinned under me. Now you’ve seen the last of me, for now"

    We cut to the parking lot where arriving a little late to the game this week are the most recent no.1 contenders for the tag-team titles, The Sleeper and Helmsley. Sleep and Helms walk down the corridor and they spot Wes Goldman and AngrySamoan talking with one another. They listen in on them mid-conversation*

    AS: Do I have to remind you that you’re not the only one who won his match tonight?

    WG: Yes, but I had to carry a tag team, you only had a one-on-one match.

    AS: Typical. When are you gonna learn that this ego of yours will get you nowhere? The people want to see competition for the titles on Mayhem, not you running your big mouth all day.

    WG: I don’t give a fuck what those people want. I want the Mayhem TV title, and I’m gonna get it one way or another. *spots The Sleeper and points him out to AS* Speak of the fuckin devil, maybe he isn’t as idiotic as you are. Hey, *looks at The Sleeper* you know who should be the one to take away that title of yours right?

    TS: Who you "Wesley Gayman" or "The Disgruntled Tongan" over here ?

    *Both AngrySamoan and Wes Goldman step forward ready to attack The Sleeper , but Helmsley steps between them and stops any chance of an attack.*

    TS: Alright I'll make a deal with you two. Next week, here on Mayhem, the two of you have a match and whoever wins gets a chance at my title.

    *The Sleeper then superkicks AngrySamoan and Helmsley picks Wes Goldman up over his head and throws him into the wall, and walk away leaving them laying in the locker room.*

    Then from out of nowhere, The Sleeper and Helmsley spot two more bodies running at them, but this time they are decidedly more friendly than the last two. It’s St. George and Psycho Siaki here to greet them.

    SG: Where the piss have you two been at?

    Sleep: What? Out. What’s the problem?

    Siaki: We’ve been trying to get a hold of you two all night.

    Sleep: My bad. Well, not really, it’s his bad *points at Helmsley* he left our bag back at the hotel room with our phones in it. What’s up?

    Siaki: You know a while back when you said if V-3 ever needed your help at dealing with The Eye?

    SG: Well, we need you now guys. We have a 5-on-5 tag match with Chainsaw and his goons and we only have 3 at the moment.

    Sleep: Hell yeah. We’re itching for a match anyway. Where’s Mass?

    SG: He’s probably looking for us. Our match starts now!

    Sleep: Lets go do the damn thing then.

    *commercial break*

    Main Event Team Chainsaw vs. V-3, The Sleeper and Helmsley

    Team Chainsaw
    Chainsaw and The Apostles make their way to the ring and their ready to go in this one.

    V-3 make their way to ringside and they stand at the top of the ramp while they await the Sleeper and Helmsley

    The Sleeper and Helmsley
    Sleep and Helms make their way to ringside, and now that all 5 men are out here, they run their way to the ring and this PPV quality main event is under way!

    Chainsaw and crew one the match after Chainsaw and Anomander Rake hit their finishers on MassDinero, even though he shouldn’t have even been the legal man! This match was pandemonium from the very start, as these men all despise each other. In the end it turned into one big brawl, especially when the rest of The Eye came out after the match and the numbers game caught up with team V-3 . That is until Chris Parker came out and just destroyed everyone in his path! With Parker, The Sleeper, Helmsley, and of course, V-3 standing in the way of Chainsaw and the Eye, Saturday Night Mayhem just may turn into one big war! Find out what happens next week! [B]JBW![B]
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another addition of JBW Tuesday Night Warfare!!! We are live in Portland, Oregon and boy do they look amped for tonight!!! With all this tension raising in the lockerrooms and this JBW lawsuit, whats going to happen tonight??? We don't know the answer but we do know that this will be another great show!!! I'm excited for tonight i know you are so lets get this show on the road!!!
    Warfare World Champion and FSA memebr Snair comes out sporting his new t-shirt which reads "Hate the sin love the sinner". He gets into the ring, grabs a mic, and speaks, "Last week my phone was flooded with SMS, emails all telling me my actions were unworthy of a Champ. Even my driver said the same, first thing I did was to slap the smile of his face then I shared with him my dad's philosophy "When you can't get rid of an obstacle, create an even bigger one and turn your back on it." *Crowd laughs* "Its not a joke! Now instead of 1 wrestler, I have to defend my title against 3 wrestlers at JBW's next PPV Monarchy of Aggression! *Crowd cheers* I'll start with 2 gentlemen formerly known as THE BATHROOM TRIPS. VKM calls himself the Holy Trinity but I see him as a guy who can't even protect his brother, as a guy who is scared of spirits at night & still sleeps alongside his mom. Well keep on dreaming punk, because your NEVER going to hold this Warfare World title! Now onto Prophecy. To be honest, I thought the guy had talent but after seeing his antics following his piggy bank trust funds, I draw conclusions of him just as bad as his haircut. Both VKM and The Prophecy was crap in the Ego Trips and after they broke up, they are still worthless crap. Now that brings me to TDA, the guy who talks about devils and sins just to sounds like a tough guy but in reality, hes just a softy who will never hold the Warfare World title, I know that. *Crowd boos* It doesn't matter how many contenders you throw at me Mr. JBW President Brown One, the fact is you bring them all so I can take my metal bat & go evil on all their asses! I want the Warfare roster to listen to this real nice, "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE 3 THINGS IN LIFE I, ME & MYSELF!" Snair finishes speaking and the crowd gives him 'You Suck' chants which ticks off Snair.
    The Prophecy is here!!! The Prophecy walks down to the ring with a mic in his hands and a little smirk on his face after hearing Snair's comments. The Prophecy gets into the ring and speaks, "May I have your attention please loyal JBW fans. Make sure you mark the next PPV Global Uprising in your calendars, as it will be the biggest day in your pathetic 9-5 lives. I will fill you guys in if you dont already know, I The Prophecy will be winning the World Title from 3 jobbers and a joke, Ill let you all decide who is who. Let me ask you a question, what do CM Punk, Christian and The Prophecy all have in common? They were all set aside for inferior champions. They were all put on the back burner whilst the company was headlined by a lesser talent. I have been feuding with VKM, a guy who is talented, but hes not me. Then theres TheDevilsAdvocate, a wrestler who has tried and failed to become champ. Finally Snair, Snair? What the fuck is a Snair? I would rather see K-Jammin as a champ than you. But my friends, both Punk and Christian won their respective World titles, and in just a few weeks it will be my turn. So Snair, VKM and TDA enjoy your moments in the main event, because Im staying here and you guys are not, I DESERVE THIS, NO LONGER WILL I BE HELD DOWN BY MANAGEMENT OR VKM OR ANYONE, The Prophecy has reached top status and no one will take it from me. So its has been written so it shall be done."
    TheDevilsAdvocate makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hands and starts to speak, "Snair, Prophecy, you see you two may think that winning the Warfare World title will come easy for you but sadly it won't. You see, I know that this has the makings of being one of the greatest matches in JBW history especially with four of Warfare's best in that match. All four of us including VKM wants the Warfare World title so badly that we are willing to sacrifice our bodies on the line. On July 16th in the Wembley Stadium, i'm willing to make that sacrifice anything and everything to capture the Warfare World title! Trust me when I say that I will hold nothing back!"
    And here comes The Holy Trinity VKM who makes his way to the ring and it looks like he has something to say as well. VKM gets inside the ring and speaks, "Well, well, well. You three need to realize that i'm the future of this company! No, scratch that, i'm the Holy Trinity of this company!!! I went from being in a tag team which I carried by the way, and now, I have the chance to become a Warfare World Champion here on Warfare!!! Snair, you maybe the Warfare World Champion but your title will be mine come Monarchy of Aggression! TheDevilsAdvocate, to be honest, I don't like you and the fact that you were ahead of me in the JBW ranking system but I still have my title shot at Monarchy of Aggression, you won't win the Warfare World title, and thats all that matters!!! And last but certainly not least, The Prophecy. Now Prophecy, we still have unfinished business to settle. I would like to be the crap out of you in front of all these JBW fans but i'm focusing on the Fatal Four Way match and the Warfare World title for right now. After I capture the Warfare World title, I will come for you, believe that!!" VKM drops the mic and all four men surround each other, staring down one another which looks like a fight just might happen.

    *JBW President Brown One pops up on the titantron* "Guys, guys, I have something to tell you four in the ring. Now tonight, I have some plans for you guys tonight. Now there is no secret that there is tension between all four of you men but tonight, you four must put your differences aside because tonight, its going to be a tag team match involving you guys. Tonight's main event is going to be Snair and The Prophecy vs TheDevilsAdvocate and VKM in a good olf fasion tag team match! *Crowd cheers* Since VKM and The Prophecy as well as Snair and TDA has issues with one another, the tag team match will help settle unfinished business and will also help all four of you men put your focus onto the big Fatal Four Way match for the Warfare World title at Monarchy of Aggression. Thanks for your time ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the show!"

    Major matches for Warfare:

    It looks like we have our main event scheduled for tonight!!! Snair and The Prophecy vs VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate in a tag tea match tonight! I can't wait for that match we have plenty of ore great matches tonight as Malcolm Cage takes on The Japanese Avenger Manabu for the first time ever! Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander also takes on Trips88 in a match tonight! Great matches on the card tonight and you do not want to miss this!

    ~We see police detectives getting out of there police cars and into the JBW arena where they stop by Warfare interviewer Todd Stevenson~

    Todd: Hey gentlemen, what can I help you with?

    Police Detective: We need to look for JBW's President Brown One. We need to ask him some questions about the attack of IPITB who almost got kidnapped but got assaulted a week ago. We are investigating on this as its a serious matter considering one of JBW's employees got assaulted at a parking lot which I believe was at a JBW PPV.

    Todd: Okay. I'll show you to his office.

    The FSA are backstage as Zeus Apollo, Markus Beerstein, Snair, and Japanese Avenger are getting ready for there matches tonight!!!
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    Match 1 Steve Austin vs PrimusSucks vs avidico to become #1 Contender for the JBW N.W.L Championship

    Steve Austin
    The technically gifted Cruiserweight Steve Austin makes his way to the ring to compete for a chance to become #1 Contender for the JBW N.W.L title!

    PrimusSucks makes his way to the ring and is ready to make a name for himself here tonight!

    JBW's avidico masked Warrior avidico makes his way to the ring with one goal in mind and thats to win to become #1 Contender for the JBW N.W.L title!!!

    avidico wins the match! What an amazing victory and this triple threat match was one hell of a match! He earned the right to challenge igetwild for the JBW N.W.L title once again!

    ~Stinger197, HolyJose, and TheDevilsAdvocate is backstage in there lockerooms~

    Stinger187: Any word from Trips88 yet TDA? Is he back in the FSA?

    TDA: I'm afraid not Stinger187. I spoke with him on the phone and he said he wants no part of SuperNova, period. There is nothing I can do to change his mind. He really doesn't want to be apart of SuperNova anymore.

    HolyJose: This really sucks. He was the leader of SuperNova and made this group happen in the first place.

    Stinger187: I agree with HolyJose. He was the person to create SuperNova in the first place and now that hes gone, where would we go from here?

    TDA: Well the important thing is sticking together and taking down the FSA. For now, we'll just go our own route and deal with our own duties here on Warfare. I have a tag team match in the main event tonight so i'll have to put my focus on that. HolyJose, you are the #1 Contender for Markus Beerstein's title so you have Beerstein to worry about. Stinger187, you are trying to work your way up the rankings and also have unfinished business with Zeus Apollo so you have your own business to attend to.

    Stinger187: I guess your right man. We can do that!

    TDA: Like I said, SuperNova won't disband. We will reach our goal which is taking down FSA even if it kills us.

    ~Stinger187, HolyJose, and TDA both shakes each other's hands and Stinger187 and HolyJose leaves but suddenly VKM appears and gets into TDA's face~

    VKM: Lets cut right to the chase. I don't like you, never will but since we are a tag team for tonight, we have to work as a team to beat Snair and The Prophecy tonight. Let this be clear, if you get in my way, you will have hell to pay with me.

    TDA: We do have to work as a team tonight. I'll do my part and I know you'll do your part tonight. Also, lets get one thing straight, your little threat means nothing to me as I am going to hold my own in the match. If you get in my way, i'll make an example out of you, showing the JBW fans what TDA is truly made of.

    ~VKM rolls his eyes at TDA and walks out of his sites~

    Match 2: thejman93 vs broc808

    thejman93 makes his way to the ring along with thedag and boy do they look pissed off. Last week, there car was wrecked by someone who remains to be unkwown but thejman93 has a match to compete in tonight.

    broc808 along with God Of War makes his way to the ring and ready to beat thejman93!

    thejman93 wins!!! He is victorious in his match tonight!!!

    Post match, thejman93 along with thedag grabs a mic and speaks, *Jman grabs a mic* "Cut the goddamn music!" *music stops; boss are heard clearly now* "The funnyman who destroyed my car last week needs to get their ass out here now! *dag grabs the mic* "We'll wait all fucking night if we have to!"
    *Ranjam and The Ice Cream Man pop up on the titantron* "BUAHAHAHA! You sad thejman93 and thedag because of your car being wrecked? Well get the f**k over it because you brought that on yourselves! You wrecked our chances of becoming the Warfare tag tea champs and so we returned the favor by wrecking your cars!!! If you two don't give us a title shot, then we will keep making your lives miserable!!! We will give you one more week to decide and you better pick the right answer!!!" Ranjam and The Ice Cream Man appear off the titantron and leaves the Arisocrats even more pissed off!
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    ~Backstage are the police detectives who are walking with Todd~

    Todd: There is Brown One's office. I hope that helps you.

    Police detective: Thanks Todd. I appreciate...

    ~Out of nowhere, Todd Locust stops by the Police detectives~

    Todd Locust: Hey gentlemen, I heard about the investigation on the IPITB assault and I have the answers you might be looking for.

    Police detectives: You do? Well, please tell us.

    Todd Locust: well, I wasn't physically there to witness the assault but I know who did it. I can't give you his name but I have seen him around here in the lockerrooms.

    Police detectives: That doesn't help me one bit sir.

    Tad Locust: Look, I may not find the exact answers your looking for but i'm willing to help your investigation. Sounds good?

    Police detectives: Fair enough. If you see or hear anything, let us know okay?

    Tad Locust: Got it.

    ~The Police detectives leaves with Tad Locust showing an evil grin on his face~

    Malcolm Cage is backstage as hes getting ready for his match against Japanese Avenger Manabu. He looks into the camera and speaks, "Tonight, for the first time, I look to compete against Manabu what looks to be a great match. I have always looked up to Manabu's fighting style but i'm not a fan of his attitude as of late. i'm going to beat Manabu tonight and show the JBW fans why i'm the best JBW has to offer! Although I have bruised ribs from rko619 attacking me at Global Uprising, it won't stop me one bit from pulling a win here tonight. Speaking of rko619, I hear that hes banned from ringside during my match with Manabu! Great! Now I can worry about my match tonight!"

    Match 3: Markus Beerstein vs KJ PUNK

    Markus Beerstein
    Warfare TV Champion and FSA member Markus Beerstein makes his way to the ring with his beer in his hand!

    KJ Punk
    KJ Punk makes his way to the ring.

    Markus Beerstein wins and boy did he dominate KJ PUNK in this match!

    Post match, Markus Beerstein grabs a mic and speaks, "Yeah, yeah I know I won I'm the best , remember that I have a special announcement for tonight right??, well finally its time, the moment you have been waiting for all week", (crowd boos), over the past few weeks there's been a person off camera talking with me, you'll see this guy it's a personal friend of mine, and he is my new manager and The FSA tactic counselor haha, you're dying to meet him" (crowd responds with a loud no), "here with you ladies and gentleman", "no, not yet"," first its my annoying enemy Holyjose, he talks I'm coward and all stuff, but What he did to me last week at Showdown, he attacked me with a lead pipe!!!!, from behind that's very brave!!!", (we get a recap and saw what happened at showdown, people cheers), so it's payback time!!!, the next Showdown you will face a special opponent I selected for you, and he will finish you I'll promise"

    "Now the time has come, someone get me beer now!!!, (a staff boy lends Markus two beers, one is for his manager), next to me is my new manager, Jurgen!!! *Crowd boos as Jurgen smiles* Now Jurgen isn't just no slouch, he was my trainer back in Germany! He kept me in great shape! He will also protect me from cowardly attacks fro HolyJose!!!"
    HolyJose is here!!! HolyJose makes his way to the Warfare stage setting and speaks, "Hold up hold up! So I have a mystery opponent that's fine by me. I'll go up against ANYONE that you put in front of me Markus there is no backing down on my side. And when I face this mystery opponent trust me I will beat him and that will get me one step closer to being the Warfare TV Champion! So bring on the mystery opponent and then it's you Markus!" HolyJose leaves to the back and Markus Beerstein is irate from the comments made by HolyJose.
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    ~Manabu is seen wearing a fresh giorgio armani suit, he pulls his tie upto his neck and buttons his collar, walking with his casual swagger to The Brown One's door.~

    Manabu: Good Evening Brown one, I'm here today with a proposal. I've heard the recent misfortunes of JBW and from the depths of my heart I pray that the lawsuit is settled as soon as possible with as little damage to us as a company, after all we're a family right? and of course every fights.
    So my proposal, I become the GM of JBW, I'm sure the most important thing on your mind is settling this lawsuit but imagine the pressure of sorting that whilst running Warfare. I would hate to see the company go under because you're too busy running warfare and the lawsuit gets out of hand. From the day I arrived here I've shown nothing but respect to everyone, bar those who choose to destroy this company from inside and bare in mind they won't be destroying anything for a long time. I know how the card needs to go, I know how the show needs to be ran, and I insist this is for the company, not for The Fsa. Oh and speaking of the FSA you must've noticed how skilled I am at conducting a group, I'll easily be able to conduct warfare and the entire roster and furthermore there is no one who would dare to cross me so the roster will all keep under control. So sir, what do you think?

    Brown One: Look Manabu, I have a lot of things on my plate like dealing with this JBW lawsuit for one. No disrespect but I don't see you holding a duty as GM. Don't take it personal Manabu but I just don't. I also know that this is a plot to have FSA as the higher power around Warfare but its not going to work. I already have Warfare under control. Just focus on your match against Malcolm Cage tonight, okay Manabu?

    Manabu: Look Brown One, I think you're forgetting who you're dealing with here I mean I'm an ex world champion, I brought you all my fans, I could bring you an ass on a silver platter but I've already put them all in seats. I'm a very persuasive man you see, I have my ways but I'm honestly shocked you'd see this as an attempt to put The FSA in higher power, there is no higher power for us. Have you not seen what we've done? have you not seen us destroy some of the best wrestlers you have to offer? Right now we have the world at our feet and I can assure you I'm doing this purely out of the good of my heart.
    Now I really think you're underestimating me, you see as much as I said the locker room are feared of em, they'll also do everything I say without question. They're so enstilled with fear that they're like sheep, sheeps crawling with diseases just waiting to be vanquished. Though the magic is, I can turn the entire locker room against you, The FSA will tear apart the arena, interfere in every match, make us much havoc as we can. Hows that gonna look? You've got a lawsuit on your hands and the judges see how much of a mess your company has become, workers threatening the well being of co-workers and you're there letting it slide. But I'm a good man at heart, so I'll give you the offer; appoint me as gm of warfare or every day becomes judgement. You can have your title and position back as soon as the lawsuit is over, I'm here doing the dirty work for you! I'm making you such a generous offer! So I insist, you rethink my offer. Oh and my match with malcolm cage? you best watch it, I'll show you what happens when you make the wrong choice.

    Brown One: Manabu, I have other stuff to worry about then appointing you as GM of Warfare. I also don't trust you as having the GM's position anyway. We'll have this conversation later but for right now, I think it would be best if you leave my office and get ready for your match with Malcolm Cage.

    ~Manabu angrily storms out of Brown One's office as Brown One gets back to work~

    Match 4: Zeus Apollo vs Tom George

    Zeus Apollo
    Zeus Apollo makes his way to the ring, ready to win his match here tonight!

    Tom George
    Tom George makes his way to the ring.

    Zeus Apollo wins via submission!!! I don't know if there is anybody who can break out of that Triangle Chokehold!!!

    After his victory, a microphone is lowered to Zeus Apollo from the top of the arena. He yanks it away from the cable and looks around the crowd, marveling in their hatred of him.

    "Like Staples, that was too easy... I'm required to name one of my sponsor every time I'm speaking on camera, so I get that one out of the way early this time... As you've probably noticed recently, I've been letting my ego get the better of me. My desire and craving for Championship gold has blinded my senses; those senses that tell me to put the Five Star Attraction first, and foremost. We all have our equal parts behind this group... Snair's the Champion, the guy who brings prestige to us, and adds that power to our cause... Manabu's a great leader, a great warrior, and always knows what's best for us... Markus is the guy who knows the best ways to celebrate, and can get his hands on the best liqour anyone can find... igetwild is the new spark-plug of our group, that allows us to dominate all levels of competition... Then finally, we have me. I'm the muscle, the pure athlete and the most dangerous element JBW has, and will ever see."

    Zeus shows his evil grin, as his voice sharpened to add that frightening element to validate his point for the audience. While interested in what he was saying, the crowd still didn't like him and continued to undermine him, though he still ignored it without any notice.

    "One day I will be Warfare Champion, as nothing will hold me back from reaching my destiny... But as for now, and the near future, I plan on being here to help and support the Five Star Attraction with any of our desires. I will eliminate our enemies and others who oppose us, making sure WE our on top, and that WE are a strong, cohesive unit, that will NEVER, EVER be threatened."

    Zeus tossed his microphone off behind him, and stares into the camera... The lens SHATTERS, and the picture has to go to a commercial break... OH THE POWER OF ZEUS!
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    ~Todd is with The Prophecy as he interviews him~

    Todd: Hey ladies and gentlemen! I'm standing by with the Prophecy. Now Prophecy, you and Snair will be tag teaming with each other to take on VKM and TheDevilsAdvocate. Your thoughts?

    The Prophecy:First of all I would like to congratulate you Todd Stevenson, because this is your career highlight, you get to interview none other than The Prophecy. The only accolade that will beat this is when you interview me after I become the new World Champion at Monarchy of Aggression, but lets talk about tonight first Toddster. You see fans of JBW, tonight I will be teaming with the future former World Champion Snail or Snair or whatever hes called, to take on failed tag team wrestler, and failed singles wrestler VKM, and a failed challenger, The Devils Advocate. So as the song says "One of these things is not like the other", and that my friends is me The Prophecy. Now tonight my team will not only win the match, but me and Care Bear Snair will humiliate the weaker opponents. Then at Monarchy of Aggression, in my home country, about a five hour drive from my hometown, I will achieve greatness, the very same greatness that I promised I would achieve several months back, when VKM, TDA and Hair Bear Snair fall at the feet of greatness when I The Prophecy become the new WOOOORLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. So it has been written and so it shall be done.

    Match 5; sincara vs LMPunker

    sincara makes his way to the ring.

    LMPunker makes his way to the ring.

    sincara wins this match from that Cloverleaf Submission! He had it applied tightly which forced LMPunker to tap out! This is a more aggressive side of sincara after getting beat by steveorton!

    Check out JBW's newest game, E-Fed 12! You can play as your favorite characters from Manabu to Zeus Apollo to Ma$$dinero and even to Psycho Siaki!!! Here is a preview of the game:

    Trips88 is standing backstage, getting ready for a potential match... *AHEM*... He turns around, almost wanting to strike, but is stopped by Zeus Apollo... Zeus grins, and shows he is coming in peace.

    "Don't Trip-out man... I'm not here to attack you, I'm here to have a civilized conversation. Something 90% of the idiots in this buidling, don't understand..."

    Trips88 looked like he was about, to speak, but Zeus wouldn't let him get a word in... yet.

    "Let me talk. Just listen to my proposal.... SuperNova let you down. Stinger and HolyJose... They are losers, and you shouldn't be associated with failures like that... You should be flying high in luxury, like you're flying Delta Airlines... Sorry endorsement obligations... You belong with us, in the Five Star Attaction... Why continue to fight us, when it's obvious there's no one who can beat us? At least as our ally, you can share some of the domination that we possess. You can properly get rid of Stinger187 and HolyJose... So consider this my offical invitation to you. Make the right choice, Trips."

    The cunning Zeus continues grinning, before backing away, leaving Trips88 to ponder what Zeus had offered him.

    Up next is Malcolm Cage vs Japanese Avenger Manabu in what looks to be a great match!!!

    Match 6: Malcolm Cage vs Japanese Avenger Manabu

    Malcolm Cage
    Malcolm Cage makes his way to the ring.

    Japanese Avenger Manabu
    The FSA leader and Japanese Avenger Manabu makes his way to the ring.

    Manabu wins the match! Malcolm Cage got distracted by the pyros which was rko619 who distracted Cage with the pyros, giving Manabu a win here tonight! That match could've gone either way!

    Post match, Manabu grabs the ic and speaks, "Has there ever been a group as great as the FSA? I mean would you look at this, we're all champions! hell some of us are dual title holders! but thats not why we're out here tonight. Tonight I'm here to talk about the failures, the group who said they have strength in numbers as well as on their own, the ones who said they could stop us, the ones who said they had unity! The SuperNova! Major unity there guys, whats it been? a month? and you filthy vermin have already gone your seperate ways! Damn good thing too! if I had another chance with any of you I would've sent you into the bottomless abyss crawling with the thriving viruses and diseases and let you perish there
    But at least one of you has some common sense. Congratulations Trips thought you stood in our way and fell to your knees with little valiance or hope you got out of that sinking ship whilst you could, but dont think that at all means you're ok in my books. As far as I'm concerned you, and all of the burnt out imploded mess you call the SuperNova have nothing to live for so I'd be happy to put all of you out of your misery. I'll do you a bargain buy 1 get one 1, in fact you can even have your own choice of death; brutal or messy!
    You see everyone, this is what happens when you stand in our way and now that we've left the entire JBW Universe shaking and shell shocked we can move onto bigger things. We can show who 'we' really are and show everyone an even worse hell, believe me I've seen it so SuperNova if I were you I'd be seriously considering my generous offer.
    So all of you should keep those catarax filled eyes peeled to the best of their abilities or else your light will be extiniguished much like the dreams of the SuperNova. We've already began and because either everyone in the locker room is too damn scared or just dont care about their lives we will continue unopposed, like the gods of athens, like the deadliest armies of asia, like the number 1 beer company in germany, like the stars in the night sky we will not stop, we will reign supreme until our mission is accomplished."
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    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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