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    Arrow JBW's official show thread

    This is the official JBW show thread. This is the thread where the shows will be posted at for you readers to keep up with the shows here in JBW! There will be no needless banter here as this thread is strictly for the shows. To talk JBW goodness or just random topics, visit the JBW's main discussion thread as you get to interact and talk just about anything you want to talk about!!!

    Writers: WWTNA Mark(Warfare), xStraightxEdgexSaviorx(Mayhem), and RomanFlare(Showdown)

    Brands : Warfare and Mayhem

    Overall shows: Warfare, Mayhem, Showdown, and JBW's PPVs.

    JBW President: The Brown One

    Mayhem General Manager: Iron Ape



    Malcolm Cage
    Steve Austin
    The God Of War
    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander
    TJ Rage
    Celtic Tiger


    The Prophecy
    Tom George
    Zeus Apollo
    tad locust
    Markus Beerstein
    Nick Riot
    Fernandez Romero

    Tag Teams/Groups

    Five Star Attraction(Manabu, Snair, Zeus Apollo, igetwild, and Markus Beerstein)
    SuperNova(TheDevilsAdvocate, Stinger187, and HolyJose)
    Pittsburgh Payne(broc808 & The God of War)
    RanJam & Ice Cream Man
    SevenCagedTigers & Tom George
    KJ Punk & LMPunker



    Psycho Siaki
    ST George
    The Red Ryda
    El Gabo
    The Sleeper
    Brandon Smithson
    Chris Parks
    Daniel May
    Daniel Truth
    The Texas Python Capn' Edu


    Wes Goldman
    Anomander Rake

    Tag Teams/Groups

    V3(Psycho Siaki, Ma$$Dinero, & St George)
    The Eye(Iron Ape, Wes Goldman, The Silver Bros, & The The Apostles)
    The Apostles(Chainsaw, Aeriel, Loki, & Anomander Rake)
    The Silver Bros(Silverlace & Silverdust)
    Dos Vatos(The Sleeper & Helmsley)
    (The_Crippler & Yes_I_Am
    The Jackasses(Red Ryder & El Gabo)

    JBW Showdown is a show to get recaps of Warfare and Mayhem and to see jam-packed action from both the Warfare and Mayhem roster!!! Its our hype-up show and certainly gives the readers a reason to tune in to Warfare and Mayhem!!!

    JBW Champions

    Warfare World Champion- Snair

    Warfare TV Champion- HolyJose

    Warfare Tag Team Champions- Vacant

    Mayhem World Champion- Psycho Siaki

    Mayhem TV Champion- Vacant

    Mayhem Tag Team Champions The Silver Bros

    JBW N.W.L Champion- igetwild

    How to join- All you have to do is PM me your gimmick for your wrestler, bio/backstory of your wrestler, your wrestler's finisher, and theme/entrance music. I'll be sure to PM you back for further details!

    You can also use this to create your character too:
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    Warfare episode 16 6/14/11
    Welcome everyone to JBW Tuesday Night Warfare!!! We are live in Long Island, NY and boy do we have a great show for you today!!! After an amazing PPV that was Global Uprising, tonight we see where feuds go and we will introduce to you fans the new JBW ranking system as well as the top 10 here in JBW!!! Lets kickoff the show!!!

    Warfare's interviewer and journalist Todd Stevenson is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hands and speaks, "Welcome JBW fans to Warfare!!! *Crowd cheers* Now, the reason that i'm out here is because JBW President Brown One wanted me to tell you guys about JBW's new ranking system. Now how the ranking system works is through win/loss records as well as from the Championship Committee along with JBW President Brown One's perspective. They will determine who is in the top ten. Right now, I will like to unveil the wrestlers in the top 10 ranking system!"

    9) Malcolm Cage
    7)Markus Beerstein
    4)The Prophecy
    2)Zeus Apollo
    1)Japanese Avenger Manabu

    *Todd speaks* "There you have it folks! The top contenders for the Warfare World Heavyweight Championship!!! The wrestlers from 10-6 have to win there matches and move up a spot in order to become one step closer to competing for the Warfare World Championship but if they keep losing, they will be sent back a few spots and will be kicked off the top 10 rankings. For example, if spot #2 gets beat by spot #3, then spot #2 goes back to spot #3 while spot #3 moves forward to spot #2. Also, the wrestlers in the 10-6 rankings can challenge the wrestlers in the 5-2 rankings to earn the right to switch spots and move closer to getting a shot at the Warfare World title. Lets say if spot #2 gets beat by spot #10. Spot #2 will automatically have to switch spots with spot #10. These rules for the ranking system will make things much challenging and competitive around here in JBW and thats what its all about! Since Japanese Avenger Manabu is #1 in the rankings, he gets a shot at the Warfare World title! *Crowd boos* Thats all for the new ranking system here in JBW! If you want more details then......"
    Here comes Trips88 who is all by himself without SuperNova by his side. He is in a pissed off mood by the results of last Sunday's Global Uprising as The Five Star Attraction dominated once again, Trips88 gets inside the ring, grabs a mic, and speaks, "Todd, get out of the ring!!!" *Todd leaves the ring with a scared look on his face* "JBW fans, what i'm about to say will cover up a lot of things that I need to address. Now first off, i'll admit, FSA beat SuperNova. *Crowd boos* I'm not the one to make excuses I tried to rally up the rest of the SuperNova team but they didn't have there head in the game. They weren't confident of themselves which caused a lot of problems with the team. There were two wrestlers in the team who couldn't get the job done and there was another wrestler who cost SuperNova the damn match! I held my part in the team but thats where the problem lays at. I had to carry three other wrestlers at Global Uprising! So from this very moment, I consider myself done with SuperNova! *Crowd boos* You fans don't get it, I tried to pull a winning team together but it just didn't work out. Now I must take out the FSA on my own!!!"
    The SuperNova are here!!! Stinger187 along with HolyJose makes there way to the ring and boy do they look pissed about the comments Trips88 made minutes ago! They get inside the ring and Stinger187 with a mic in his hands speak, "Trips88, you say that you carried SuperNova at Global Uprising?! Thats laughable since YOU were the one who got pinned during the match! I'm not saying that it was all your fault that we lost, thats not where i'm getting at. Our "4th member" Nick Riot cost us the match by attacking you with that still pipe, letting Manabu pin you to get the win. The way I see it, its nobody's fault but Nick Riot as he turned on us during the match. SuperNova can still take on FSA if we just work harder as a unit and..."

    *Trips88 interrupts Stinger* "No! I'm done with SuperNova! You guys have done nothing but make me look bad! SuperNova ends tonight and the future of Trips88 starts right now!!!"

    Trips88 drops the mic and pushes Stinger187 down but Stinger187 gets back up and pushes Trips88 down which Stinger187 and Trips88 are about to fight but HolyJose holds Stinger187 back while Trrips88 is taunting Stinger187!!! SuperNova is really over!!! Whats going on out here!?!
    We cut off but turn back on which we see Nick Riot in a very dark background but we cannot detect where the location is taking place. *Nick Riot speaks* "You see folks, thats the reason I turned on the now defunct SuperNova at Global Uprising. They are no different then the FSA. They think that they need a group to succeed in JBW. Well, at least Trips88 was smart enough to get out of the sunken ship known as SuperNova but he is still on my hit list like everybody here in JBW! If you don't know me, i'm Nick Riot and i'm on a mission, a mission to search, find, and destroy everyone here in JBW! I also don't need a group or a stable to complete my mission either. I made my mark at Global Uprising but i'm scouting here on Warfare until I make my presence felt. Consider this threat to all humanity as I, Nick Riot make my own leagacy, On, My, Own!"
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    We are back ladies and gentlemen as we experienced some technical difficulties but we have the problem fixed now. During the technical difficulties, Stinger187 and Trips88 were about to go at it but HolyJose stepped in and tried to control both men which didn't work so staff had to break it up. We don't know whats going on in the SuperNova group but we do know that Trips88 wants no part of SuperNova.

    Match 1: Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander vs Tom George

    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander
    JBW's newest wrestler Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander makes his way to the ring and he looks, mean, nasty, and ready to pick up a win here tonight!

    Tom George
    Tom George makes his way to the ring and is fully focused on winning tonight.

    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander wins the match in an impressive victory! He dominated the match!!!

    Post match, Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander grabs a mic and speaks, "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel Xander and I am The Alpha Dog. I would tell you more but my name is all you need to know. I have come to the JBW for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to show the pathetic examples that you all pander too in the back, the ones who call themselves "wrestlers", how it's really done. And two, to dominate every part of the JBW. because when you step in the ring to go against me, you are not actually stepping into a ring. That is just what your mind forces you to see because it can't handle the truth. In all honesty, when you step into this ring, you are stepping into The Alpha Dogs yard. AND WHEN YOU STEP INTO THE ALPHA DOGS YARD, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE 5'4 OR 7'1, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ARE 250LBS OR 550, AND IT DAMN SURE DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HAVE GOOD OR BAD INTENTIONS. WHEN YOU STEP INTO THE ALPHA DOGS YARD, YOU WILL FIND THREE THINGS: AGGRESSION, INTENSITY, AND DOMINATION. And when you feel The Alpha Grip, you will BEG for it to end. I am The Alpha Dog and the JBW is about to become my bitch. Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander leaves the ring and heads to the back after an amazing victory and debut here on Warfare tonight.

    Todd Stevenson is backstage with TheDevilsAdvacate as he interviews him.

    Todd: Hey ladies and gentlemen, i'm here with TheDevilsAdvacate! Now TDA, you went up against Snair where you almost captured the Warfare World title but got out-smarted by Snair which he retained his title. Now you are #3 in the rankings and have to work your way up to get another shot at the Warfare World title. Your thoughts?

    TDA: Last Sunday at Global Uprising, I put on a great match against Snair. I threw everything at Snair but he out-smarted me with the roll-up which got him the win. Even though I hate Snair's guts, I have to say that he was the better man of the match but we still have unfinished business with each other so our rivalry isn't over. As for being in the #3 spot in the rankings, if it means going through Zeus Apollo and Manabu to get a shot at the Warfare World title again, then I will do just that.

    Todd: Excellent! On another topic, SuperNova is looking pretty bad. Trips88 just walked out of the group, leaving SuperNova in question as to where its going. Your thoughts?

    TDA: Well, I just talked to Stinger187 and HolyJose and they still want to work as a team and so do I. I'm trying to catch up to Trips88 but he is no where to be found. If I can just bring Trips88 and the rest of SuperNova on the same page, then maybe we can work as a team and take out the FSA. Now if you excuse me Todd, i'm going to head back with SuperNova.

    Tonight, FSA's Deadly Korean igetwild defends his JBW N.W.L title against JBW's Masked Mexican star avidico! speaking of the FSA, they are set to arrive here any minute now. Lets go to our next match!

    Match 2: The Arioscrats vs Pittsburgh Pain

    The Ariocrats
    The Arioscrats makes there way to the ring to a chorus of boos after there actions at Global Uprising. Tonight, they put Global Uprising besides them as they focus on there match tonight.

    Pittsburgh Pain
    broc808 and God Of War makes there way to the ring and they are ready to make a name for themselves as a tag team.

    The Arisocats pick up the win! Great tag team match here but The Arisocrats won tonight.

    *Jman grabs a mic as a loud chourus of boos are heard* "Last night in our prematch interview, I talked about having a lazer focus on retaining these title. By the reaction I'm getting now, I don't think you guys really understood what I was talking about. I don't give a shit about you people, I don't care about the guys in the back, all I care about is holding on to these titles!" *thedag takes the mic* "That's right, we will be Warfare tag team champions until this company goes out of business! *crowd is booing louder than ever now* Oh shut up! God is on our side now, we don't need the support of you parasites!" *dag throws the mic down and leaves the ring as the boos reach a fever pitch*

    Up pulls a limo and its none other then the FSA. They each get out and head straight to there lockerooms.
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    Todd is standing by steveorton. Todd looks to get some answers out of him right now.

    Todd: Ladies and gentlemen, i'm standing by with steveorton! Now steveorton, last Sunday at Global Uprising, you put an end to sincara's winning streak when you beat him in a match at Global Uprising! Now that you have put an end to sincara, what are your current plans here in JBW?

    steveorton: Well I will first like to say that it feels.......

    From out of nowhere, sincara just tackles steveorton to the ground and puts steveorton in a four leaf clover lock!!! steveorton is in pain and doesn't know how to get out of this submission hold! JBW staff breaks this up and takes sincara off of steveorton. sincara showed tonight that he isn't done with steveorton, not in the slightest.

    Match 3: rko619 vs KJ Punk

    rko619 makes his way to the ring and he looks to be in a foul mood as usual. He beat Malcolm Cage down at Global Uprising which left Cage brutally beaten which forced him not to be here tonight as a result of the beating. rko619 gets into the ring and waits for KJ Punk to enter the ring.

    KJ Punk
    KJ Punk makes his way to the ring to face rko619 right here tonight.

    rko619 wins this match as he completely destroyed KJ Punk here tonight. Thats what you call total annihilation.

    After the match, rko619 grabs a mic and speaks, "At Global Uprising, I beat the s**t out of that little midget Malcolm Cage! I destroyed him so bad that he couldn't even make here tonight from the beating I gave him! That is the same thing i'm going to do to every last one of the FSA!!! If they think I'm someone to be taken lightly, then they have another thing coming!!!" rko619 drops the mic and leaves the ring.

    we cut back backstage, wait a minute here's Markus Beerstein in front of TBO office, what is doing here???

    MB: TBO!!, open that fucking door now, damn I don't have all night!!

    The ice cream man passes by and offer him an ice cream

    MB: What the hell!!!, I don't want so damn Ice Cream, if you want to useful get some Beer dumbass!!!

    The ice cream man leaves with an angry expression in his face

    TBO appears and seems confused

    TBO: Markus, what are you doing here in front of my office?

    MB: What I am doing, what are you doing???, how come Holyjose gets another shot at my title after The FSA beat that scums supernova last sunday

    TBO: Remember the stipulations Markus, he beat in that match and you agreed if you lose Holyjose can challenge one more time

    MB: It's no fucking fair!!!

    TBO: That's enough Im the president and I can make you ban anytime I want!!!

    MB: Allright and when is this match going to take place??

    TBO: HolyJose will decide upon his terms.

    MB: Fine, but If I beat this time, I don't to see that unworthy wrestler anymore in my life

    TBO: I can promise you that

    Markus leaves pissed off as he has to defend his title agianst Holyjose again, suddenly he meets with someone off camera

    MB: It was no use, let me do one more thing and we'll get out of here

    Markus leaves heading to the FSA locker, who is this mysteroius guy and why he is with The Warfare TV Champion

    The Prophecy is backstage as he is walking to the arena with a book in his hands. He has something he wants to share with us up next!
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    We are back from commercial break as we see The Prophecy sitting down in the middle of the ring with a book along with a mic in his hands. The lights dim and he begins to speak "Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I have here a story, a story about a warrior, a man of integrity, a real hero who was forced to do bad things by an evil, uncaring man. I call this story "The Final Chapters of The Prophecy and VKM feud". So gather up and get yourselves comfy as you embark on a rich epic tale of distrust, betrayal and redemption. Not too long ago a man with a great vision created the land of JBW, and in this land resided some of the greatest warriors of all times. But none were as heroic and powerful as the Ego Trips, a team with one goal, to be the best in the land. However storm clouds fell upon the land of JBW, as one of those members started to reveal his true form, thinking he was better than everyone else. This man, was VKM. So the other member, then known as HeelTurn, decided to embark on an epic quest to fell the tyrant VKM. So with his new found belief he attacked the evil VKM beginning and epic journey. The brave warrior now known as The Prophecy would not have an easy road ahead, the vile villain VKM even defeated the hero, but the Prophecy was not deterred he knew what he had to do, to defeat evil, he must become evil. So thats what he did, he attacked and destroyed the evil tyrants brother drawing the hatred of the villainous VKM, but as in every fairytale the hero did prevail, and The Prophecy defeated VKM leaving the land of JBW where it belonged, with The Prophecy standing tall. SO IT WAS WRITTEN AND SO IT WAS DONE".
    The Holy Trinity VKM makes his way to the ring and begins to speak, "Prophecy, I am not going to chase you down the ring and i'm not going to throw a bitch fit tonight. I just wanna talk man to man. Moving on, I admit, you beat me at Global Uprising in one of the best matches JBW has ever seen but if you think our feud is over, well your sadly mistaken. I want one more match against you, one more chance to get revenge on the things you have done to me over the past weeks. One more match to determine who is and was the better man out of the Ego Trips team. It could be next week on Warfare, hell, it can even be at the next PPV. I just want one more match against yo. Deal?"

    The Prophecy thinks about it for a moment, wondering what choice should he make. He then tells VKM no and slaps VKM right across the face, running right out of the ring! That was just uncalled for! VKM in-shock from the slap, turns red and from his facial expression, he really wants to get revenge on The Prophecy, big time. This rivialy is getting worser and worser by the minute.

    *We see thedag and Jman in the parking lot*

    Jman: "Where the fuck did I park the car?"

    dag: "Seriously? Oh wait, it's up ahead."

    Jman "Where?"

    dag: "There you idiot!"

    Jman: "Oh! I think all the boos messed with my brain..."

    dag: "Fuck those people, don't let them get to you."

    Jman: "Don't worry, I couldn't care less what they think.

    *As the champs and the camera approach the car, we can see that it has been completely destroyed. The tires have been punctured, the windows have been smashed, and the leather upholstery looks like a knife has been taken to it.*


    *we see thedag consoling Jman as the camera fades back to the arena.*

    Match 4: avidico vs igetwild

    The Mexican Warrior avidico makes his way to the ring with one goal and thats to beat igetwild for the JBW N.W.L title.

    FSA's deadly Korean igetwild makes his way to the ring as he puts his JBW N.W.L title against avidico.

    Great, fast-paced action here but igetwild successfully retains his JBW N.W.L Championship!
    The FSA are here! The ring is decked out with a red carpet, balloons and cakes again signalling Mana is planning on throwing a party again.
    Thats right, it's party time again! and there are just so many things to party about! At Global Uprising The FSA reigned supreme again just like I told you. The SuperNova practically exploded on itself and burnt out like we all knew they would but I'll get onto that later. First of all the ranking system has finally come into play and lets see who's no1
    *The titantron shows a picture of Manabu* Oh well how about that, I'm the no1 contender for the title! now all you rats throw your hands up and chant 'you're number 1!' *silence* Oh dont worry I can wait...*more silence*
    I SAID CHANT YOU'RE NUMBER 1! The crowd begins to boo
    Ohh so thats how it is huh? sorry guys, I'll get back to the party in a minute *Manabu hops the barrier and begins talking to a member of the audience*
    Mana: You look like an intelligent man, so tell me, whose number 1?
    Generic man: TDA...
    Mana: TDA!? TD GOD DAMN A!? The guy who got his ass handed to him on a silver platter at Global Uprising!? Have I passed judgement on your empty shell of a life and made you blind? I'M NUMBER 1
    Generic man:...TDA could kick your ass...
    *Mana turns his back to the fan and begins to laugh only to swing a punch at him and begin beating on him, by the time Mana has stopped the fan has a bloody nose and looks dazed*
    Mana: NOW WHOS NUMBER 1?
    Generic Man; are
    DAMN RIGHT I AM, Now I bet you're thinking I must be pretty happy The FSA proved their dominance once again, we all won our matches and I'm the number 1 contender but I bet you poor excuse of civilians forgot that a member of The FSA is world champion, how could I face my brother for what I helped him accomplish? but I bet you all wanna see the match, see us beat the hell out of each other to the point where we're both in the hospital and hey it's end of The FSA. Sorry pigeons, I dont waste my hard earned wages on brain cell killing drugs like the rest of you diseases. Though why should I even face Snair? The warfare world title is in our family so really, we're all champions so hows that for all of you? I'm the only one eligable to face for the title but I'm not, so it looks like The FSA will always be world champions!
    and it's truly become clear that we are unstoppable, some of the supposed 'best' wrestlers in the world banded together to take us down and failed miserably. This is the end for all of you who refuse to see the light and are to resilent to take the path to a better life. So everyone, so hi to holders of the worlds longest title reign! The FSA continues to celebrate with beer and Snair talks to igetwild congratulating him on his victory tonight but Zeus Apollo is just staring at Snair's Warfare World title, just viewing the looks of it. I wonder whats going through the head of Zeus Apollo.
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    Todd is backstage in Brown One's office.

    Todd: Did you just hear Brown One?

    Brown One: Hear what?

    Todd: Well FSA leader Manabu just stated that he will like to remove himself along with the FSA's name off of the ranking system because it makes no sense since the Warfare World title is already in the FSA family which makes Manabu along with the rest World Champions. That certainly messes up the ranking system doesn't it?

    Brown One: It certainly does! Well, if the FSA doesn't want to be apart of the ranking system, then thats there choice. However, I do have a way to turn the ranking system back around. Tonight, it will be The Prophecy vs TheDevilsAdvacate in our main event to determine a #1 Contender for Snair's title! Since Prophecy is #4 and TheDevilsAdvacate is #3, both men will move as The Prophecy is #2 and TDA is #1 but if The Prophecy can beat TDA tonight, The Prophecy will be #1 and TSA will move back to #2. The way I see it, this only makes things fair.

    Todd: Thats awesome! Well there you have it folks! The Prophecy and TheDevilsAdvacate will fight to see who will become #1 in the ranking system and who will get a shot at Snair's Warfare World title!

    Match 5: LMPunker vs HolyJose

    LMPunker makes his way to the ring, ready to win his match.

    HolyJose makes his way to the ring, ready to win his match tonight. He went though backstage problems with SuperNova regarding Trips88 leaving SuperNova but he can a match to settle right now.

    HolyJose wins!!! Great victory by HolyJose!!!

    Markus Beerstein hits the ring and asks for a mic, tons of heat for him, the FSA is really hated!!

    "Listen up, despite we defeated Supernova last Sunday in Global Uprising, I still have to defend my TV title against that rat bastard Holyjose", crowd cheers and chants Holyjose name, "why even bother talking with you, your useless, you support a group of losers who use a soda as a name, your pathetic", crowds boos, but you know what, is ok, I'll be more than happy to kick Holyjose ass once again, and this time would be the last time you hear me!!, lose this match and there would no more shots, got it!"

    "Now I need booze

    He looks to a fan in front row who recently opened a beer, Markus leaves the ring and stands in front of the fan

    "Today is not your lucky day, pal"

    Markus takes the Beer from the poor fan

    "I deserve it more than you"

    After drinking the TV champ proceeds

    "Anyway, next week I'll make a special announcement, so be sure to tune up, suckers, done talking to you"

    *Holy Jose speaks*
    "Hey Markus funny video eh? yea that's exactly what it sounds like when you speak complete and utter shit! So shut your mouth the big boys are speaking now. You see for the last couple weeks you have been showing that you're a coward through and through I mean you can't even win a fair fight against me you need your FSA buddies to help you win. So you see you're not worthy of wearing that TV title around your waist. It belongs to someone oh I don't know someone more worthy, someone who will defend it day in and day out. Someone who doesn't need outside interference to win. Someone like me! You see last week on Warfare I beat you for to be the #1 Contender of the Warfare TV Title and what hasn't been established is when I get my title shot. And I'm here to tell you when I invoke my title shot. Sometime between now and whenever I damn well feel like it! you see I can use it anytime I want. I could use it now or I could use it after you've had the shit beat out of you and all I do is come in and steal the title right under your nose and show you how it feels to be cheated. But you know what we'll just wait and see it can happen at any given moment. Your days as champion are numbered. Tick tick tock tock! hahahahahaha." HolyJose and Markus Beerstein ends it off with a staredown.
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    On a serious note here in JBW, IPITB was kiddnapped by some masked man and was thrown in a white van last Sunday at Global Uprising. Luckily, we were able to get IPITB as we found him laying in the hospital. IPITB was brutally assaulted and beaten down which he could not make it tonight. I don't think he will be in action for a while after the attack and we will never know who tried to kidnapp him but the important thing is that IPITB is still okay from the attack.

    Suddenly, the cameras takes us to a dark lockerroomm where Tad Locust is at. He looks shaken about something and starts shivering. He looks into the camera and starts to speak, "I know who did it. I know who he was. He is the person I have warned everybody about since debuting in JBW. He is the person who kidnapped IPITB and beat him down to a bloody pulp at Global Uprising. I tried to tell IPITB that he was coming for him but IPITB just wouldn't listen. He is dangerous, he is twisted, he appears to be unkwown here in JBW. It'd be best if we keep it that way." Wait, Tad Locust knows who attacked IPITB??? Who??? Someone needs to get some answers out of Tad Locust!!!

    The Five Star Attraction are shown backstage, minus the Warfare Champion Snair. The camera is focused on Zeus Apollo and Manabu, who seem to be having a chat while Markus Beerstein and igetwild are off in the background going their own thing... Zeus speaks to Manabu.

    "Look, I know we're all together in this domination thing, and we're succeeding so far. My whole issue is that I don't want to be held back at the same time. I think it's best for us, as a group, to challenge each other, and make us better as individuals, so that therefore, we become better as a group... I should face Snair for the Warfare Championship. I mean who else can give him such a worthy challenge? You see, I'm stuck at Number 2 on this ranking system right now, and I will soon take that number one spot, and make it MINE! Snair's great, you're great, I'm great, WE'RE ALL GREAT!... If I really am going to test my skills, it needs to be against greatness. I'm tired of beating up useless scum like SuperNova. While it's easy, it becomes boring after a while, and now that we've finally shut them up for good. It's time to get better. Snair one-on-one with Zeus Apollo is the best way for that to happen."

    Zeus has said what he needed to. What would Manabu reply with?

    Manabu replys, "Imagine that, 2 of the greatest members on the roster are at no1 and no2 and how about that, they're both in The FSA. Don't get me wrong Zeus you're my right hand man and I know you're itching to get the number 1 spot and get those godly hands on the Warfare World Title but this just can't happen. The world title is in The FSA family, you've already got the belt! but you wanna destroy the bonds between us to fulfill your own selfish desire? Don't you see whats happening? This is the only way Warfare can take us down, pitting us against each other. It's not right to have brother against brother and what if by some freak accident you win, you'll have to face another member of the family.
    I refuse to let you change fate and destiny, if I were you I'd be happy with what I already had, just look at where you are and what you've accomplished! You hear Markus or wild complaining? You hear them trying to break us down for their own wants? furthermore everyone knows I'm The Undertaker, the Zack Major the eddie guerrero! You're the kane, the chavo and thats the way it's staying. This is The FSA not the god damn zeus apollo athens jamboree! We're strong on our own but we're stronger as a unit, destiny is as it stands and if you wont listen to the voice of reason your destiny will have nothing but darkness and plagues infesting it" Zeus Apollo took in everything Manabu but he still looks in question on whats best for him and his future here in JBW.

    Its time for out main event!!! The Prophecy will take on TheDevilsAdvacate in a match tonight! The winner of the match will become #1 in the rankings and will get a shot at the Warfare World Championship!!!

    The Prophecy
    The Prophecy makes his way to the ring, ready for this big match.

    TDA makes his way to the ring and he looks to be ready for this match. The bell rings and the match gets underway!

    No winner here as Snair ruined the match by hitting both The Prophecy and TDA in the face with the Warfare World but VKM runs to the ring and fights off Snair and throws him out of the ring! The Prophecy fights VKM and this is looking like one big brawl!!!

    *Brown One pops up the titantron* "Hey, stop the fighting!!! I have something to say! Listen up gentlemen, Snair, you ruined a match that was SUPPOSE to determine the #1 Contender for your Warfare World title but since you thought it was funny to mess that match up, you will get consequences! *Crowd cheers* At JBW's next PPV, you will be facing not only The Prophecy and TheDevilsAdvactae but you will be facing VKM in a FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH!!! *Crowd cheers* Thats right! Since we couldn't determine a #1 wrestler in the rankings, we will do so right after the fatal four way match when the JBW ranking system gets back on track! Well see you all everybody!" Brown One leaves the ring, leaving Snair irate at the fact that he will have to defend his Warfare World title against The Prophecy, VKM, and TheDevilsAdvacate at the next PPV!!!

    Tonight has been a great night on Warfare!!! The JBW ranking system is on a roll and things have gotten better annd better here on Warfare!!! We will see you next week!!! JBW!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the first ever broadcast of JBW Showdown! Where the wrestlers of today are the stars of tomorrow, and you’re guaranteed at least one 5-Star Match! I’m Sylvester and I’m joined at ringside by Mayhem’s own RomanFlare! What brings you to the table Roman? Lose a bet?

    RF: The producers wanted star power for the first show. I wanted a paycheck.

    Sly: Fair enough. Ladies and Gentlemen pay attention because this hour and a half show is going to go by lightning fast. Here comes our first of four matches!

    First Match – Steveorton and Avidico vs Sin Cara and igetwild in a Tag Team Match

    Here comes Avidico and Steve

    RF: Both of these guys had terrible nights yesterday. One lost a match and the other got embarrassed by a man who stole my submission. If there is a hungrier team in this match, it’s these two.

    And out next is igetwild and Sin Cara

    Sly: igetwild is the No Weight Limits champion and his tag partner was undefeated until just last Sunday at Global Uprising! For igetwild this match is about proving his dominance as a champion, and for Sin Cara, it’s about repaying Steveorton for ending his undefeated streak.

    RF: igetwild successfully defended his title last night, so I expect him to try and have as little in-ring time as possible in this match. Sincara might have to win this one on his own.

    Sly: What a match! Sincara had the cloverleaf submission locked in!

    RF: Ahem

    Sly: But Steveorton made the save with a huge low angle clothesline, and Avidico hit the 650 splash from the top rope for the 1-2-3!

    RF: And I was right! igetwild wanted nothing to do with the match! He didn’t even bother to tag in or save his teammate! Guess he was looking out for numero uno!

    Sly: He did get his cardio when avidico chased him to the back, though. I'm kinda curious what avidico was gonna do with that chair though... Ladies and Gentlmen, We’d like to take this break to remind you that Showdown is sponsored by Guinness! Share one with a friend!

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    Sly: Already, we’re already set up for match #2!

    Match #2 – Angry Samoan vs Scottland

    The Angry Samoan!

    Sly: We’re getting to your home brand, Roman. What do you think about Samoa?

    RF: Above average in-ring performance. Too bad he wastes all his time on this “karma” nonsense. He’s gotta get his head in the game.


    RF: Here comes the former two-time TV champion, Scottland! He’s one of the few people I actually break a sweat facing in the ring!

    Sly: Let’s get this one under way!

    Sly: As back and forth as that match was, it feels weird to see that match end on a school boy by Samoa!

    RF: I’m more surprised he knew how to do a school boy! A win is a win I guess.

    Sly: Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the JBW Replay! We’re rewinding back to last Sunday during JBW's last PPV: Global Uprising!

    Quote Originally Posted by WWTNA Mark View Post
    Siaki goes for the cover but the Ref is down! You can’t win if someone can’t count the 1-2-3! Wait, there seems to be someone running down the ramp. It’s! It’s RomanFlare! He’s got a sledgehammer! Run Si—boom, right in the head with that sledgehammer! Why did he interfere?! I hope he’s proud of himself!
    Sly: You gonna open up for your deeds?

    RF: Isn’t there a match about to start?

    Sly: You’re right! We’re ready for the third match for the night!

    Match #3 – The Sleeper vs HBK

    The Sleeper!

    RF: I have to give The Sleeper props—He’s holding gold. Sure, he’s never put that gold up against me, but he’s holding it, and that’s all that should matter to him.

    Just a Sexy Boy

    Sly: And here’s the champion’s opponent in this non-title match up—HBK! This looks to be a match for the next 10 minutes!

    Sly: And the Sleeper picks up the easy win!

    RF: I wouldn’t call it impressive, though. He wasn’t exactly up against Roman-quality opposition! HBK put up a good fight, but in the end he was outmatched. Maybe The Sleeper might be able to hold a candle to moi.
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    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, Showdown is presented to you by JBW ’12!

    RF: A game I’m not even in!

    Sly: In stores now! And Showdown is also sponsored by

    Sly: Our main event for tonight is a cross-brand match up! Don't change the channel folks, our main events are always top notch! Here comes our first competitor!

    Main Event – Single Non-Title Match - El Gabo vs Markus Beerstein

    Here comes El Gabo

    Sly: Roman, you have a history with Gabo, don’t you?

    RF: He’s just pissed I beat down his teammate. Big Crybaby.

    Here comes the Warfare TV Champion!

    Sly: Markus Beerstein doesn’t look too worried about this match!

    RF: Can you blame him? This is a warm up!

    RF: Tooooooold you!

    Sly: El Gabo was absolutely wrecked in this match! Markus looked absolutely dominant!

    RF: Hey, something coming out from underneath the ring..

    Sly: It’s HolyJose! He’s got a lead pipe and WHAM he uses it all over the back of Markus’s head. What is the meaning of this!?

    RF: Whatever it is, I like it! Jose stepping up and showing us what he’s capable of, and all over the back of the head of the champion too! It’s also a bit of an ironic role reversal! Bravo!

    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s our show. We’ll leave you with the image of HolyJose standing over the Warfare TV champion! And just remember to tune in next Wednesday for another JBW Showdown Show! We don’t want to get regulated to the internet after one airing!


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