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Thread: JBW's future.

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    JBW's future.

    The decision in the future of JBW is at this link:


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    So this is the end...

    I know I haven't been a part of JBW for very long, but still... It was a shock when I first saw it - so much so that it didn't register at first until I heard it from other people.

    Even for a guy who was new to Jabe, I still enjoyed it here. To the guys who worked hard to keep it alive: thank you. I know there is a lot of history to JBW... and I'm honestly sad to see it go.

    Perhaps it's a long shot, but I honestly hope that the House of Jabe can be rebuilt someday. I don't believe in good-byes....

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    I know I've only just come back, but this is terribly sad news.

    I remember when JBW was arguably the good thing going, and although I was never a part of it, it was always an honour to see how much love and work was put into it.

    It's tough to see it go, I hope it can be resurrected.
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