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    Major screw up on raw?

    On tonights show of Monday Night Raw, when the 3-way match between Daniel Bryan, Johm Morrison and the Miz, did any one notice the mess up in the information given. The mystery GM announced that he had just invented a new match, which was the "submissions count anywhere match". Now this isnt possible that he just invented it because last year at "Breaking Point" we had DX vs Legacy in..... :O a "Submissions count anywhere match" just thought I should point it out.

    This is also my first post so please bare with me

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    They felt like it was a new invention because last years "submissions count anywhere" match was a tag team match. The one this year is "triple threat." Just change number of participants and it is a new invention to them.

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    yea but its still a match, it dosent really matter if its a tag team or a free for all, it could be classified as an innovation, but not an invention

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    Well it's the stupid f*ckin GM isn't it?

    And how did Morrison get in there? Where is this leading?

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    it was cuz bryan sucked punched him....... and we've already seen numerous miz vs brian so gm throws a last min entry

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    It's leading to an awesome wrestling match (I hope)

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