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    great move shades of dean malenko

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    Quote Originally Posted by sincara View Post
    the clover leaf fits sheamus
    clover leaf`s are irish and sheamus is irish
    any way sheamus should b the #1 contender to the world title after capitol punishment
    then sheamus can maybe destroy Christian and take the title
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    If fits him not only the name but it does make him more dangerous. He rarely uses the high cross or someone always manage to get out. He could either knock you out or make you tap like a bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daverende5 View Post
    Fixed for accuracy
    i said the truth not what i want to happen
    orton will beat christian
    and sheamus will destroy orton and take the title

    i want the 2nd to happen though

    yes yes yes

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    Great, makes him a more complete wrestler and adds extra credibility for gimmick matches.

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    It was good to see the cloverleaf again. Can't recall anyone notably using it regularly since Eddie and Malenko. I remember Morrison used it in that triple threat submissions match with Miz and DB for the US title a while back.
    However, I don't think it suits Sheamus. The High Cross and Brogue kick suit him as a guy who's all about beating guys up. Someone like Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase would have benefited from a submission finisher.
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    I just wanna throw my opinion in because there's a lot of the other way. I liked that he has a submission maneuver and I liked that it's the clover. The name fits with his Irish gimmick and the move isn't so much technical as it is physical so it fits with his strong brawler thing too imo.
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    This just adds to Sheamus' main event credibility for the future. You know this is just for the added entertainment that 90% of the time the opponent is going to get to the ropes or eventually counter the move. It just adds to the tension/drama of the match. This is like when Dolph got his sleeper hold, Undertaker with hell's gate, CM Punk with the anaconda vice. I'm just happy Smackdown is not misusing Sheamus and having him be the chewtoy in the Orton/Christian feud. Having all 3 hate each other is great. This is loads better than Cena/Edge/Big Show when even though the Big Show was cheating with Edge's wife, they both kept banding together to go after Cena. This time, WWE's getting the storyline right.

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    This would help Sheamus to be a more credible star, he will get back to the main event scene!!

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    he only does the cloverleaf cos hes irish and will probably call it the 4 leaf clover or the 3 leaf clover cos your not lucky if your put in that its like hornswoogle and the short arm scissors or any samoan doing a samoan drop,did alex wright ever use a german suplex?and shouldnt cenas submission be the boston crab?

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