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    Which WWE superstar should be released outright?

    I know wrestlers not on the main roster stay with the company to become trainers (Finlay, and apparently now Jillian Hall), but who do you think should be released? Matt Hardy is my answer, because he really has no more usefulness there. And he is either now already gone or still trying to get gone.

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    Hornswoggle. He does not really seem to be putting many people in their seats at the arenas world wide, and the only way I could see this guy staying around would be if they were just teaching him to speak because Theodore Long was prepping Hornswoggle for the GM position on Raw with the computer being his way of communication for the time being.

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    My personal shitlist:

    Thought there'd be a lot more actually. I kinda like the WWE roster atm

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    Primo should be realeased because he isn't that good

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    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. I have seen the Great Khali live and in person a few times and seeing him was worth the price of admission. The guy is a freak, tv does him no justice. When he walks to the ring everyone in the arena stands up and stares and cant believe their eyes. Pro rasslin has always had giants even though his wrestling ability is poor he is the attraction so i wouldn't let him go. As for hornswoggle he is an attraction too. I can count on one hand the times in my life i have seen a little person and that my friend is sad. Little people are awesome in their own unique way and i feel the more people that see a little person they will not think of them so much as a circus act but as just another person that happend to get the short end of the stick. HAHAHAHAHA Seriously who doesn't like little people? I know there is a lot of hate going around for Matt Hardy and his grapes but i find his little videos extremely funny. He has heart for this business and no one can take that from him or his grapes. If he wasn't doing these grape eating videos would the rasslin community be taking about Matt hardy, probably not. So i for one am looking forward to seeing him eat grapes again on the next video, the sooner the better. As for Vladimir Kozlov i say again the wwe should keep him as well as long as he is a heel. Is there anything in this world scarier that a pissed off Russian, I think not. Ok maybe a drunk pissed off Russian but the wwe is pg so that isn't happening. In the end I think they should keep the talent they have and just make better storylines so the talent can shine and show why they made it to the big time in the first place. U MAD???

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    I agree with IPEEINTHESHOWER, keep the talent, get better writers and better storylines, granted we are in the PG era but that doesn't mean the storylines have to suck, build some good storylines and let the talent shine!

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    There are a couple that come to mind because I like most of the roster right now.
    1) Alicia Fox - just awful in the ring and on he mic. How dod she hold the title but not Gail Kim?
    2) David Otunga - he's just bad
    3) Drew McIntyer - I just don't see him being that good

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    I think Matt Hardy should just leave he gets in my nerves to much.
    And Also all the NXT Season 3 Rookies, I mean They all just suck
    They can't wrestle and they should go back to the kitchen to make
    my dinner!

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    Alisha Fox- yeah I agree----there is no way in hell she should have got the title. Maybe she is dating someone higher up- she is horrible in the ring and on the mic.
    Kahli- I am ok with. They do not use him alot- as long as WWE does not gibe a big push, I am ok with him- don't get rid pf him.
    Matt Hardy- I do not hate the guy at all, just think WWE never really used him that well. He just needs to leave like it seems he wants to do- take time off. Then come back- to WWE, TNA, or ROH or even Japan or Mexico
    Hornswoggle- Midgets are very cool in my book- I just do not see any futre storylines that he could be used in- he has just run his course


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