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    What happened to Evan Bourne?

    At some point it seemed like he was going to get a nice "push" but, what happened?

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    Did you hear that? It sounds like a ball was just dropped. :0
    I am trying my best to get this account back. XOXOXOXOXOXO~ -PandaMassacre

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    Same thing that happened to MVP I guess. Something went wrong that put him back down on the card.

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    Simple. Nexus happened.

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    air bourne had an emergency ground landing when vince found out people really liked him and his ring work

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    Evan Bourne certainly deserves a push, although as I've said before, WWE doesn't think you're a "real" wrestler unless you physically huge, and have muscles on top of muscles. This is true of some other promotions as well, though. The wrestler's skill has become secondary to their appearance.

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    probably because he is not that great on the mic and vince doesnt really want people with low mic skills on top.

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    A large portion of the problem is that Evan should not be / should never have been on Raw. I'm not saying he is not talented enough because I have high hopes for him. But he is on a show with 95% of their roster being heavyweight Top-cards in that kind of senario you can only believably push him but so much. I think he should have been on Smackdown to begin with after being drafted from ECW. If he were on SD instead, he could have had some amazing programs with Ray Mysterio, CM punk, Chavo, Ziggler, Mcintire, rodes, the list goes on. My point being he could have had a --much-- larger push and by now may have been a Mid-top tier with the proper footing.

    Bourne is one of the reasone I pray they bring the cruiser weight belt back, I think his career would soar with that kind of title run.

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    I think Bourne and Mark Henry could be a good tag team- the brute strength and force of Henry and the dynamic high flying ability of Bourne would be a good combination. And WWE reportedly want to beef up the tag team division, so it makes sense.


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