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    RIFW Version 2.0 Show 2

    The theme song plays as the fireworks go off

    Jim Ross & Jerry the King Lawler welcome the fans to the show

    Y2J comes out to the ring and starts to complain that he would be RIFW World Champion if it wasn’t for Samoa Joe. This brings out Samoa Joe with a microphone in hand and they go back and forth in till it comes to blows. Security comes out to try break it up but they keep going at it in till Shane McMahon makes his way out onto the ramp and says if they don’t stop it they will both be kicked out of the building. He also says you both have made some great points on why you should be champion and I think I have a solution so tonight in our main event we will have Samoa Joe VS Chris Y2J Jericho to crown the number one contender to Robert Roode’s Championship. Joe and Jericho stare down as we go to commercial.

    Commercial Break

    Match 1 the MCMG’s VS the Briscoe’s
    MCMG’s get the win after hitting the Skull & Bones on Jay Briscoe
    After the match both teams start to brawl in till security breaks it up

    Backstage Matt Striker interviews RIFW Women’s Champion Awesome Kong

    Commercial Break

    Match 2 X division tag team match
    Elix Skipper & Jay Lethal VS Low Ki & Christopher Daniels
    Low Ki & Christopher Daniels get the win after Elix Skipper turned on his partner Jay Lethal and hit him the Sudden Death which lead to Low Ki getting the pin.

    After the match
    Christopher Daniels grabs a microphone and just laughs then says that the fans need to welcome triple X to the RIFW

    Commercial Break

    Match 3 RIFW Women’s Championship match
    Awesome Kong VS Natalya
    Awesome Kong gets the win after Layla comes down to the ring and distracts Natalya and when she turns back to Kong she walks straight into a awesome bomb.

    Backstage Christy Hemme interviews Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black about their attack on AMW last week. But halfway through AMW attack them (Danielson& Black)

    Match 4 Alberto Del Rio with Chavo Gurrero VS Paul London with Brian Kendrick
    Alberto Del Rio gets the win after making London submit with the Mexican Arm Breaker

    Commercial Break

    Main Event Samoa Joe VS Chris Y2J Jericho to crown the number one contender to the RIFW World Championship. Robert Roode comes out to join the commentary table for the main event

    Samoa Joe gets the win after hitting Y2J with 2 Muscle Busters and then locking in the Coquina Clutch to make him pass out.

    The show ends with Samoa Joe staring down RIFW Robert Roode champion with his music and then Robert Roode’s music playing.


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