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    TNA iMPACT: How I would do it

    IMPACT 4/3/11

    Opening Pyro

    Taz: Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling

    Mike: We have an amazing line up tonight including two championship matches.

    Taz: Yeah, Immortal`s Gunner has his TV title up against Fortune`s Christopher Daniels.

    Mike: And Fortune`s Beer Money have their Tag titles against Immortal`s Hardy Boys.

    Taz: And thats up next after...

    (Immortals Music interrupts Taz, they walk to the ring)

    Hogan: Yo Brothers, you know how you think theres only 2 titles on the line tonight. Well your wrong.

    Eric: Yeah theres 3.

    Hogan: The main event is going to be, Sting vs Bully Ray vs Rob Van Dam vs "THE MONSTER" ABYSS.


    Match 1: TNA World Tag Team Championship

    Beer Money vs The Hardy Boyz

    Winner: Beer Money by Pinfall


    Match 2:

    Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher vs Mexican America

    Winner: Mickie & Tessmacher by DQ


    Backstage Segment


    CH: Im here with "The Whole F`n Show Rob Van Dam, so Rob how do you
    feel about the main event

    RVD: How do I feel, ok i`ll tell ya, im going to win anyway.

    CH: So there you have it


    Match 3: TNA Television Championship

    Gunner vs Christopher Daniels
    Winner: Gunner by Pinfall


    Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Championship

    Sting vs Bully Ray vs Rob Van Dam vs Abyss

    " Abyss just about to Powerbomb RVD, oh my god it`s Tommy Dreamer
    chair shot to the back of the head to Abyss, and DDT, RVD goes to the top rope
    FROG SPLASH, and a pin, 1...2...3"

    We have a new champion!!!

    Taz: RVD new Heavyweight champion.

    Mike: What will pan out next week for Dreamer and RVD

    Taz: This has been Taz and Mike Tenay goodnight!


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