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    Ring Of Impact Wrestling Version 2.0

    Ring Of Impact Wrestling Version 2.0
    Owners: Shane McMahon& Paul Heyman
    Roster WWE & TNA & ROH & Indy Wrestlers
    RIFW World Champion
    RIFW Women’s Champion Awesome Kong
    RIFW X Division Champion Jack Evans
    RIFW World Tag Team Champions AMW
    RIFW Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry the King Lawler
    RIFW Backstage Interviewers: Matt Striker & Christy Hemme
    RIFW Theme song: Runaway by Hail the Villain

    RIFW First Show

    Runaway by Hail the Villain plays as fireworks go off

    Jim Ross & Jerry the King Lawler welcome the fans to the first ever Ring Of Impact Wrestling Show

    Paul Heyman & Shane McMahon come out to the ring.

    Heyman: Welcome wrestling fans to the beginning of a new era in professional wrestling RIFW

    Shane: Now not only are you fans going to witness history being made tonight but you will also see the greatest wrestlers from anywhere in the world fight to get their hands on some RIFW gold.

    Heyman: And this is directed to the wrestlers in the back make an impact or get out.

    Shane: Enjoy the show

    Commercial Break

    Match 1 10 man elimination match to crown the first ever RIFW X Division Champion

    Jay lethal VS Matt Sydal VS Petey Williams VS Low Ki VS Amazing Red VS Elix Skipper VS Christopher Daniels VS Jack Evans VS Teddy Hart VS Jerry Lynn

    Order of eliminations

    Petey Williams pinned Amazing red after hitting a Canadian Destroyer

    Low Ki pinned Matt Sydal after hitting a Warriors Way

    Jay Lethal pinned Christopher Daniels after hitting a Lethal Combination

    Jack Evans pinned Teddy Hart after a 360 splash

    Jerry Lynn pinned Jay Lethal after hitting a Cradle Piledriver

    Low Ki pinned Elix Skipper after hitting a Tidal Wave kick

    Petey Williams pinned Low Ki after hitting a Canadian Destroyer

    Jerry Lynn pinned Petey Williams after hitting a Cradle Piledriver

    Jack Evans pinned Jery Lynn after hitting a 360 splash

    Commercial Break

    Match 2 Tag Team Turmoil Match to crown the first ever RIFW World Tag Team Champions
    AMW VS Tyler Black & Bryan Danielson VS The Briscoe’s VS MNM VS Ink Inc VS The MCMGs

    Order of eliminations

    Ink Inc eliminated MNM after hitting a Samoan Drop / Neckbreaker combo on Nitro

    MCMGs eliminated Ink Inc after hitting the Skull and Crossbones on Jesse Neal after Joey Mercury distracted him from the outside of the ring. Ink Inc and MNM brawl in til security comes out and broke it up.

    Commercial break

    The Briscoe’s eliminated The MCMGs after hitting a springboard doomsday device on Shelly

    Tyler Black & Bryan Danielson eliminated The Briscoe’s after Black hit a superkick which lead to Danielson locking in the Lebell Lock on Mark Briscoe and made him tap out.

    AMW eliminated Black & Danielson after hitting a Death Sentence on Danielson.

    Match 3 Fatal 4 Way match to crown the first ever RIFW Women’s Champion
    LaylaVS Angelina Love VS Natalya VS Awesome Kong

    Awesome Kong pinned Natalya after hitting an Awesome Bomb
    Commercial Break

    Backstage Matt Striker interviews the first ever RIFW Tag Team Champions AMW halfway through the interview Tyler Black & Bryan Danielson attack them.

    Match 4 A Double Debut Tag Team Match
    Chavo Gurrero & Alberto Del Rio VS Brian Kendrick & Paul London

    Paul London & Brian Kendrick pinned Chavo Gurrero after hitting a Get Well Soon
    Commercial Break

    Main Event Time
    A 20 man over the top rope battle royal to crown the first ever RIFW World Champion

    Ron Killings VS Christian VS AJ Styles VS Wade Barrett VS Austin Aires VS Chris Hero VS Roderick Strong VS Robert Roode VS D’Angelo Dinero VS Samoa Joe VS Marcus Cor Von VS Y2J VS Nigel McGuiness VS Jeff Hardy VS Colt Cabana VS Abyss VS Justin Gabriel VS RVD VS Matt Hardy VS Jack Swagger

    Order of Eliminations

    Colt Cabana eliminated Chris Hero

    Samoa Joe eliminated Y2J

    Abyss eliminated both Jeff & Matt Hardy

    Justin Gabriel eliminated Austin Aires

    RVD eliminated Christian

    Jack Swagger & Robert Roode eliminated Abyss

    Roderick Strong eliminated Samoa Joe after Y2J came back out and distracted Joe

    Wade Barrett eliminated Ron Killings

    Robert Roode eliminated Jack Swagger

    Marcus Cor Von eliminated both Roderick Strong & RVD

    AJ Styles eliminated Justin Gabriel

    Nigel McGuiness eliminated Colt Cabana

    Wade Barrett eliminated AJ Styles

    Wade Barrett eliminated D’Angelo Dinero

    Nigel McGuiness & Wade Barrett eliminated Marcus Cor Von

    Robert Roode eliminated both Nigel McGuiness & Wade Barrett with a double clothesline

    The show ends with Robert Roode holding the RIFW World Championship and his music playing

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    I realzied that i used Chris Sabin in 2 different matches i fixd it now and here is the right verison


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