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    WWE By eboy Part 2

    Well this is it the begining of WWE By Eboy part 2 heres a quick update

    So far we've had Extreme Rules, Over the Limit & Capital Punishment

    Raw Roster

    WWE Champion- Randy Orton Beat The Miz at Capital Punishment
    United States Champion- Jack Swagger Def Daniel Bryan & Sin Cara at Capital Punishment
    WWE Tag Team Champions- American Country Mafia (ACM)- (Husky Harris & Bo Harris (Retundo)) def R-truth & Johnny Curtis, R&T-(David hart Smith & Yoshi Tatsu) & The Usos

    Male Roster
    Randy Orton
    The Miz
    Jack Swagger
    Kofi Kingston
    Cm Punk
    sin Cara
    Cody Rhodes
    Booker T
    John Morrison
    Triple H
    Dolph Ziggler
    Daniel Bryan
    mason Ryan
    The Usos
    David Hart Smith
    Tyson Kidd
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Bo Harris
    Husky Harris
    Ted Dibease
    Great Kali
    Santino Morrella
    Vladamir Kozlov

    Female Roster
    Eve Torres
    Kelly Kelly

    The Corporation of Awesome- The Miz, Jack Swagger, Ted Dibease & Alex Riley
    R&T (Respect & Tradition )- David Hart Smith & yoshi tatsu
    ACM (American Country Mafia)- Bo Harris & Husky Harris
    The Usos- Jimmy & Jey Usos

    John Cena Injured at the hands of the Miz & his faction
    The Rock Injured at the hands of miz and his faction the same night as Cena

    Commentators: Michael Cole & William Regal

    signed but not active


    WWE Smackdown Roster

    World Heavyweight Champion- Alberto Del Rio Def Edge at Wrestlemania 27
    Intercontenental Champion- Drew McIntyre def Wade Barrett on Smackdown
    WWE Divas championship- Kaitlyn beat Eve Torres at extreme rules

    Alberto Del Rio
    Brodus Clay
    Ezekeil Jackson
    Wade Barrett
    Chris Masters
    Big Show
    Seth Rollins
    Richie Steamboat
    Justin Gabriel
    Heath Slater
    Drew McIntyre
    Michael Mcguillicutty
    Evan bourne
    Skip Sheffield
    Rey Mysterio
    Chavo Guerrero
    Curt Hawkins
    Zack Ryder
    Johnny Curtis
    David Otunga
    Lucky Cannon
    Russel Walker

    Female Roster
    Kia Kharma
    Michelle McCool
    Beth Pheonix
    Rosa Mendes
    Alicia Fox

    The Corre- Ezekeil Jackson, The Big Show, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater (Zeke threw Barrett out the Corre and replaced him with Big Show)
    R-Truth & Johnny Curtis (Former Tag Champs they won it at Over the limit Lost it at Capital Punishment)
    Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

    Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Josh Mathews

    More Storyline Updates to Follow

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    WWE Capital Punishment 2011 Results

    Winner Would be Special Referee in the Main Event: Ted DiBease def John Morrison
    WWE Tag Team Championship- ACM Def R&T, The Usos & R-Truth & Johnny Curtis to Claim the Tag Belts
    Cody Rhodes (W/Tyler Reks) Def Booker T
    Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero Def Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
    Big Show Def Chris Masters
    United States Championship- Jack Swagger Def Daniel Bryan & Sin Cara to Win the Belt
    Ladder Match- Intercontenetal Championship- Drew McIntyre Def Evan Bourne
    Dolph Ziggler Def Triple H
    Wade Barrett Def Ezekeil Jackson
    Loser Leaves Raw- Cm Punk Def Michael Mcguillicutty
    World Heavyweight Championship- Alberto Del Rio Def Christian, Edge & Sheamus

    Alberto Del Rio Pined Sheamus and under a stipulation Sheamus should have had his head shaved but didn't

    WWE Championship- Ted DiBese Special Guest Referee- Randy Orton Def The Miz to win the title

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    Good call creating a new thread, I forgot some tag teams and results. Keep up the good work

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    WWE Raw 12.

    1. Outcomes Dolph Ziggler who celebrates his victory over Triple H at Capitol Punishment Ziggler says it his time to be Champion and nothing will stand in his way also he's extra excitied tonight as somebody very Special is Here. Dolph Ziggler Introduces Vicky Geurerro the Crowed boo her when she gets to the ring she does EXCUSE ME... EXCUSE Me Exc... Time to Play the Game... Its Triple H who comes out and says he embarresed at Loosing to Ziggler and would Bet his House on The Fact that Given a Rematch that he'd beat Ziggler

    Dolph says The Game is nothing but a Cling on and If he wants a Rematch hell get a Rematch at Money In The Bank The Two Shake Hands when the GM Mails in and says tonight its Dolph Ziggler Vs Triple H in a SledgeHammer Match where the Sledgehammer is placed above the Courner the First Man to Retrive it and use it on their Opponant Wins

    2. Randy Orton title Celebration tonight

    3. Mason Ryan Def Tyson Kidd at 11 mins

    4. A Promo Hyping the Money In The Bank Match is Shown

    5. Maryse is Backstage and Upset about Something

    6. Money In The Bank Qaulifier: Cody Rhodes Def Santino Morrella at 8 mins


    7. Coming Up tonight: Money in the Bank: Cm Punk vs Sin Cara, Randy Orton 8th World Title Celebration, US Title: Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan, + The No.1 Contender for Money in the Bank

    8. United States Championship Match: Jack Swagger Def Daniel Bryan at 17 mins to retain the title

    9. Backstage Kane is Looking for Kofi Kingston and Says Last Night was Just a Blip and Kofi Will get whats Coming to Him it Inevitable its The Monsters Encore

    all of a Sudden we see Kofi onto of a Truck he says Kane if you want me its gonna be in the ring infront of the Fans Cos We Got a Six Man Tag Match so I'll see you then

    Kane tries to get Kofi but Kofi Disappeares

    10. Heres Maryse who says shes sick and Tired of the Raw Divas being over Looked so she and the girls are going to SmackDown this Friday to take the Divas Title Back to Raw

    11. Kane & ACM Def Kofi Kingston & R&T at 12 mins

    12. Heres Randy Orton who says he's an 8 Time Champion in WWE and Last night it was so Satisfying to De throne the Miz and ride again as the WWE Champion also theres one man he needs to thank for having his back at Capital Punishment and thats John Morrison

    out comes Morrison who says He Went above and Beyond to make sure your that Champ here tonight and Not the MIZ so in return he'd like Randy to go above and beyond to make sure hes the No.1 Contender at Money in the bank

    Here's Miz who says Nobody calls the Shots around here other than the Miz Morrison Robbed me of the title Last Night and he Knows it so Morrison shouldn't be allowed to compete for the title ever again let alone ahead of the Miz

    The Gm says its Morrison vs Orton vs The Miz at Money in the Bank and tonight its a 3 on 2 handicap The Miz, Alex Riley & Ted DiBease vs Randy Orton & John Morrison

    13. Money In the Bank quallifer: Cm Punk Def Sin Cara at 14 mins

    14. Vickie Guerrero says shes back and cant wait to see Doplh Ziggler Destroy Triple H Tonight

    15. John Morrison & Randy Orton Def The Miz, Ted DiBease & Alex Riely at 13 mins after Orton RKO'd Riley


    16. Main Event Time Jusitn Roberts runs through the Stipulations

    17. Doplh Ziggler vs Triple H ended in a No Contest at 14 mins

    Triple H had got the Sledgehammer and was about to use it when Vickie Guerrero got involved but HHH Pushed her away then Ziggler & HHH Wrestled over the Hammer untill the Game got it went to hit Ziggler Ziggler Moved and HHH Nailed Vickie Instead the Match halted as EMT Tended to Vickie Guerreros aid as Raw Goes off the Air
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    NXT Story so far

    Remaining Pros/Rookies

    Percy Watson & David Hart Smith
    Connor O’Brian & JTG
    Michael Tarver & Rey Mysterio
    Derrick Bateman & Chris Masters
    Byron Saxton & Yoshi Tatsu

    Seth Rollins was a hot favourite to win NXT Redemption after an Impressive Feud with Derrick Bateman but was screwed over by the Corre (Zeke, Gabriel, Slater & Big Show) because Wade Barrett was Rollins Pro

    The Prize for winning NXT Redemption is a US Title Shot & A Match against any past NXT Participant

    Mr McMahon announced that NXT would be put on hold while it was reviewed and In Order to get the Right Winner McMahon placed Ricky Steamboat has the NXT Coach

    4 Rookies Remain and the Contest Heats up with Just One week until another Elimination

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    NXT 12

    1. Ricky Steamboat took the Four Contestant to do a Triathlon Derrick Bateman won it but all did well

    2. Rollins/Richie Steamboat & The Corre Rivalry

    3. out comes Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater they say The Corre is not going to be Undone by two little punks so tonight We’re taking you out Rollins & Steamboat tonight Rollins/ Steamboat come out and Accept

    4. Percy Watson & David Hart Smith Def Connor O’Brian & JTG at 12 mins

    5. JTG Attacks David Hart Smith Backstage


    6. Richie Steamboat & Seth Rollins are ask Ricky to make it No DQ’s HE Does it

    7. Michael Tarver is Warming up to Face Derrick Bateman

    8. Michael Tarver Def Derrick Bateman at 13 mins

    9. Chris Masters if on Commentary

    10. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater Def Seth Rollins & Richie Steamboat at 17 mins

    11. after the Match Masters attacks Slater/Gabriel to end NXT
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    Mr McMahon wants to adress Triple H Next week on Raw

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    Smackdown 12
    1. Brodus Clay, R-Truth, Johnny Curtis, Trent Barretta, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre are in the ring
    Teddy Long comes out and says in the Month of the Money in the Bank the focus is always on Young talent and Smackdown is the Jam Packed with young talent and seen as it’s the land of Opportunity I am going to give you a Opportunity tonight you six are going to compete in a over the top rope battle royal with the winner receiving a World title match against Alberto Del Rio tonight

    2. Evan Bourne vs Trent Barretta vs R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre vs Brodus Clay vs Johnny Curtis
    R-Truth eliminated Trent Barretta
    Brodus Clay eliminated Drew McIntyre
    Brodus Clay eliminates Evan Bourne
    R-Truth went to eliminate Johnny Curtis but got caught then Johnny Curtis eliminated R-Truth
    Johnny Curtis Eliminates Brodus Clay to earn a Shot against ADR Tonight
    At 16 mins

    3. Alberto Del Rio goes into Teddy Long office and moans about having to defend his title tonight when Teddy Long says that’s not all tonight its going to be Christian vs Edge vs Sheamus and the winner faces ADR at Money in the bank if ADR can see off Johnny Curtis that is

    4. Lucky Cannon vs Goldust ended in a no contest after Russell walker attacked Cannon before it began


    5. Chavo Guerrero def Curt Hawkins at 8 mins

    6. Chavo Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder in a Rubber Match next week

    7. tonight MITB Qualifier - Big Show vs Chris Masters, MITB Qualifier- Ezekiel Jackson vs Richie Steamboat, MITB Qualifier- Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel

    8. MITB Qualifier- Wade Barrett Def Justin Gabriel at 13 mins

    9. Backstage Zeke & Heath attacked Seth Rollins


    10. MITB Qualifier- Ezekiel Jackson def Richie Steamboat at 11 mins

    11. an Undertaker Return Promo airs

    12. The Raw Divas- Eve Brie Nikki Melina Maryse are on Smackdown tonight its Kaitlyn vs Melina

    13. Edge Comes out he calls Sheamus out and says he should be bald right now and since Christian risked something important at Capital Punishment and he couldn’t just Walk away so Sheamus I’m Going to make sure you get what’s coming to you

    Sheamus says there no way he’s ever being Shaved Bald ever not by Del Rio Not by Christian not by you edge

    The Two Brawl Sheamus has the Upper Hand when Edge hits a thunderous Spear on Sheamus then gets some clippers from under the ring and goes to shave Sheamus’ Hair but the Celtic Warrior escaped before Edge could cut his Hair

    14. The Corre are Discussing Strategy for the Big Show vs Chris Masters Match

    15. A Limo Pulls up at Smackdown who is it

    16. WWE Divas Championship- Kaitlyn Def Melina at 7 mins after the Match The Raw Divas Circle Round Kaitlyn but Kia Kharma comes out and Destroys everyone except Kaitlyn

    17. R-Truth & Johnny Curtis make up and Truth says he’ll be in Curtis’ corner tonight


    18. World Heavyweight Championship- Alberto Del Rio Def Johnny Curtis at 12 mins after R-Truth Turned on Curtis and left him to Del Rio

    19. Money in the bank Promo

    20. No.1 Contender- Christian Def Edge & Sheamus at 14 mins after the Match Edge went again to cut Sheamus’ Hair but he ran away again

    21. Main Event Chris Masters vs The Big Show in a MITB Qualifier

    22. Chris Masters def Big Show at 17 mins after fending off various run ins by the Corre

    After the Match The Corre attacked Masters/Barrett/Steamboat/Rollins while this is happening we see those boots walking backstage the lights go down the arena explodes with noise its CHRIS JERICHO

    Jericho chases off the Corre to end Smackdown

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    Money in the Bank

    WWE Championship- Randy Orton vs The Miz vs John Morrison
    World Heavyweight Championship- Alberto Del Rio vs Christian

    Smackdown Money in the Bank
    Ezekeil Jackson vs Wade Barrett vs Chris Masters vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD

    Raw Money In The Bank
    CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD vsTBD

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    WWE Raw 13
    1. Here Is Triple H who says what Ziggler did last week proves what a Coward he really is he brought back Vickie Guerrero and Put her in harms way

    Here is Vince McMahon who says Last week Triple H struck a Women with a Sledgehammer now regardless of whether you meant to or not I’ve got Sponsors up in Arms the Board are going nuts so I have no choice but to suspend you with Immediate Effect Security Please Escort this man from the Building

    Security Escorts HHH from the Arena while he Protests

    Out comes Dolph Ziggler who says is that all your going to do Vince I want HHH Fired McMahon says he cant do that but in Return the board would like to offer you a By into the Money in the Bank Ladder match on PPV Ziggler Accepts

    2. Money in the Bank promo

    3. MITB Qualifier- Daniel Bryan Def Jack Swagger at 15 mins

    4. The Miz is happy has he’s got the night off because tonight its Randy Orton vs John Morrison

    5. Eve Torres def Melina at 6 mins


    6. Still to come- MITB-Kane vs Tyler Reks, Kofi Kingston vs Ted DiBease, also John Morrison vs Randy Orton

    7. R&T come out and Challenge ACM to a title match at Money in the Bank but out come The Usos who says if anyone is getting a Shot its them a no.1 contenders match is set up

    8. R&T Def The Usos to become No.1 Contenders for the Tag Titles

    9. Dolph Ziggler Celebrates getting rid of HHH and being in Money in the Bank

    10. MITB-Kane Def Tyler Reks at 12 mins


    11. Miz is having a Party in the Skybox Alex Riley, Ted Dibease & Jack Swagger and some hot ladies are Present there drinking and having a good time

    12. Mason Ryan Def Vladamir Kozlov at 12 mins
    13. Dibease leaves the Skybox for his Match

    14. MITB-Kofi Kingston Def Ted Dibease at 13 mins

    15. Final Raw Money In The Bank- Cm Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

    16. Dolph Ziggler Def Sin Cara at 13 mins

    17. Randy Orton says there no way in hell he’s losing his title at Money in the Bank

    18. it is announced that Sin Cara will face Jack Swagger for the US title at Money in The Bank

    19. The Miz looks on from his Skybox

    20. John Morrison vs Randy Orton ended in a no contest at 17 mins Half way through the Match Miz Sent Swagger, Dibease & Riley down through the crowed to attack Orton & Morrison but Morrison & Orton fight them off the then make there way through the crowed to Miz’s Skybox Miz tries to run but Sin Cara has Locked him in Morrison & Orton pound on Miz in the Skybox to end raw
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