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    I never knew that, it has always bugged me! Thanks guess i dont mind so much now then. I started watching wrestling about mid 90's from when i was about 12, i remember most stuff but watched alot of it streamed over last few years to remind me.

    I know you dont, tbf i've agreed with most of the stuff i've read, end of the day you know your stuff and have alot of knowledge. Everyone is entitled to there opinion no matter how warped. Obviously some ppl cross the line and just become damn insulting.
    You're welcome, you have the answer everyone seems to want to know lol

    I'm a very old lady Lewis...that's how I know so much...honest, the dinosaurs were my freakin neighbours at one point

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    Cody & Ted 2getha 4eva!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Cody & Ted 2getha 4eva!!!
    I swear I'm going to tan your behind if I see this post one more time lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck627 View Post
    Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase back together?
    It's good to see they're dating again.

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    Cody, Ted, Randy, Steamboat, Smith, Harris, McGillicuty etc. How many times do people have to ask for this before Freddy prinze Jr, see's it and takes it to Vince to pass off as his own idea?!


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