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    20 Favorite Songs

    What are your 20 favorite songs of all time I like all types of music so my list jumps around from rap to country to rock. Heres mine in no particular order.

    Indian Outlaw - Tim McGraw
    Beer 30 - Brooks & Dunn
    Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd
    Master Of Puppets - Metallica
    Battery - Metallica
    Crazy Train - Ozzy Ozbourne
    Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Ozbourne
    Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Ozbourne
    69 Tea - Seether
    Fake It - Seether
    Broken - Seether w/ Amy Lee
    April 29, 1992 - Sublime
    Rainbow In The Dark - Dio
    Holy Diver - Dio
    Ambitionz Az A Ridah - Tupac
    Tradin War Stories - Tupac
    Hello - NWA
    Chin Check - NWA
    Dawn 2 Dawn - Doomsday Productions
    40s Calling - Doomsday Productions

    The last 2 are local to North Las Vegas so you might not have ever heard them I was going to put youtube videos to go with them but for some reason I can't.


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    Why can't I put up videos in here ?


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    My Top 20 of all time:
    Gorillaz - Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
    Gil Scott Heron - Almost Lost Detroit
    Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
    War - So
    Alan Parsons Project - The Raven
    Radiohead - Paranoid Android
    Quadron - Day
    Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
    War - The World Is A Ghetto
    Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang
    America - Horse With No Name
    Radiohead - I Wish I Was Bulletproof
    Norman Conners - You Are My Starship
    Gorillaz - Empire Ants
    Don Blackman - Since You Been Away
    War - Lotus Blossom
    Jermaine Jackson - Castles of Sand
    America - Tin Man
    21st Century - Remember The Rain
    Todd Rundgren - A Dream Lives Forever



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