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    Your favorite RAW segment of 2010?

    MY favorite segment was when Alberto Del Rio showed up on the 900th episode. The way he came into the arena during a match, the way he coordinated his hand gestures and body movements in sync with announcement of his name, the way the match was still going on while he was making the entrance, and also how he walked down the ramp and around the ring while keeping his eyes off the match the entire time. Only when he approached his ring announcer did he watch the match. He didn't have to do what he did to Evan Bourne but it drew heat. I could watch that segment over and over again.

    What's yours?

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    My favorite segment of 2010 had to be the July 12th episode when Randy Orton reversed Evan Bourne's shooting star press into the RKO. It helps that I live 20 minutes from Rupp Arena, and was lucky enough to be in attendance that evening. As cool as it was on TV, trust me, it was breathtaking in person!


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