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    Mick Foley - Hardcore Diaries

    It took me a couple of chapters to be interested in it but still a very good book. It details his heel turn and teaming with Edge in their feud with Dreamer and Funk. He originally pitched a scernario that would've have been funny and a lot better, and gives you a real insight about the life of the wrestler. He notes stories like being the Dad character for the Divas, how he and Vince fell out, and lots of stories about his son Mick jr, when he reaches the age he's really interested in religion

    Overall 8.5/10

    Chris Jericho - Undisputed

    Best wrestling book I've read (I've read the 3 listed and half way through Have A Nice Day). Unlike Hardcore Diaries this took to me straight away and is very good. It details everything from his debut in 1998, to his redebut in 2007. It shows how Vince got all stressed at him for delivering a stiff punch to Chyna, how he didn't feel more accomplished after becoming the 1st undisputed champion, how in Japan, the Rock called him Omaha (I won't ruin it for you.) It gives a real insight into a wrestlers mindset when he's at an all time low, an all time high, and when he became burnt out

    Overall 9.5/10

    Adam Copeland - Life On Edge

    The 1st wrestling book I've read, and 1 word AWESOME. It states his childhood with Christian, his run in the indes (Sexton Hardcastle), driving on ice, New Brood, E&C, injuries, and all of his friendships in and out of wrestling. If you want gossip on why his marriage to Sean Morleys sister marriage ended - you won't find it here. It details up to about 2004 I think

    Overall 9/10
    Both of Jerichos books are well written and they both kept me interested


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