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    Bill Goldberg - WCW's greatest creation. The streak was his gimmick, and despite his lack of wrestling ability, he excelled at the role

    Sting - The soul of WCW. His home. The place where we saw his transition from surfer Sting, to crow Sting

    Hulk Hogan - When WCW's was at his highest in 1996/97, Hogan was the face of the company with the nWo

    Diamond Dallas Page - His turn from manager to wrestler was awesome. Plus, who can forget the DDP & Kimberley vs Macho Man & Elizabeth feud?

    Big Van Vader - A surprising choice, but he lead WCW through the early years. Wasn't the most technical, but I fully enjoyed his matches with Cactus Jack

    Based on technical ability - it would've been Jericho/Flair/DDP/Hart/Sting, but talking about superstars - that to me is not about wrestling, but about characters

    I would've liked to see Booker T, Scott Steiner, Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Arn Anderson included though

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    It's not the only one forum I have used to put this poll on, and I see there are 5 who are clearly considered as the best by the fans: Nash, Flair, Hogan, and ofcourse Sting & Goldberg sharing the 1st place often. by the end of this poll I have runed in the forums, I would like to come up with the all-time greatest 10 list, as voted by the fans.

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    I guess I'm going to be middle-of the-road here. I think most (not all, to be sure) can agree on Flair and Sting. I was watching years before he did the whole 'Crow' makeup thing (NWA) and he was incredible back then too. (I still pine for the early Sting.) And Flair ... BY GOD, he is RIC FLAIR! He was WCW (and NWA) way long before he was in WWE, and his match against Sting as the highlight of Nitro's last show was just classic.

    Goldberg maybe a few fewer can agree on, but you have to admit the guy has a freakin' legacy. People still chant his name for a certain different wrestler. He was 'over' in the WWE because of his WCW history. He had fans in WCW cheering for him like nobody's business. He was the biggest name at that point in either fed.

    The other two ... well, I picked Nash and DDP. DDP was incredible in WCW. His runs and matches there were fabulous, and his work was solid. Nash, I can waver a bit on, given his run as WWF/E champ, but Hogan? No, to me he was first and always will be WWE. Even his current TNA gig will still play second-fiddle to WWF/E in my heart.

    Biased? Probably. Selective memory? Possibly. Certain? Damn straight.


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    I can't really say Jericho was one of my favorite he became later in WWE

    1)Goldberg:the creation of Goldberg was brilliant.he never had really good matches but he was always amazing to see him spearing opponents

    2) Sting what you can say about him.His crow gimmick was epic

    3)Hogan-Legend father of wrestling

    4)Flair mother of wrestling.No seriously Ric Falir was a big part of WCW's success

    5)really hard to pick only 5 but i have to say Nash

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    1) Sting- The top star in WCW

    2) Diamond Dallas Page - The People's Champion of WCW

    3) Hulk Hogan (w/NWO) - The leader of the NWO

    4)Ric Flair - Leader of the Four Horseman in WCW (considered to be one of the greatest factions ever)

    5) Goldberg - The top star in WCW around 1997 and a big box office draw.

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    1. Sting
    2. Ric Flair
    3. Goldberg
    4. DDP
    5. Booker T (Not on there but I think he should be)

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    5 Current WWE & TNA Wrestlers that you would show to an average non wrestling fan

    Im sorry but im new here and didnt know which section there is for both WWE and TNA stuff so i just put this thread in the WWE section.

    If the average person who thinks wrestling is crap told you to show him/her 5 wrestlers to make him change his mind, who would you pick.

    My Picks:

    The Rock
    If you think of the rock, you think of cool. The guys jacked, rich, famous, and if i were a chick, i would get wet seeing him rock bottom somebody(wait, thats inappropriate). The reason why i chose the rock is because hes more famous than the WWE. People in my school know who Dwayne the rock Johnson is but dont even watch wrestling or WWE.
    Brock Lesner
    A big reason why i chose Brock is because of his UFC backround. To go from a ''fake'' fighting to real fighting and dominating the heavyweight division, That almost sounds unrealistic. Not only does it make Lesner bad ass, but it makes wrestling a little more bad ass.

    I swear i have a man crush with this guys ability, he is just like the perfect wrestler. No one can touch him in the ring. Hes the greatest high flyer i have ever seen yet hes still super with his in ring technique. Every match and every move he performs is just perfect and he never botches. When ever he hits a move it makes you go AWW!!!. This guys is seriously the "Perfect" wrestler. And his selling is better than Dolph Ziggler (and i like Ziggler). His Mic skills has gotten much better, see his promos with kaz and daniels, and his promo that he cut after his losl to daniels sounded legit. All i have to say is that this guy is PHENOMENAL

    Jack Evans

    This guy personifies "crazy spots" in wrestling, he can transition from move to move and break dance while at it. just like AJ STYLES he can create AWW'S and OOO'S lol. The reason why i chose this guy is because when you see, u wanna be him.

    El Generico

    This guy represents indy wrestling. His moveset seems impossible or hard. and he breaths charisma. And hes an amazing wrestler.


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    The undertaker and mankind in the cell.
    'Taker again vs HBK @ mania.
    Cena vs CM Punk that money in the bank match.

    Unless the non fan is going to fancy the wrestler it doesn't matter who you point out without the matches to show why they're good. I wouldn't use tna, roh or indies on a noob just cos wwe is the recognised brand.

    Divas to believe in.

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    jeff hardy

    his high flying stuff is amazing, best TLC and ladder matches ever


    good looking, great mic skills, great technique and some great hardcore matches (against foley) just the total package

    john cena

    and i don't mean the current PG cena, i mean the john cena doctor of thuganomics, thats something everbody wants to watch

    rey mysterio

    what rey can do, nobody else can, maybay sin care, but people who never saw wrestling go nuts for rey


    undertaker is wrestling, best matches, best gimmick, it doenst get better thans this

    that is my list, mabay when you got their attention you can throw cm punk in to, he is also one of the best, but to like punk you need a bit of background knowledge

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    For WWE:

    The Rock
    John Cena
    The Undertaker
    Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold

    For TNA:

    AJ Styles
    Jeff Hardy
    Bobby Roode
    Kurt Angle


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