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    The "Top *Insert Arbitrary Number Here" Wrestlers" Thread

    This is for any company out there. I personally don't watch WCW, TNA, or ROH but if there's someone from there that's real good let me know. The purpose of this is to get the best of the best as I'm considering making my own interactive booking project. I want all stars from this era and I'd appreciate feedback with who you don't think should belong and who I may have missed. The reason picking the time period of after the screwjob is because it's when I first started watching around this time, I never saw Bret Hart wrestle (I suppose you can make a case for his WCW run but I have no idea what that consisted of.) My list is heavily opinionated and includes all aspects of wrestling including: in ring ability, mic/promo skills, ability to play a character, how much the fans like them, etc. P.S: Guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and the Undertaker are mostly judged on what I've seen them do in the selected time period. I'm unsure on including dead wrestlers as well.

    1. Chris Jericho
    2. CM Punk
    3. Undertaker
    4. Edge
    5. Shawn Michaels
    6. Stone Cold
    7. The Rock
    8. Triple H
    9. Kurt Angle
    10. John Cena
    11. RVD
    12. Kane (before he got shafted)
    13. Mankind/Foley
    14. Randy Orton
    15. Big Show (he looked much more athletic in WCW)
    16. Jeff Hardy
    17. Brock Lesnar
    18. JBL/Bradshaw
    19. Booker T
    20. Rey Mysterio
    21. Kevin Nash
    22. Goldberg
    23. Rikishi (big ups for gimick with too cool)
    24. Raven
    25. John Morrison (mostly for the amazing moments.)

    Also who are the best mid level-jobbers, even though some are already listed.


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