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    IMHO half of TNA's problem is their marketing. I am an avid watcher of Spike TV. I love Gangland, Prison, Repo Men, etc. and the ONLY time I see a TNA during Impact. THAT'S A PROBLEM!! I DO NOT watch USA unless its WWE or a movie, and DURING RAW, I never see a commercial for RAW, or Tough Enough, MAYBE Smackdown. MAYBE. Maybe a RAW commercial during Tough Enough, but that's it. Whenever I end up watching a movie on USA, I see at least 2 commercials in the 3 hours of the movie. See the difference? And I'm not just talking about when they play The Condemend, I'm talking when they play How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

    Yes TNA booking is as if WWE and WCW fucked and a mentally handicapped baby, BUT their marketing is REALLY where they are lacking. TNA's BIGGEST problem, is that they are SO SET on trying to be everything WWE isn't, instead of being TNA. They're SO SET on recreating the NWO/Coorporation (Immortal) the Four Horsemen/Evolution (Fortune) and keeping people in the ring that shouldn't be (Dreamer, Devon, Hogan) that they just blow it all. They did that bullshit with Sting's promo EXACTLY like Undertaker's ONE WEEK in advance of his second coming, and then they threw Amazing Red under a hood and pushed him as a luchador in order to combat Sin Cara. Really? People watched TNA because they liked seeing the X-Division, PUSH THAT. People watched TNA because they liked seeing guys like Samoa Joe,Anderson, AJ Styles, Pope, Abyss PUSH THAT. If used right people even like to see the vets helping out the young guys (Sting.Flair.Angle.Jarrett) PUSH THAT! Honestly, besides nostalgia nobody wants to see Sting/Hogan '11 or Sting/Flair '11, BUT Flair/Lethal? Yes. Sting/Styles? (BFG) Yes. PUSH THAT!
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