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    If you had the money to start a wrestling company?

    If you had the money to start a wrestling company
    who would you have

    20 wrestlers
    10 diva's
    you can pick tna and wwe employees but not like cena,orton,hhh or hogan,flair,sting
    mostly go for independent talent
    what would you call your company then brand

    PS: format it like this



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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    I would but I would have to have like a 100 million pounds to start with because starting anything like this your gonna make a loss for years before you do break even or turn profit name for the company only got something lame like Ulitmate Wrestling Entertainment because i agree with wwe that you cant be boxed in on just wrestling you wont make major money and if you dont make major money you cant get bigger names or talent or increase the pay of your talent I would call them wrestlers wouldnt go into films though.

    I would have 2 on a occasions 3 tv shows bare in mind im in the UK so Wednesday,Tuesday and Monday nights Wouldnt have name for the shows like UFC just have company name abreviated and 1,2,3 etc I wouldnt try to compete with WWE just it would be a different league like in football/soccer you the english league,spainish league,italian league etc and they transfere between them maybe try and work WWE and loan talent that they arent using or doing anything with like zack rhyder by offering to pay his basic rate of pay so wwe dont lose money PPVs every 6 weeks

    Talent Not big on Indie women wrestlers but heres the 20 guys Id want

    CM Punk(if the rumors are that his contract expires soon and wants time off it could be possible if i was doing it now)

    Chris Jericho(bend over backwards because hes not under a contract as best I know)

    Jay Leathal

    Matt Vaughn(a welsh indie wrestler ive seen a couple of times)

    The UK KID(trained by shawn michaels no less calls his superkick the british lovetap a great heel he came out to the ring in an event i went to and everyone was chanting UK Kid he cut this promo and by the time he handed the mic back to the announcer every chanted UK Pussy,deserves the big time i think)

    Pac(a UK legend)

    not sure what tna are doing with him but Douglas Williams

    Petey Williams

    Austin Aeries

    Colt Cabana

    Mark Jindrak

    Low Ki

    Giant Bernard


    Shelton Benjamin

    charlie haas

    Chris Daniels


    Ken Doane

    Mike Knox


    Masato Tanaka

    Ball Mahoney

    and go from there really lol

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    1. A.J. Styles
    2. Amazing Red
    3. Douglas Williams
    4. Eric Young
    5. Brutus Magnus
    6. Crimson
    7. James Storm
    8. Kazarian
    9. Samoa Joe
    10. Alex Shelley
    11. Alberto Del Rio
    12. C.M. Punk
    13. Randy Orton
    14. John Morrison
    15. Shaemus
    16. Sin Cara
    17. The Miz
    18. Wade Barrett
    19. Zack Ryder
    20. Ezekiel Jackson

    Knockouts: ( . Y . )

    1. Mickie James
    2. Sarita
    3. O.D.B.
    4. Tara
    5. Rosita
    6. Beth Phoenix
    7. Gail Kim
    8. Karma
    9. Natalya
    10. Tamina

    Established Wrestlers To Push Young Talent:

    1. Bully Ray
    2. Sting
    3. Jeff Jarrett
    4. Kurt Angle
    5. Scott Steiner
    6. Kane
    7. Big Show
    8. Mark Henry
    9. Triple H
    10. William Regal

    Announcers And Interviewers:

    1. Jerry "King" Lawler
    2. Taz
    3. Mike Tenay

    1. "Mean" Gene Okerlund
    2. Christy Hemme
    3. Josh Mathews

    Others I want to add:

    1. Kofi Kingston
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. The Usos
    4. Jack Swagger
    5. Drew McIntyre
    6. Matt Morgan
    7. Chris Sabin
    8. Kurt Hawkins
    9. Mason Ryan
    10. Justin Gabriel

    Eye Candy ( . Y . ) (never to be used as wrestlers)

    1. The Bellas
    2. Kelly Kelly
    3. Layla
    4. Maryse
    5. Alicia Fox
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    If i had the money to start my own company, i would hire my own original talent, but then also hire a load of ex WWE talent and put them over my originals.

    Oh wait...


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    Well in retrospect this needs more details such as Network (if any) or rather said form of broadcast (mostly if its TV or the Internet), Headquarters or main broadcast location (like TNA/IW does in Florida) or if they will travel the country (a la WWE) and other quirks like that.

    So if I had the money to start my own wrestling company I'd build it in Canada show it across TNT or a monthly charged website with cheap prices of course, dont wanna scare people away by having them pay over $50 a month at first >=) I'd travel outside of Canada for PPV's or special events across alliances I would form with companies around the world AAA and ROH just to set an example.

    I would call it The Elite Wrestling Empire and have 2 shows on Tuesdays and Fridays called Mayhem and Frenzy respectively, have real people as a booking team no former wrestlers or overhyped people like Hogan, Bischoff or Heyman (sorry to those who like him but I feel its true), have former wrestlers act as scouts, trainers or considerably on a producer's role, etc.

    Promote like a moth'f'r via TV, radio, posters, local sports events, etc. around Canada and the places where the PPV's would be held. Have great entertainment like maybe a house band for intermissions, contest for backstage passes or merchandise like shirts, masks, etc. and so on and so on.

    Make sure all or most of the talents are signed for at least 3 years with the options to participate in other non televised promotions if they are not used on TV (much like Eric Young has in TNA) under regular pay of $500-1,000 per show and maybe $2-4,000 if they are champion over a schedule of 30+ weeks or something so they can rest and spend time with family and whatnot a year thats an average of about $15-30,000 as a regular employee to a raise of $60-120,000 a year if youre a champ a year for 3 years is $45-90,000 to $180-360,000 for the duration of the contracts via 30 wrestlings contracts you do the math.....phew!!! but I understand those prices are a bit low so yeah again do the math with even more money.......yeah I know!!!!

    Now the key aspect the talent:

    20 wrestlers across 3 major separations which are Main Eventers, Midcarders and Tag Teams

    6 Main Event stars: C.M. Punk, A.J. Styles, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

    6 Midcarders: Petey Williams, Nick Nemeth aka Dolph Ziggler to most of you, Erick Stevens, MVP, from recently enjoying one of his videos I'll say PAC and Jay Lethal

    4 Tag Teams (8 wrestlers): Beer Money, The Briscoes, The Kings of Wrestling and MCMG

    My ten women who I'd call Vixens would be:

    Mickie James, The Canadian Ninjas, Daffney, Chistina Von Eerie, Lizzy Valentine, Lita, Jazz, Serena Deeb and MsChif

    Other talents I'd hire over time: Ken Doane, Teddy Hart, Young Bucks, WGTT, LAX, etc...

    Titles: EWE World Championship, EWE Tag Team Championships, EWE Vixen's Championship and the EWE Intercontinental Championship

    Rest of Staff:

    Commentators: William Regal and JBL
    Backstage Interviewer: Torrie Wilson
    Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia

    That about covers everything one would need to start his/her own wrestling company.
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    I would buy an exotic Island, build a huge mansion on it and never work again and some nice company offcourse.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''

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    Sorry, couldn't keep it at 20 lol. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

    Name: Rather not say.

    Titles: Florida/North American/World Heavyweight Championship
    Florida/N.A./World Light Heavyweight Championship (Wrestlers 215 lbs or lower).
    Florida/N.A./World Tag-Team Championship
    Florida/N.A./World Television Championship (15 minute Rule, defended weekly. If the champion succesfully defends the
    title 10 times in a row, he gets a Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, or Tag-team title shot.)
    Florida/N.A./World Women's Championship

    In my company there will be more of an emphasis on weight limits. Matches outside your natural weight class will be considered exhibition matches (obviously unless it's for the TV title). Also each title, except for the Television title is equal to the other. Just because you're the Heavyweight champion doesn't mean you're the top dog. Who's in the main event is up to the fans.

    HW Division: Alberto Del Rio (Heel)
    Bobby Roode (Face)
    CM Punk (Tweener)
    Chris Jericho (Veteran Face/Heel)
    Chris Hero (Face)
    Cody Rhodes (Face/Heel)
    Doug Williams (Face/Heel)
    Dolph Ziggler (Heel) (under his real name, Nick Nemeth)
    Hiroshi Tanahashi (Tweener)
    Eric Young (Face/Heel) (In his World Elite Gimmick & with Jericho as his manager/mentor).
    Montel Vontavious Porter (Face/Heel)
    Richie Steamboat (Face)
    Samoa Joe (Tweener)
    Tyler Black (Face/Heel)
    Wade Barrett (Face/Heel)

    LHW Division: AJ Styles (Face)
    Alex Shelley (Face/Heel)
    Austin Aries (Heel)
    Bryan Danielson (Face)
    Davey Richards (Face)
    Eddie Edwards (Face/Heel)
    Evan Bourne (Face)
    Kota Ibushi (Face)
    Kyle O'Reilly (Face)
    Laredo Kid (Face)
    Lowki (Tweener)
    Petey Williams (Heel)
    Sin Cara (Face)
    Teddy Hart (Heel) (Leader of my Hart Dynasty)
    Volador Jr. (Face)

    Tag-Team Division: Air Africa, Kofi Kingston & Justin Gabriel (Face)
    Bo & Duke Rotundo (Face/Heel)
    Prince Devitt & Sheamus (as Stephen Farrelly) (Heel)
    The Hooliganz, Paul London & Brian Kendrick (Face)
    The Hart Dynasty, Harry Smith & TJ Wilson (Heel)

    Women's Division: Awesome Kong (Face/Heel)
    Ayako Hamada (Face)
    Beth Phoenix (Face)
    Daizee Haze (Face)
    Gail Kim (Face/Heel)
    Layla El (Face/Heel)
    Natalie Neidhart (Heel) (Member of the Hart Dynasty)
    Sara Del Rey (Heel)
    Sarona Snuka (Face)
    Taylor Wilde (Face)

    On Air Roles: Commissioner: Nigel Mcguinness
    Broadcasting Announcers: Michael Schiavello & William Regal
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    American Prestige Wrestling...
    i would hire Easy E Eric Bichoff as my President
    Announce team Tony Shivoni and JBL...back stage interviews conducted by the Great Khali's ex Translator

    Dave Batista
    Chris Jericho
    Matt Morgan
    Rob Van Dam
    Kurt Angle
    Bill Goldberg

    Shelton Benjamen
    Daniel Bryan
    AJ Styles
    John Morrison
    Low Ki

    Petey William's
    Buff Bagwell
    Joey Mercury
    Super Crazy

    Teddy Hart and David Hart Smith {id make them a Tag team}
    Gene Snitcky and Mike Knox {id make them a tag team}
    Generation Me
    New Age Outlaw's

    No Women Wrestler's.... id hire just Velvet Sky, and Maryse for cat fights {like the ol ECW Days}

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    I wouldn't hire any wrestlers I'd have teams build human-size robots and have them destroy each other under a bullet-proof dome.


    Robot wins when it rips out/destroys the "heart" of it's opponent.

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    Confederate Championship Wrestling

    Main Event Scene
    AJ Styles (face)
    CM Punk (heel)
    Tyler Black (heel)
    Davey Richards (face)
    Matt Morgan (face)
    Claudio Castignoli (heel)

    Mid Card Scene
    Jay Lethal (face)
    Christopher Daniels (heel)
    El Generico (face)
    Daniel Bryan (heel)
    Drew McIntyre (face)
    Vladmir Kozlov (heel)

    Tag Team Scene
    Briscoe Brothers (face)
    Beer Money, Inc. (heel)
    World's Greatest Tag Team (heel)
    Rock n Rave Infection (face)

    Kharma (heel)
    Roxxi (face)
    Beth Phoenix (heel)
    Christina Von Eerie (face)
    ODB (heel)
    Natalya (face)
    Daffney (heel)
    Britani Knight (face)
    MsChif (heel)
    LuFisto (face)

    Announce Team

    JBL and Jim Ross
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again; Instead of Chyna concentrating on getting back into wrestling she needs to concentrate on getting that 8 inch she-bean that she has hanging between her legs removed...


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