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    Jon "Bones" Jones

    My question is what do you guys think of Jon Jones. I know personally me and alot of my friends a very high on this young up and comer. He has amazing takedowns, a wild unpredictable offence, and personally I think one of the most devastating ground and pounds in MMA today if not history. I mean the guy won his last fight without throwing a punch. He got the takedown and then finished him with elbows. He has only lost one fight and that was because he was brutally beating the man on the ground and hit him with 1 illegal elbow and they DQed him. I know he is the future i just wanted your thoughts on him and who he should fight next.

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    Jon Jones vs Forrest Griffin should be next it would give Jones his first real test because as we all have seen Forrest is pretty hard to finsih and Griffin isn't exactly in the title hunt at the moment .
    It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

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    I don't want to see this at all! Jones is too fast for Forrest!

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    is a good fighter, but has to face a top fighter. Forrest Griffin is a good choice.

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    Bones Jones is a great, young talent that may very well be the future of the 205 division. It looks like Forrest will be his next opponent and that will be a great test for him. I think Shogun's BJJ skill is too much for him right now, but this young man has plenty of time to work on his skill set and he could be very very good. I look forward to seeing him fight for many years to come.

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    I don't think fans want to see Forrest lose. Next fight is scheduled to be against Bader. I would really like to see these two meet further down the line. Looks like the UFC is thinning out the stepping stone fighters like Jardine. I rather see Jones against Franklin or T Silva.


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