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    Quote Originally Posted by el gabo View Post
    Totally with you on this Robstar. Mickie James is an AWESOME talent, #1 womans wrestler IMO. But, TNA just gets way too happy with mere NAMES. I have no problem with them signing her, my problem is when they pay her (and many other UNDESERVING wrestlers) more money than let's say Kong who has been there ages ago and has helped build the company and its fanbase. Right around when Kong was still there, the KO segments were the ones they rated highest. Now , they have Tara (excellent wrestler also) but, the KO's division stinks. You need a balance between new and established.
    The KO division stinks in your opinion, when in fact it has been the highest rated segment on impact aside from a few main events. And if you look at the roster in TNA, youll notice that 80 to 90% of the TNA roster is former WWE employes. Only a very select few can say they have had no dealings with the WWE, one being Sting....(NAME!!!). Hotrod's post is dead on the mark. Some people will criticize no matter what. Unfortunately the sheep outnumber the fans, and no matter how you spin it, thats the reason WWE has the ratings, they have the sheep.

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    I have no problem with who they sign. I do have a problem with their rehashed story lines. It's WCW all over again and look what happened. Also, there never seems to be any follow up, a feud starts between two guys and then... nothing. TNA claims to push "their" guys but I every time they sign a former WWE guy, a title is immediately put on him (her). TNA has solid talent and can be fun to watch but the story lines are not good. Also, I get angry when TNA is the trendy pick because they are "So much better" than WWE. Have of those wrestlers don't sell their moves. Cena gets busted on for his amazing comebacks, watch TNA and they are all "SuperCena." Sorry to bust on TNA so harshly, I like better than I make it sound.

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    A huge thing holding TNA back is that they cant build their own talent and make these guys look like stars. TNA cant make anyone a big name... unless they're simply PHENOMENAL.

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    Its like the new kid in school. If the kid is cool enough, different enough from the rest of the kids, everyone flocks to him. They want to learn about the things he has done and what else he can do. But eventually the new kid becomes the old kid and the others just aren't as interested in him anymore. TNA is no longer the new kid and they are progressively becoming more and more like the others. We (I dont at least) dont hate TNA though, we are just want the new kid feel back.
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    mate, wwe used wcw and ecw rejects all the tym so its just a part of pro wrestling.
    its not like football (soccer if ya american) were you can go to hundreds of teams its only tna or wwe or then the indies so its a cycle.
    as 4 u dnt tna cz the storylines are famiiar, did u see the way dreamer put over fortune? WOW that has never bin done b4, and abyss torturing innocent ppl wow its a bit OTT buts its psychotic and hasnt been done b4.
    and as for hogan and flair, show sum respect fool.
    hogans been in hospital and hasnt appears in TNA in AGES and hasnt had a match ince that tag macth, as for flair he is the new jj dillon andaint wrasslin so chill, atm TNA is absolutely brilliant. i love seein legends like hogan and flair doin promos n shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPEEINTHESHOWER View Post
    robstar consider yourself one of the sheep, baaaaaaa baaaaa baaaaaa saying "pity party" hardy confirms it. baaaaaa baaaaa baaaa i know i should say sheep bleats as a verb but i thought i would imitate the sound for you since clearly your IQ is not up to par.
    SMH. You really have no idea have you? Have you ever heard the expression that if one person says something, so what, but if dozens and dozens are saying the same thing, then maybe you should take notice? Probably not. So if there was 100 people who'd say Hardy was a whinger and 100 who'd say he isn't, then why is only one of those groups sheep? Are they all sheep or all groups of free thinkers who feel the same? You want to carry on about IQ, yet you cannot seem to work out where punctuation should be applied.

    Baaaaa might be right in this case - as in be careful you don't get BARRED from this site. Your constant personal insults to other users has been noted on several occasions. If you can't work out how to debate a point without childish insults, I will escort you to the door myself. Ok, dude?

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    this is suppose to b a disscussion people why u figthting...

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    i think i struck a nerve with the IQ thing. The last time i checked this was a discussion thread. I bring up valuable points in all my post and I get people thinking, in the future i will be more sensitive to the people that cant get my humor. Its sad i hurt your feelings and you act like a tough guy (on the internets) because you feel my so called insults upset you. FYI insults only hurt if they fit. By the way i will be writing to the owners and let them judge my post. Last but not least the only door you can show me is your mom's backdoor. (its called a joke, deal with it and lighten up)

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    It has nothing to do with being a sheep. TNA had their own thing going when they had the six-sided ring, the innovation of the Ultimate X matches, the 6-sided cages, but when Hogan and Bischoff came in and decided that the company didn't need that type of stuff, that's when things went downhill. And I personally don't care to see Mickie James in TNA. I enjoyed the knockouts of the past. Awesome Kong, The Beautiful People, Taylor Wilde's great, but not getting used the right way and Tara was even a good signing. I really don't care to see another WWE performer in TNA. That all ended with Kennedy. This was supposed to be a guy that was going to be given the company at WWE, but threw it away with a failed drug test that ended up giving us Hornswoggle as Vince McMahon's son. I don't want to see Tommy Dreamer, and I don't want to see AJ forcing himself to be a heel. I'll watch just because I'm a fan of both and I love wrestling, but it doesn't mean that I have to like the direction that the company's going.

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    Good or bad signing, I'm glad to see Mickie on TV again. But don't call her a WWE reject, She was in TNA first.


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