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    Angry Proof that certain wrestling fans will hate TNA no matter what they do..............

    I just read that TNA have signed Mickie James, which I believe will be a very good signing. My gripe is this;
    When WWE first released Mickie James there were many people saying TNA "needs to sign her", saying she would be "brilliant for TNA".
    Now that she has signed for Dixie Carters company many "fans", including some of those that said how good she would be in TNA, are saying "oh great, another WWE reject", and "Mickie James is a bad signing" etc!!

    Seriously guys, is it just me or does anybody else seem to think that no matter what TNA do, no matter how good it becomes, a large portion of wrestling "fans" will still crap all over it just because its not the WWE, and their puppet master (vince) is not the one behind it all??

    The way I see it, there are two different types of wrestling fan................................

    (1) The pro-wrestling fan - the fan that enjoys wrestling, both matches and storylines, no matter which promotion is showing it, as long as its entertaining. The fan that is not afraid to watch something new, something that none of his/her friends watch If you like it, you watch it and you support it, screw what everybody else thinks!!

    (2) The pro-wrestling sheep - the fan that watches what all his friends/family/colleagues watch. The fan that is too frightened to have his/her own opinion and watch whichever show they like. The fan that is brainwashed into thinking WWE is what pro wrestling should be, and will not switch to a rival promotion no matter how bad the WWE gets!!

    Sorry for ranting peeps, just had to get that off my chest lol

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    It might be a rant but it doesn't make you any less right!

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    mate, everything you have just said is SPOT ON!
    i agree with you soo much

    ppl wer like oh tna should sign RVD he is amazing and as soon as they sign him, they are like err RVD is old and a wwe reject i mean wtf ppl grow da fuk up and grow a set of balls u ignorant shits
    it gets mi so angry

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    i totally agree with u...i bet u if hogan came back to wwe they would say omg its hogan awesome and not make fun of him...the factg is that people are used to wwe every week and cannot give another company a chance...i bet u if all the main stars from wwe came to tna they woull stild shit all over tna...just sayin tna is slowly going up house show numbers are up and ratings well they aint accurate as not everyone who watches impact has a nielson box and spike is not even half as big as usa yeah...tna will get shiz on alot cuz people think its the right thing to do and bcuz vince made em think that

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    Man, I feel you. the only thing I disagree with wrestling is that they need to show more passion into building up rivaries, and show more prestige into their titles. i'm talking about both TNA and WWE.

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    well, well, well, finally someone that i agree totally with. WE have so many sheep in the rasslin community, i'm surprised there is any grass left. From the cena haters to the people that say fat hardy / meth hardy to vickie pissing on eddie's grave all i can say is i feel sorry for you if you think this is what most people that watch rasslin think. Be original, in other words be you, dont hate because you think thats the norm, it isnt, it just shows your lack of intelligence. hater's are going to hate but the thing is no one is listening and that my friend is real, damn real.

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    i am one of those people who speak about wwe rejects but mickie james in my opinion is not one and either is mr anderson or rvd i think those 3 are great signings and the pope is one to now that ive seen him grow but back after he was released and first signed i thought it was a horrible move and them signing another wwe reject it just depends on the wrestler they sign in my opinion. i personally dont watch tna anymore bc the storylines looked liek they have been done before with some of the same wrestlers if you know what i mean and the hogan and flair thing just pissed me off and i dont want to watch their saggy bodes on tv anymore

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    I don't know of anyone at this site at least who thinks Vince is so great. In fact, I think we can all pretty much agree he's lost his marbles to a large degree.

    Anyway, if you are going to reference what other "fans" are saying, maybe provide a link or two for example. There's too many types of posts like this, where someone randomly fires a cannon across the deck, thereby avoiding real debate with those who might actually hold this opinion - because to aim is to blame right? These broad sweeping generalisations of how others see things are inaccurate and unfair, since the right of reply is nullified by the lack of any sort of clarity regarding your target.

    Let me break it down for you. I don't consider myself a "WWE sheep" but I do think that TNA signing Mickie James is not necessarily a good thing. The same as if they signed Matt "Pity Party" Hardy - how much do you think they're going to add to this company? Should TNA push Mickie hard, thereby disrespecting all their current Knockouts by making them look inferior? Should they bury Mickie in order to make themselves look more over? Either way, you know that there's at least 2 Knockouts that are going to suffer at the cost of signing Mickie James. All that exposure this 'marquee' signing will get has to affect someone - my picks are Taylor Wilde & Hamada.
    And I love Mickie James and the Knockout division in TNA. But really, I don't know where she will fit. I also wonder what they are paying her in relation to the other Knockouts.

    Don't rag on the "fans" when it's Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff who are actually the ones who are putting so much value in all these ex-WWE stars that they are rushing to sign which has given birth to 3 new problems -
    1)The REAL talent of TNA is being held back and overlooked because of it
    2)They seem to have no forethought, when signing them, of what the hell to do with them or how to book them
    3)They must be running out of money

    They are so blinded by the glare of excitement generated by signing a 'name' that it's spoiling everything in TNA. If it keeps up this way, tuning into TNA will in a year or two (providing they are still a functioning company) will be like watching WWE's 3rd brand. I liked TNA better before the 'WWE Invasion'.

    That's why signing Mickie James might not be the best thing for TNA.

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    robstar consider yourself one of the sheep, baaaaaaa baaaaa baaaaaa saying "pity party" hardy confirms it. baaaaaa baaaaa baaaa i know i should say sheep bleats as a verb but i thought i would imitate the sound for you since clearly your IQ is not up to par.

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    Totally with you on this Robstar. Mickie James is an AWESOME talent, #1 womans wrestler IMO. But, TNA just gets way too happy with mere NAMES. I have no problem with them signing her, my problem is when they pay her (and many other UNDESERVING wrestlers) more money than let's say Kong who has been there ages ago and has helped build the company and its fanbase. Right around when Kong was still there, the KO segments were the ones they rated highest. Now , they have Tara (excellent wrestler also) but, the KO's division stinks. You need a balance between new and established.

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