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    Name: Abel

    Height: 7'2

    Weight: 423lbs

    Alignment: Tweener Face

    Theme Song:

    Signature Moves: Running Big Boot, Clothesline, Powerslam

    Finishers: Chokeslam, Powerbomb, Alabama Slam

    Description: Abel is a mad man, a deranged soul. He is most known as being part of Nightmare Madness is Blacklist Wrestling Alliance, where is a former World Champion, and the first ever Undisputed World Champion. Following the lose of his championship belt, he was belittled by his partner Jason Alexander, for which Abel Chokeslamed him out of BWA. However the new Champions fearing Abel, aligned them selves with EWNCW during the war, sidelining Abel for the better part of a month. During tis time Abel began to lose his grip on reality and most noticeably lose the ability to control his temper. A childhood friend known as Orion remembered this happening to Abel as a child, he also remembered that a doctor constructed a mask that seemed to restrain Abel's anger. Orion found this mask and explained to the doctors that Abel needed this mask. So, now while wearing the mask Abel is reserved and almost zombish to how he moves, but when the mask is taken off a monster is unleashed! Losing grip on reality also had another effect, he nows sees beings, which he refers to as The Children, these imaginary children guide Abel is what he does, often yelling for him to kill or cause chaos and pain. Abel very rarely speaks (Not sure how this works when it comes promo time) as he often lets his actions speak for him, when he does speak it is to deliver a message from The Children. Abel is brought to the ring by a group of security and refs who restrain him and take the mask off him so he may compete. Abel has come to EWNCW to deliver as he calls it, the revenge of The Children
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    Newest character

    Quote Originally Posted by The Unholy Father
    Name: Raden Blain

    Nickname: The Unholy Savior

    Height: 7'1"

    Weight: 395lbs

    From: Jerusalem, Isreal

    Entrance theme: I'm Not Jesus by Apocalyptica

    Alignment: Heel

    Signature(s): Big Boot, Stalling Suplex, Flap Jack, Military Press, Spear, Cross Body, Neck Breaker, Figure Four Leg Lock, Cloverleaf, STF, Cross Arm Breaker, Camal Clutch.

    Finishers: Chokebomb, Moonsault, SuperKick

    Bio: Born in America, his parents brought him to the holy city of Jerusalem because of their devotion to God. After his parents were killed by anti religious protesters he was raised by a preist who beat him until he was 17 when he finally killed him in self defense. Hating God for allowing bad things to continue happening to him joined up with a anti religious cult. Feeling as though it was his destiny to remove religion from the world he comes to Alpha Revolution to spread his unholy message.

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    Name: Rain

    Age: 29

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 240lbs

    From: Springfield, Mass

    Finsiher(s): Shining Wizard

    Devil's Lock

    Signature Moves: Tornado DDT, Superkick, Moonsault, Running Bulldog


    Alignment: Tweener Face

    Description: Rain, lost his memories as a teen, he remembers nothing of his childhood, he was found by Abel and Orion. Like Abel, Rain is mentally unstable, he has major blackout and remembers very little, he is an angry soul. Rain choose his own name because he says it is the only thing that calms him. Rain has spent the better part of 8 years locked away in a psychiatric facilty to try and control his rage and attempt to regain his memory. For the saftey of not only fans, but officials he is brought to the ring on a stretcher, his arms and legs strapped down and his face covered with a sack. The majority of his days are spent like this, except during the 4 hours he is allowed to train and of course during his matches. Rain was brought to EWNCW by Orion, who hopes that EWNCW will strengthen him mentally and allow him to remember.
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    Gotcha both! Thanks guys!

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    Had to edit the info, messed up with the theme
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    My Bio

    Height: 7 foot 3
    weight: 152 kilos
    Face or Heel: You could say heel but he hates everyone
    Entrance theme: Ministry of darkness
    Background: Vicious son of a bitch who just likes pounding on people.
    EXECUTION has a scar running from his left eye socket to his jaw line and is very paranoid about it and hence during his life has become just an angry soul who reeks havoc whereever he goes.
    He is a massive unit who loves the beat down more then titles themselves

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    Name: Andy Cannon

    Billed From: ​Greensboro, NC


    Weight: 245

    Music (please use youtube video):

    Wrestling style: Brawler with some technical skills

    Finisher (please use youtube video if possible): Cradle Shock

    Signatures (useful to know these when choosing matches for your character): Spinning spinebuster, hotshot, Samoan drop, belly-to-belly suplex, impaler DDT, ghourdbuster, double underhook backbreaker, punch flurries

    Alignment: Face/Tweener?

    Any additional information/background/bio (again useful when choosing matches): Grew up with a passion for wrestling, often attending events at the famous Greensboro Coliseum . Began wrestling on the indy circuit at age 17 before coming to EWNCW. Was taken captive by the Collective & changed into Captain Howdy. He has now escaped & looking to make an impact as his real self.
    Andy Cannon - EWNCW
    Former Inferno Ignition Champion: 11/12/12 - 5/27/13

    "The Southern Warrior" Chris Gatling - IWA

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    Name : K-Jammin. Nicknames: K-Jam, KJ, Jamster
    Height : 6ft 2in
    Weight : 224 lbs
    Music :
    Wrestling style : Think Shawn Michaels
    Finisher (please use youtube video if possible) : HeadJam! ( Sweet Chin Music )
    Signatures (useful to know these when choosing matches for your character) : Moonsault, Sharpshooter
    Alignment : Heel
    Any additional information/background/bio (again useful when choosing matches) :

    Born into a middle class family in small town south of England, KJ has been excluded from every single school he has attended mainly due to fighting. When he was 16, he got fired from his first job in a local shop for having sex with his bosses 40 year old wife. After getting kicked out of his house by his parents at the age of 18 for not being able to help pay rent. KJ joined an illegal underground fight club, but on only the second visit he got rushed to hospital with a punctured lung and a concussion. A few months after that he joined a wrestling school, only to be the only guy in shape. After training there for 9 months he then got kicked out for choking out the trainer and not letting go. Now with some wrestling skills under his belt, he starting wrestling for local British indies. He then travelled to America and joined the Indie circuit there, making an even bigger impact and making even more enemies. After just 3 months in the American Indie's, he was approached by JBW, and KJ jumped at the chance. After becoming a two time JBW World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jam then made the shocking move to EWNCW and is now pissing off a whole new audience.
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    2X JBW World Champion
    1X EWNCW World Champion
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    Name: "Nightmare"

    Height: 6'4''

    Weight: 280lbs

    Alignment: Heel

    Theme Song:

    Signature Moves: Short arm clotheline, DDT,

    Finishers: GTS knee, WMD punch

    Background: "Nightmare" is a complex individual. Now hailing from The Andorian Mountains, Nightmare is a former patient of the Andorian Psychiatric mental institution where he was a model patient, he was granted release back into society but once he was back in society, he noticed that the world was a completely different place than what it was when he went into the institution. Not being able to handle the changes that society had forced upon him Nightmare went on a violent rampage hurting, maiming, and destroying anyone that dare cross him. His violence was so uncontrollable that he was recommitted back into the institution where he went on yet another violent rampage killing two aides that were only doing their jobs as they were trying to treat him for his violent outbursts.
    He escaped from the institution and went into hiding.

    Nightmare's soul was so severely tortured, broken, and unpure that he begged for help from the monks, Sir Gunther Wigbert took it upon himself to bring this man back from the brink of disaster, he trained him in the fine arts of Mui Tai kickboxing, judo, karate, hand to hand combat, and wrestling, making him the finest warrior monk that has ever set foot out of the Andorian Mountains, but with all this training came a price, a price so big it took all he had to be able to finally persevere and commit to it...You see this man has taken a vow of silence, he is to never utter another word. And with his vow to this he has taken it one step further and has hidden himself from the entire world. His scars, his features, EVERYTHING this man was is now hidden from the world, and all you will see before you is my Warrior Monk.
    ~~Silence and Violence~~
    My two favorite things

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    Name: Broc Flucker

    Height: 6 feet 4 inches

    Weight: 258 pounds

    Face/Heel: Heel

    Attire: entering the ring Broc wears a Steelers jersey with Black and Gold short tights. Also wears Black boots. He will be seen backstage with some sort of Pittsburgh T-shirt and sweat pants. He also wears a Steelers headband in matches.

    Physical Looks: Broc's current hair is a sort of shaggy/curly type look, it doesn't go down past the shoulders, but it is curly and shaggy.

    Finisher: Spear

    Bio: Broc grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and always loved 2 things, the NFL, and Wrestling. He played football all the way up until college and has been practicing wrestling since he was 15. Broc attended college at the university of Pittsburgh and played college football for the Pittsburgh Panthers, but in his Freshman year he got injured to an ACL tear, and eventually decided to go back to his other love of wrestling signing a 1 year contract with Justifiably Badass Wrestling. For the first 4 months of his career he just seemed to be one of those guys who was content with taking his paycheck and going home, as he was in an unheard of Team named the Pittsburgh Payne, with his partner the God of war. 4 months later he finally began to get hungrier, and not being satisfied with just a paycheck. He dumped the God of War and began competing singly, only 2 months later he was the #1 contender for the WARfare TV Championship. Although he lost his one title opportunity to Holy Jose, that would not stop him as he was drafted to JBW SHOWDOWN where he met up with his cousin Dave Sullivan, and decided to get back into Tag Team action, with Dave sullivan, Broc quickly became JBW SHOWDOWN's first, and longest reigning tag team champions.

    During this run however, Broc''s contract with Justifiably Badass Wrestling finally came to an end. Broc considered himself a true star, and felt he deserved more than JBW was offering him. Broc finally decided to test out the free agents when EWNCW quickly noticed him, and reached out to him. They met the standards that Broc wanted JBW too, as Broc finally decided to sign with EWNCW.



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