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    Name: Abel

    Nickname: "The Mad One"

    Height: 7'2

    Weight: 459lbs

    From: The Broken Sanity of My Mind

    Alignment: Tweener

    Theme Song: Child of Burning Time

    Signature Moves: Running Big Boot, Clothesline, Powerslam
    Finishing Moves: The Children's Choke (Backsuplex into a Chokeslam)
    Electroshock Therapy
    Scorched and Scared

    Bio: Abel's history is no secret. He is deranged, psychotic, delusional. Abel is a dngerous individual who seeks to implement pain on anyone who steps foot in the ring with him. After suffering severe and life threatening burns at the Gates of Hell Match. Abel seems to have lost what sanity he has left.


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