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    EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson:

    DT: EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson here!! Joining me at this time is 'The Great Pharaoh' Seth Ferrell. Seth, we saw you last week issuing a challenge to not one but 2 champions!! Why are you doing this?!

    SF: Why, Thompson? Well because I can. I do this because I am up for it! I am superior to both of them at one time so I'll take both of them at once. And this will be worthy of me! I beat both of them easily and now I'll beat both of them easily again. I will amaze with so much gold.

    DT: I see. Aren't you worried about facing 2 champions in Tommy Thunder and TJ Hawks? Both have held their respective titles for a while now, and I can't imagine they'd want to lose them.

    SF: I can't imagine it either! It doesn't change the outcome. They will. Both of them. The fact that they are both champions is nothing. I am the greatest champion but I haven't been given any gold by EWNCW yet. It's unfortunate really when I deserve it. But champions or no, two champions or no, I will have the gold after the match.

    DT: In an interview with us after this past week's Inferno, Tommy Thunder claimed that you were making a mistake challenging 2 champions. Any thoughts on this?

    SF: Maybe he means my mistake was after losing, neither of them will accept my challenge. But I think they will. When you're big and dumb and slow like them, you are predictable, and their pride is hurt and I will use that to my advantage. Or.. maybe he means it's foolish of me to take on the both of them at once as they might work together to defeat me. Not a big deal. I'll just trick them into getting angry at each other. If that doesn't work, I'll just be too fast for either one.

    DT: Will you walk out of 'Bred for Combat' as the winner?

    SF: Of course I will, Dick. Of course I will.

    DT: Ok, thanks for gracing us with your presence Seth. Be sure to tune in on Thursday to find out the next step in this feud!!
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