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    if i was head of writing storylines...

    pitch your storylines for tna impact!

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    After Abyss reveals "THEM" or "THEY," the group runs amuck until Samoa Joe or a debuting Glen Jacobs(after he, as Kane, finally leaves WWE) confronts them.
    No more promos reminding everyone how "TNA will be taken to the top this way and that way." We get it already.
    Mr. Anderson stays a heel, facing Kurt Angle one on one for TNA title @ Bound For Glory.
    Hogan vs. Flair one on one somehow.
    Jay Lethal or Jeff Hardy win the TV title.
    Disband The Beautiful People somehow. The group has gone long enough.

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    TNA Storylines

    First and formost Hogan wouldn't have a permenent on air role. Id keep him in the back and use him more for creative. (Maybe making 4 appearances a year) Bischoff would do a heel turn and continue to be the GM (booker). Id put the World Title on Sting and then Id reform the Main Event Mafia (Bringing back Booker T and Scott Steiner) who Sting brings back in to team with him and Nash to take out Jarrett. Which they would do and Jarrett would disappear for awhile. Id have AJ Styles drop the Television title to someone (Not quite sure who) Id then disband Fortune. Id do a promo with Flair who says something like Fortune will never live up to the name Ric Flair. Within the next few weeks, Id turn AJ back to a face (even though he is a better heel, they have to many as it is) Id bring in Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, BG James and Kip James who would form The Kliq with Kevin Nash. Booker T and Steiner would question Sting about Nash leaving the Mafia, Sting who would be upset about losing the title wouldn't care and would tell Booker and Steiner they could join him. In the next few weeks Booker and Steiner would question Stings intentions and loyalities to the MEM. They would oust Sting as the head of the Mafia by attacking him (thus turning Sting face) and replacing him with Flair. In an attempt to show that the MEM are still a force to be wreckin' with Flair would bring in Batista as the newest member of the Mafia. Id have Bischoff retire the TNA Knockout's Tag Titles and the TNA X Division Title, limiting the titles to 4 (TNA World Heavyweight, TNA Television, TNA Tag Team and the TNA Knockout's) The reason being is to bring back more prestiege to the titles.

    Im sure I could go on and on ...


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