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    Christian vs Henry?

    -- According to a source, there are plans to do a Christian vs. Mark Henry feud for the World Title. Expect something to go down at tonight's SmackDown! tapings in Orlando, FL.

    What do u guys think of that?

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    Good to fill some time, give Henry some last main event exposure before Rhodes, Sheamus and Barret take over.

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    It will prolong Christians title reign, so thats all good to me, plus its not the 1st time henry has been in the main event, plus if anyone can have a good match with henry, then christian could be that guy.

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    Its a good starting point for Christian. Mark Henry will be on that long list of names as Christian reigns as champion!!!

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    I was honestly shocked when i read that, i had to read it twice to make sure what i read was correct. Nonetheless, this could very well mean Christian is in line for an extended run as Champion. LONG overdue, so i couldn't be happier for him.
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    Great news for Christain and a nice last hoorah for Henry.


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    This could potentially be a pretty decent feud, and I'm almost certain it would mean a longer title reign fro Christian which, of course is an added bonus!

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    I think it's a good thing. Mark Henry's not going to win the title, but he deserves to be in the main event, as he's paid his dues. Also, Christian can have a good match with Henry. Also it means that Christian is in line for a prolonged run as champ, which is what we all want.
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    When Mark was moved from ECW to Raw they teased a main event feud between him and Orton.

    I hope they actually follow through this time, and just think he's a heel now. Guys that big should never be faces, the whole gentle giant thing takes away from their capabilities.


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