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    what is next for these guys??

    After seeing raw i have to questions:

    What is going to happen with cm punk??

    losing to orton leaves him kind of weak and nexus seems to be falling apart, and i hope they are not going to be having a feud with big show and kane because that would be boring.

    Alberto del rio again having a feud with mysterio???

    I hope that is not what will happen because it would be very repetitive and i thought that the reason for the draft is to have new feuds, so i hope it is not a long feud


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    I think it depends on whether or not Punk signs a new contract with WWE. ADR vs Mysterio again would suck, but as we have seen several times before, Vince apparently likes to keep repeating feuds endlessly so who knows.

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    with punk losing on er, i think he will be gone for sure , so he will probably be in a meaningless feud

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    I think Punk will still remain in the WWE.

    As for Rey/ADR feud, its just a small feud till ADR gets his shot at the main title.

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    Punk vs Cena for the WWE Championship, or at least heading to that direction in the near future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uneyque View Post
    Punk vs Cena for the WWE Championship, or at least heading to that direction in the near future.

    After Cena won the WWE title at Extreme rules, I thought immediately that Punk could feud with him for it.
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    A Punk face turn is need at this stage to create new feuds etc , Del vs Cena is very much on the cards. Miz vs Punk would be gold with a face punk .
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    I pray Punk stays, and he is the one to feud with Cena for the belt, hopefully winning it.

    I'd rather see ADR have a go against someone like Morrison, but he's facing R-Truth.

    There should be a face turn on the horizon, not sure who for, or someone pushed?
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    I really hope Punk stays, but if he's unsure, then theyre not going to feud him with Cena for the title.. Split the Nexus up and push him as a solo guy again.. If he signs a new contract then you can start think about seeing him pushed again.


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    I think Nexus breaks up and Punk has a feud with Mason Ryan


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