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    Mason ryan needs to develope and just squash dudes in the mean time with little effort...and if he doesn't develop then have cm punk destroy him.

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    Sometimes it seems like he's very hesitant...or nervous or something. He also need to work on his facial expressions. Pretty much Kane instructed him through that little bit where he stopped the chokeslam.

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    I personally think that big muscle men are getting very old and boring to watch.

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    Maybe this is meant to be a push for CM Punk. Maybe we will see Punk/Ryan as the next Tag Champs, for no other purpose than to allow Punk a wider pool of opponents for singles feuds, while Ryan merely acts as Punk's enforcer who "just happens to be 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions."

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    Mason Ryan is going to be big in WWE in every sense of the word. He has the look, and the tools to achieve greatness. He still needs a bit of work in the ring, but he ca do it.

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    First Welsh WWE Champion!

    GMU - UTID!
    2012 - 2nd!

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    Too early in my opinion but good to see him looking strong and not being jobbed out , I can see Corre and Nexus joining together soon .
    "Everybody wants to call me the Triple H of Ring of Honor, I think that’s hilarious. I would prefer to call Triple H the CM Punk of the WWE"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowki View Post
    First Welsh WWE Champion!
    I've got hight hopes for this to happen, so I just hope WWE give him the chance!!

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    he is on his way up

    Well what comes of it, we might just have to wait and see. However it looks like Ryan's gonna get a push and his first stepping stone will be punk and the rest of the guys in nexus. The old "I out grew you" type of micheals super kicking marty

    Now weather this is too much too soon, with the youth movement alot of guys are getting pushes fast. There is only one problem. Once you get to the top it gets a little crowded, and the guys up there have been playing politics for awhile and aren't planning on laying down to die just yet. VKM has made exceptions before, and is said to have a real stiffy for Ryan. So this should be intresting to say the least

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