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    Mason Ryan's Push?

    Hey guys, after this week's Raw, it is clear that Mason Ryan is going to get a big push. However, this leads to the question of how will he be pushed?

    Personally, I see a Punk face turn (if he stays) and putting over Ryan at Summerslam, eventually leading to a feud with Cena around Survivor Series (after Cena's done with ADR during the summer).

    What do you guys think?

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    One thing is for sure & that is Mason Ryan is getting a major push as a heel. He just needs to work on his mechanics though. He comes across awkward looking.

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    I dont see him as a futere main eventer.

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    I know he will get a big push but I personally dont think hes ready for one.Hes decent in the ring and has a great look but hes yet to develop an actual character.

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    Yea I agree with Scottland, he just doesn't look natural in the ring. Seems like he sometimes botches certain moves, and just hasn't gotten the flow down quite yet, but imo he has potential to be huge as a heel.

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    I don't care how, I just want it to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottland View Post
    One thing is for sure & that is Mason Ryan is getting a major push as a heel. He just needs to work on his mechanics though. He comes across awkward looking.
    Looks green. And he has to come up with something else than "Come on!"

    "I am not a NUGGET!"

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    Mason Ryan definetly doesnt need to be main eventing yet. He looks sloppy in the ring and honestly and this shouldnt matter as much as it does but he doesnt even have his own finisher! I would be happier if they slapped a Huge Powerbomb than a sideaffect rock bottom. Since Ezekial Jackson already does the standing Rock Bottom.

    AND.. maybe this is the reason why Punk is thinking about leaving? Being pushed to the side once again while someone with less talent and bigger muscles takes the lead.

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    honestly i think he isnt ready for a feud, did you see the match, few second into the match and he was ready to main event bootchamania

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    Clearly, WWE is trying to make Mason Ryan out as the "new" Animal-like Batista.

    P.S. I'm guessing that Batista must have turned down WWE's offer if Mason Ryan is getting a Batista-like characterzation so quickly.

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