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    Best Promo Ever- and a little of mickie james


    Honestly there arent many good promos nowadays.
    So i thought id share what I thought was the best promo ever.

    Edge Vs. John Cena Unforgiven 2006-TLC Match for the WWE title
    It makes a chill go up my spine when edge says...TABLES!...LADDERS!..AND CHAIRS!

    AND if u want post ur favorite promo

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    my fav has to be the promo from summerslam 98 austin vs taker high way to hell it was made so well and suited the match perfectly and i think was 1st time they used a song for a ppv i might be wrong but that is my fav ever

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    Paul Heyman's "Wrestlers" promo before Survivor Series 2001, basically critisizing everything to do with WWF(at the time). I loved his enthusiasm towards the "We don't have superstars.. we have WRESTLERS!" bit, haha. I also found it funny that about half of the crowd were cheering during the promo, that always sticks out in my memory, hehe
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    Mine was probably the one going into the Armageddon 6 man Hell in a Cell, or maybe the final Survivor Series during the Invasion storyline, when it ended. I think i'm the only person here who loved the Invasion Story.

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    The ones they're doing for this Undertaker - Kane feud are incredible.

    But all of them are just so well done. Difficult to point just one
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    So her return is scheduled some time around Bound for Glory. Either on Impact, being called "Before the Glory". This is really great news. I always thought that her release from the WWE was a little questionable. I'm sure she not the first person to disagree with the direction of their character, or career in general. She did the right thing for standing up in what she believed in. If that would have been Jerico or Orton. The WWE woud bend over backwards to make it happen. They have no real respect for their female talent, why else does the division suck so much? When Mickie debuts in TNA she's gonna take over in a big way. Interesting to see how the Beautiful People will react?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    The ones they're doing for this Undertaker - Kane feud are incredible.

    But all of them are just so well done. Difficult to point just one
    It's good that WWE gave Kane more time to talk. He's actually a really good promo cutter.


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