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    Superstars and their finishers!

    Finishers, the move a superstar is best known for. Generally used to finish a match or make the biggest impact.
    Here is a list of all the current Superstars and their finishers:

    Alberto Del Rio - Cross Arm Breaker
    Big Show - Chokeslam, Knockout Punch
    Chris Masters - Masterlock
    CM Punk - Go To Sleep, Anaconda Vice
    Curt Hawkins - Heat Seeking Elbow
    David Hart Smith - Running powerslam, Sharpshooter
    David Otunga - Thrust Spinebuster
    Dolph Ziggler - Zig Zag, Sleeperhold
    Drew McIntyre - Future Shock DDT
    Evan Bourne - Air Bourne
    Goldust - Final Cut
    Jack Swagger - Gutwrench Powerbomb, Ankle Lock
    John Cena - Attitude Ajustment, STF
    John Morrison - Starship Pain, Running Knee, Standing Moonsault Side Slam (Occasionally)
    JTG - Shoot Out
    Kofi Kingston - Trouble In Paradise, S.O.S
    Mason Ryan - Sitdown Side Slam
    Michael McGillicutty - McGullicutter
    The Miz - Skull Crushing Finale
    Primo - Backstabber
    Rey Mysterio - 619, West Coast Pop
    R-Truth - Lie Detector
    Santino Marella - The Cobra
    Skip Sheffield - Windup Clothesline
    Triple H - Pedigree
    Tyler Reks - Burning Hammer
    Vladimir Kozlov - Leg Scoop Spinebuster
    Zack Ryder - Rough Ryder, Zack Attack (Occasionally)
    Wade Barrett - Wasteland
    Sheamus - Brogue Kick, High Cross Powerbomb
    Kane - Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver
    Alex Riley - Firemans Carry to Cutter (Think he calls it A-Bomb?)
    Brodus Clay - G-Grip
    Chavo Guerrero - Frog Splash
    Christian - Killswtich, Tornado DDT
    Cody Rhodes - Cross Rhodes
    Daniel Bryan - Lebell Lock
    Ezekiel Jackson - Book of Ezekiel
    The Great Khali - Brain Chop, Khali Bomb, Vice Grip
    Heath Slater - Inverted DDT
    Jey Uso - Diving Splash, Samoan Drop
    Jimmy Uso - Diving Splash, Samoan Drop
    Justin Gabriel - 450 Splash
    Mark Henry - Worlds Strongest Slam
    Randy Orton - RKO, The Punt
    Sin Cara - (Yet to establish a permanent one) Moonsault Side Slam, Springboard Moonsault
    Ted DiBiase - Dream Street
    Trent Barreta - Dudebuster DDT
    Tyson Kidd - Sharpshooter, Code Blue
    Undertaker - The Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam, Hells Gate
    William Regal - Knee Trembler, Regal Stretch
    Yoshi Tatsu - Roundhouse Kick

    So there we have it, every finisher.
    1. Whats your favorite?
    2. Which is in need of replacing?
    3. Which would youu like to see more of?
    4. Which do youu believe is shown to be the most devistating?

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