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    Wrestlemania Streaks!

    So i was mucking around on my computer and i came accross a site that listed the win loss record of every wrestlemania competitor. Anyway it was pretty interesting so i'll put a link here
    Some of the records surprised me, like these for example:
    Matt hardy:2-6, but jeff hardy:0-5, i was really surprised that matt had a better wrestlemania record than jeff since jeff was always the fav of the hardy boys.
    Ric flair one of the biggest legends ever is 1-4 at wrestlemania!
    Shelton benjamin only 1-6, total bullshit considering how much he put his body at harm every wrestlemania.
    The dudley boys never got a victory at wrestlemania (0-4) But LOD are undefeated at (3-0)
    Big show has competed 11 times and has only been victorious 3 times (3-8)
    Goldust is 0-5 , thats a shame imo
    Mark henry 0-3
    MVP 0-4
    I thought it was funny and ironic that Vince mcmahon had never won a match at wrestlemania 0-4 (I hope Vince gets 1 victory before its all said and done)

    And some interesting people with winning streaks at wrestlemania.
    Sable never lost at a wrestlemania, going 3-0.
    Rick rude (RIP) never lost at wrestlemania either 2-0-1.
    Santino and the miz are the 2 current wwe superstars who are closest to the undertakers streak they are 2-0 atm.
    RVD sits at an impressive 4-0 streak at wrestlemania, making him currently the closest man to equalling the undertakers streak lol.
    After having a good look at this list it really makes the Undertaker streak even more impressive 19-0,no one has even come close!.
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    A Wrestlemania steak sounds yummy!

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    JBL has never won either.

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    Anyone know Mick Foleys WM record? I honestly can't remember him winning
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    I will have my WrestleMania steak medium well please.

    BTW Mick Foley's record is 2-3-1
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    Steve Austin 5-2
    Austins record is pretty impressive!!

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    Snatino and Chuck Palombo have better records than CM Punk, Chris Jericho and Christian LOL

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    I want a Wrestlemania Steak
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Robstar will be happy, Vickie is the only undefeated current Diva. & Torrie's record is wrong, she wrestled 3 times at WM, she won twice and the third match went to no contest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    I want a Wrestlemania Steak
    GOD DAMNIT! i was all set to invent a bodom wrestlemania streak..........and then realised my mistake


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