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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. McMahon View Post
    Here's the thing, people are bashing Randy Orton a lot quite lately, whats the problem? First people were behind this guy and wanted WWE to push him. I remember in 2009 everyone was upset cause Orton & Legecy would always loose to Cena/DX. Then when Orton is finally getting pushed to be the company's 2nd top guy (since Batista left) people start turning their back on him... isn't it ironic how you wanted him to get pushed in the first place?

    You guys are acting as if Orton has been shoved down our throats for years, he hasn't! Cena has been shoved down our throats and burying people since 2005. Orton just started being 'strong' around Wrestlemania 26.

    Orton made his debut in 2002, was just a low card guy
    2003 he became a mid carder with evolution
    2004 he won world title, got a nice push (thanks to foley, the rock, rvd, hbk, benoit) and then burried (thanks to hhh)
    2005 he went back to mid card status and feuded with undertaker (who helped put him over since hhh burried him way too low)
    2006 he feuded with DX and was in a tag team with Edge.
    2007 he only became champion since most of the high carders on the roster were injured (hhh, cena, taker, hbk, etc...)
    2008 still champion but was getting his ass kicked more
    2009 finally returned to high card, only to get burried by hhh/hbk/cena
    2010 finally got his big break and started acting strong (or super orton if you will)

    He has only been like this for a year now. The guy has paid his dues, his got his kicked for years by cena, hhh, undertaker etc... he deserves this long overdue babyface push, even if he is boring, orton has earned it. He has changed for good (backstage), his attitude and behavior and can carry the company better now - he used to be really immature back then, but is responsible now.
    When I read your posts, Mr. McMahon's voice is reading them to me. Weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    I completely agree with you, but has he ever won a match on Raw?
    It works a little differently when you're playing someone's toady, so wins aren't of much importance. But when one is being set off on their own, it's kind of important to establish, at the very least, some semi-competence. Now, I'm not going to jump the gun and begin acting as if this definitely signifies the end of the guy's singles career or anything, but it certainly isn't particularly encouraging.

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