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    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. I bet CM PUNK isnt unhappy about all the

    WWE is giving him.

    I think I can safely say this rumor is complete BS and which ever web site this was on they were trying to get more hits.

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    I don't see him leaving. Though I do wish he got top spot again. A feud with Cena will do, but I heard WWE wants ADR to feud at Summerslam.

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    This sums up some of the TNA fans;

    Paul J. Talley5:02 pm
    @ timothy leary

    TNA signing punk, signing batista, switching to a bigger arena and doing live broadcasts would absolutely destroy the WWE.

    That's why you should never take crack children. Some of them comments are bizare. There's even one guy "venting" his frustrations about certain members on the forum lol. Hilarious comments on that news board (most under anonymous fake profiles)

    On topic; I doubt he'd leave but WWE would still do well without him because he's not in the top list of superstars because most kids prefer the other names anyways. You market the people that get the biggest responses from the fan base, and imo Punk at the moment only gets a margain of what people like Orton and Cena get.

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    He is not leaving!!!

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    I would say have him feud with Daniel Bryan, but he's on Smackdown now :/

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    I smell massive BS, Punk is obviously holding out for the money, like everyone does, and just wants to create some suspense.

    He is a main eventer, he's facing the second biggest face in the company, took control of the the group with the most impact of 2010, and was put on commentary whilst injured, thats how much WWE care about him.
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    IF he does leave by any chance then I really hope that some of these younger guys will step up. CM Punk is a popular Wrestler. He did the most interesting commentary, and he is phenomenal on the microphone. His Wrestling skills are an A+ at best an he really grasps your attention when he is either both face or heel. He can make you want to hug him or punch him. That is somebody the WWE needs an they would be stupid to let a talent like that slip through their fingers. *Cough Sean O'haire, Raven, Victoria.*

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    Punk is hilarious in this week raw,his reaction towards Mark henry,the celebration after winning just out of his Nexus character,you wont get this on other wrestlers.Its as if Punk just being himself instead of what the wwe staff told him to do.

    I hope Punk not leaving

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    The more I think about it, the more this just might be a negotiating ploy for more money.

    Punk is sharp.
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    if he leaves, fine, roh will have so much for him. and if he stays he is due for a excellent performance at extreme rules, he is great at ppvs, he give a crap and it shows.


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