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    iMPACT Wrestling's new Management!

    We have seen 2 shows so far under the new management, and I'm impressed by what they presented so far. New talent is being introduced at the expense of established names, but that is the way wrestling business works. Reno Scum has been flat so far for me. Same can be said about the Mexican team, but I do see potential in both of them. Especially Garza Jr. considering he is related to Hector Garza one of the big Mexican names to appear on TNA.


    LAX has always been my favorite tag team in almost any wrestling promotion. The concept of Latinos coming in to spread violence, and burying people under the flags is such an excellent idea for wrestling.

    In addition to all that the deals with NOAH promotion from Japan, and Crash promotion in Mexico will allow for talent exchange opportunities. Creative seems to have really put in the effort. A lot of fresh talent and focus is on the competition, as opposed to storylines.

    Only negative I could think of would be Alberto el Patron. He is ok, but not as the core focus of the world title picture.

    What do you guys think about the changes? Oh, and before someone makes that Jeff Jarrett hogging up tv time joke. He is yet to appear on the tv.


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