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    WWE Smackdown 1/10/2017

    The openning Segment with the Ambrose Asylum was boring, because The Miz complaining is what we see each week, and by the way it is almost aways the same way...I don't understand why they continue to keep Maryse with The Miz, it is completely pointless, she brings nothing to the feuds.

    Natalya vs Nikki Bella was OK. They continue building the rivalry and what happened on the show is somthing logical I would say. Nothing special but good.

    Kalisto vs Ziggler. I know this match is to build Ziggler as a heel and to prepare the feud vs Crews, but I don't care, I have no interest in that even if they turned Ziggler heel. Ziggler is stuck in the middcard for years now and we've seen all of him already. He should be in the main event or vs established main eventers.

    The Wyatt family vs American Alpha was a good match even if for me, The Wyatt were too much dominant, but the end is cool, and I think everything is being built to have Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, which can be a great match. That was the best match of the night IMO.

    Carmella vs ??? was just pointless and horrible.

    Main event, with Cena vs Corbin was boring as hell with old school Cena back, doing nothing in the ring and being destroyed 90% of the match. I don't know if it's me or may be it was done intentionaly, but Cena appeared washed up in the ring very quickly....

    Very average show, ratings will fall and SD won't probablty beat RAW this week. If it wasn't for the Tag Team match, this show would have been really HORRIBLE.


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