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    Site Updates

    Some of you might have already seen the slight makeover that's just happened on the front page. As a result of this, this (old) forum has become easier to navigate to, so hopefully that'll bring some traffic this way. While I'm aware that it's mostly just efedders active here now, I will ask that if new people do appear, that you make the place nice for them, which I'm sure you will.

    Also, because I'm crazy, I've accepted a mod position on the front section. I think I'm sufficiently chill now to try a new approach. Pop on by and say hello, I know a few of you are there already under different guises, as am I. Contrary to popular belief, the front section is neither owned nor operated by Ryan Clark.

    Anyway, I'll be using my "sphere of influence", however insignificant to encourage people to give this section another look-see. Happy new year to you all and keep on truckin'!


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