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    Wwe 205 live!

    So next Tuesday we'll be seeing the premiere episode of WWE's new Cruiserweight exclusive show; 205 LIVE. The show will feature the WWE Cruiserweight title and we'll see the current full time roster members that are part of the cruiserweight division on Raw participating and apparently some of those that are not under contract (yet) that participated in the Cruiserweight Classic.

    For now, the cruiserweight title and division is exclusive to the Raw brand, but given that this show will be airing live on the WWE Network for an hour immediately following Smackdown, then all signs point towards Kalisto winning the title at Survivor Series on Sunday, since it would be strange, let alone inconvenient for the talents and announce team, for the title and division to remain on Raw but then for this show to be done on Tuesday. Sin Cara is the only previously Raw exclusive superstar that has now been moved to be part of the cruiserweight division, so there's no danger of anyone getting left behind if the title moves to Smackdown. The only person that this is an inconvenience to is Corey Graves, who is of course part of the Raw announce team but is going to be commentating on 205 Live with Mauro Ranallo. I personally would have preferred if they'd have gone with Ranallo and Daniel Bryan, since Bryan will already be at Smackdown (and had great chemistry with Ranallo having done the Cruiserweight Classic Together), while Graves now has to commentate Raw, then travel to wherever Smackdown is the next day, and then travel back to Florida to do NXT on Wednesday. I'm sure they cleared this with him though, and it's great that WWE have so much faith in him since he's great behind that desk and is probably their current top color commentator.

    So who's excited for this show? It'll essentially be a continuation of Smackdown I feel, though they'll of course change the ring ropes and mat as they've been doing for the cruiserweight matches on Raw, and we'll have a fresh 2 man commentary team for it.
    I think giving the cruiserweights their own show like this in front of a large audience will ensure they get enough exposure and will make sure that they connect with the fans better. So far, the only mic time they've had on raw has been restricted to some backstage segments. The matches have all been great, but the fans need to get to know these guys if they're to care about them. Hopefully they'll get that through this show.

    I'm very much looking forward to making this show part of my weekly wrestling dose.

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    I'm with you Tommy, I think it will be a another good show to watch on the WWE Network and anything that further exposes the cruiserweight division and the various characters is a positive for me.

    I've enjoyed the matches and even the backstage segments they've had on Raw but I always felt they would be better suited on Smackdown and funny enough- my Sister actually called it to me that the switch would happen with Kalisto winning the Championship and bringing it to Smackdown with the whole cruiserweight division. I think she could be right.

    Have to admit- when I first heard about the 205 live show, I was worried. I thought they would go from Raw to that and wouldn't be seen on the Main Roster which is not going to be the case and that's great. Excited to watch the division grow and I'm excited for some more really good, entertaining matches.

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    Is it me, or Kendrick looks like DiCaprio after the bear attack.


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