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Thread: XCW Roster Page

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    XCW Roster Page

    Picture: (Can be anything, wrestler or otherwise that best resembles your characters look and appearance. Note: Once a picture has been chosen by someone else, it cannot be used again.)

    Full Name(s):






    Billed From:

    Background Story/Gimmick:

    Previous Championships/Accolades:

    Alignment: (Heel, Face or Tweener. Note: leave blank if you are open to allowing creative too choose)

    Fighting Style: (Note: Be realistic. You can't be the Undertaker, HBK and Rey Mysterio combined.)

    Signature Moves:

    Finishing Moves: (Max Three)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: (Note: Only needed if special entrance is wanted. Example - Del Rio's car entrance or Undertaker's Motorbike entrance.)

    Added Information: (Note: This is anything you would like creative to be aware off, about your character. Examples - Tattoos, Scars, Previous injury.)

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    Please feel free to sign up I really think this be cool


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