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    Xtreme Chaos Wrestling thread

    A new fed if anyone is intrested . Its going to be a small thread ECW like size. If any buzz is made i will go through with it .We will have very unique matches and cool storyline ideas i want to make it different then anything to help get e fed off ground. Our first PPV will bring something never seen in e fed Im pretty sure I feel this could be great. Plus the GM should be fun
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    So what's the dealio with this fed?

    Is there anything unique about it, or just another fed?

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    Its set in a place called The Asylum Xtreme Chaos Wrestling is a alternative e fed for those who are looking for a little spice brought to you by owner Alistair Dorian .

    ( small fed like ECW or LU ) going to throwout some cool ideas and see where it goes

    Alistair Dorian just wants to say one thing

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    XCW Offical theme :

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    XCW Announce Team:

    Sir Matthew McDowell

    Gideon Spencer

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    XCW Backstage Interviewer:

    Macho Mundo

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    XCW Flagship Show Name:


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    PPV Card:

    Unholy Compromise (Big 4)

    Fear and Loathing

    NOTD ( Night Of The Dead)

    Highway To Hell ( Big 4)

    Spoils Of War

    Locked & Loaded ( All Steel Cage Matches)

    Midnight Massacre

    Pandora's Awakening

    Ascension To Heaven ( Big 4) (MITB Type)

    Captial Offense

    Eve of Destruction

    Last Rites ( Big 4) ( WM)

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    ​still happening xD

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    Hmm. Correct me if I'm wrong- but you didn't exactly take the "creative" chance while you were part of PWR under Tommy and co the first time around did you? Why would this be any different? Plus the last time someone asked for a chance- they didn't deliver and that's happened numerous times around here that I really think you're not going to get off the ground with this one bro.

    Good luck though because you're a quality guy and one of the few positives about this site because your passion is great to see.

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