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    E-WF Show Thread (Lightning, House Shows and PPVs)

    The crowd start chanting E-WF as the show opens up and a gentleman in a vest and slacks walks into the ring and gets ready to speak

    ?????: A Message from the establishment

    ??????: Hello I am John Cutajar the spokesperson for the Establishment, for now the establishment would wish all dialogue to go through me as they want the show to be about the wrestlers not about them but in due time you will find out who is part of the establishment. My first message is to thank everyone from the professionals who risk there lives in this ring of ours, to the fans who are giving E-WF a second chance at showing what true wrestling is in the modern era.

    The Crowd now start chanting we love wrestling

    ​Cutajar: My first Official role is to announce we are going to have a tournament to crown our inaugural world champion. The 8 participants in this tournament will battle of on our first three Lightning shows with our first PPV to come earlier then expected to build on the resurgence on E-WF. The brackets for the tournament will consist of these seven competitors and a mystery 8th who will be announced at our second Lightning show, so with that in mind here are our brackets
    Scarfo Jones v The Great Noiri w Mistress Payne
    Deception v Henry Ormond Stevens

    Bres Scail v Barry Busmer
    ??????? v Matt Geiger
    With that in mind I also have a second title that will be announced and defended for at the first live PPV called E-WF Last Chance One night Only PPV as this will be the last chance for all these new signings plus our old brigade to make a first impression.

    With that in mind ladies and gentlemen welcome to the future, welcome to the present, welcome to the all new EEEE Double-UUUU EEEFFFFFFF

    Crowd chants E-WF as the Titantron goes to black and we get ready for proceedings
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    Spritz: Ladies and Gentleman my name is Hayley Spritz and I am honoured to welcome you all back to E-WF and it's brand new return. Joining me on the commentary team is Harley Davids and former E-WF World Champion now commentator Matthew Cappalo

    Cappalo: The feeling in this arena is bigger then any I have ever experienced as a competitor Spritz and.....

    Davids: I hate to interrupt guys but did you just see what I seen

    Cappalo: Your career down the toilet

    Davids: No you fool look up in the rafters

    Deception is shown up high in the rafters looking down towards the crowd. He grabs a camera and begins talking as we switch to his feed.

    Deception: It's been a long time, I mean a long time but Im back. Now I am looking around and this fed makes promises but I am here to tell you its all a lie it's Deception and just like in RTE this deception will bring this place and it will bring it to its knees and it will wither and decay and fade into a distant memory. You see that's the problem everything is built on Deception now whether you wanna believe it or not that's a whole question in it self. Prime example, lets go back to RTE when my friend, my brother, my partner Knight Wing who left me to have my neck snap by that animal Graves and for me to be begging for my partner when A Touch Of Class attacked me weekly but you see this is not about me.

    No! I am out here tonight to introduce to you someone who you all should remember but you don't you forgot about him when he needed you the most when he was falling under the current and needed a helping hand and you sick people watched as he lungs filled up with water and his face turn pale. This person is not just my friend, he is not just my brother, but he is my protege and you people will feel just like he did at his worse and you will watch him become the man he was always meant to be.

    Vince.... Omega..

    Deception holds the camera as Omega makes his way to him the both sit down legs over the rafter and looking below.

    Omega: I thought the Rose Family & the fans cared about me. I was brought into PWR and the sky was the limit everything I have ever worked for through everything I had been to was right in my fingertips and then I started losing it was just 1 match at first then it was another and another and then I just stop showing up on TV. Then during a house show. I broke my leg. The fans they were sad at the moment and sure I got a few get well soon cards but the show kept going and they started to cheer the guy who broke my leg. Then after about a month PWR came to my town so I stopped my rehab and was going to go see the guys. I get there and the security guard doesn't know who I am . I spend 30 mins explaining who I am as guys I thought were my friends walk on by and not a single damn one I thought would have my back did. I finally got in and I go try and find The Rose Family and they are no where. So I just go home, and the next day I get my pink slip because they have nothing for me. They took adventage of me they told me they would be there and when I needed the most when I was scratching and clawing trying to keep my head above water begging for help they turned their backs and walked away. My so called fans they vanish everything I ever wanted in this world that was within finger tips was burying me alive and the weight of the world was crashing down on me. I thought it was it to be honest I thought it all was going to get to me until I had my eyes open by the last person I ever thought it be. Deception he pulled me out and breathed new life into me. He showed my the world I thought was in color really was justed a painted fantasy and showed me the way.

    Deception puts his arm around Omega and talks.

    Deception: That's an inspiring story it really made my eyes water up. Honestly. It is so sick to think they just rode you like a sideshow freak then after the show threw you in some ditch somewhere. You see I know how you feel and unlike these people in this arena and unlike those guys in the back and Knight Wing I got your back and there's so much more I can teach you there is so much my friend, my brother, my protege. You will rise like the phoenix and they will witness your resurrection. You that once was their dreams will become there nightmare. This Damn Society will fall at your feet and will tremble at your name. Now come there is so much more for you to to learn so much more for them to witness. The truth will be set free.

    Davids: What the hell did we just see

    Cappalo: The Return of Deception and the rebirth of Vinnie omega, wow one segment in and we have already got stars coming into E-WF
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    Eynesbury: Ladies and Gentleman this next match is a one fall match

    Introducing first from Toluca, Mexico Dr Insano Junior

    Cappalo: Seriously? A doctor what is going on in E-WF

    Spritz: Lighten up Matthew, Xavier Woods seems to be going alright and he has a doctorate

    Cappalo: He also has a Llama Penis sticking out he's head

    Eynesbury: and his opponent coming in from Trieste, Italy

    Davids: Uliose looking to build a singles career after Roberto and himself were reasonably successful as a tag team

    Match: Dr Insano Jr has pretty much dominated this match, very little offense from Uliose

    FINISH: Insano Jr superkicks Uliose with a ferocious intensity and then follows it up with the frog splash for the 1,2,3

    Eynesbury: Ladies and gentleman your winner Dr Insano Jr

    Davids: Dr Insano insists that he wants to turn this place into the insanity Asylum and at this point he may be right

    Cappalo: Uliose got beaten by a doctor? Where to for him?
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    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
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    Eynesbury: Ladies and gentleman This next match is set for one fall and is the First Match in the Inuagarul E-WF World Title tournament. If this match ends in a double DQ, Double countout or there is no decisive winner then either man will progress in the tournament

    Introducing First, being accompanied by Mistress Payne The Great Noroi

    Cappalo: Oh My God look at that behemoth and the women on top of his shoulders, a sight for sore eyes Im in LOVE

    Davids: Maybe she will let you wear a nappy and act like a baby

    Spritz: GUYS, Female here

    Cappalo: Where?

    And his opponent, Scarfo Jonez

    Spritz: Here is E-WFs marquee signing guys, what a resume

    Davids: The first ever TWE Bloodoath Champion , World Street Fights champion , 1st Combat Cage league champion what hasn't this guy done?

    Cappalo: Made out with mistress Payne

    Match: The Great Noroi has had the upper end all bout but Scarfo Jones will not give, Mistress Payne is liking what she has seen on a whole while Matthew Cappalo continues to wolf whistle at her

    Finish: The Great Noroi has Scarfo Jones in position now and hits a big Sidewalk slam, Referee counts

    1..2.. KICKOUT

    Mistress Payne is going nuts and yelling instructions at The Great Noroi who seems a little frustrated that he can't put Scarfo Jonez away. Noroi picks up Jones now and throws him into the turnbuckle and goes for a big splash and Jones moves out the way. Both men are slow to get up but Jones wins the race and runs straight into The Great Noroi and hits Pained Face (Running Superkick) Noroi is down and Jonez rushes in to put on the Chains of Scarfo Submission (Rings of Saturn) Noroi's practice in domination quite activities is paying off as he is fighting off the submission hold of Jonez but the hold is too strong and Noroi taps

    Spritz: What a match up, The Great Noroi impressive in his debut in America but tonight was Scarfo's Night

    Capallo: Hopefully tonight is Matthew Capallo's Night

    Davids: Moving on please
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Cappalo: Oh my god, I am marking out hard the most successful wrestler in E-WF history G-Scorp

    Spritz: Well the 6 time World Tag Team Champions Two of a Kind might have a case for that distinction

    Cappalo: Bullshit Spritz, The Rapping phenom is here and the only ever dual champion in E-WF history.

    G-Scorp walks down to the ring unimpressed as he rolls straight into the ring and grabs a mic and without hesitation starts speaking

    G-Scorp: So this is what E-WF has become?

    The crowd cheer E-WF E-WF E-WF

    G-Scorp: Well E-WF should have stayed DEAD

    Bullshit chants now fill the arena

    G-Scorp: NO it is not bullshit, who the hell does this Establishment think they are, let me tack you back to 2012. E-WF is on top of the world and in our little universe we had the present and future of E-Fedding, Avidico, The European Union, Two of a Kind,not to mention the great rivalry in The Pride of Olympus and Jaws of Men for the World Stable championships that was epic but the biggest thing E-WF had going for it was me G-Scorp.
    The former one half of the Thunder Tag Team titles and the E-WF Television champion I was keeping this company in the headlines and you can all boo it but you know this to be true so SHUDDAYP

    Then Leonicas the former General manager to all these newbies here joining the new fad like it was Pokemon Go or something went and had a nervous breakdown and left this company for DEAD. Fast forward 4 years and now we have this faceless, nameless Establishment running things here and what a great job they have done so far seriously....

    The opening match is Dr Insano whoever the hell this indy hack came from defeating Uliose Pamich, a man who couldn't lace my boots and I don't think has ever won a singles match, Big Win there DOC

    Then if that wasn't great enough lets raise the stakes and have an elephant carry a mistress out into the arena and have said elephant face Scarfo Jonez and then said elephant nearly defeating what did Hayley Spritz call him

    Spritz eyes look up at G-Scorp now as G-Scorp directs his next comment at her

    G-Scorp: "E-WFS Marquee Signing?"

    You know what though all that could be forgiven if not for E-WF the new eras biggest mistake. I rang up a month ago after hearing rumours of E-WF re emerging from the ashes and thought to myself surely they would want to sign the most successful wrestler in

    More booing ensues over this comment

    You can boo the facts all you want but when this company crashed to the ground as a Singles and Tag Team champion, something that no one else in this company has ever done anyway so imagine my surprise when I talk to the head of Talent Progression and he informed me that quote "We have already signed our resident gangsta"

    My first initial thought was the hell with being a gangsta I am a rapper and a very good rapper how do you think I have remained relevant while all these other washed up has beens and never were's are trying to steal gold in a new company. Then was the worst thing I was told I found out who that resident Gangsta was that they were referring to.... Compton's own Andre Lamar

    Andre FUCKING Lamar, the guy who couldn't even hold a job in PWR is going to take my spot in this company? Not a fucking chance in hell or Compton So Andre Lamar I am calling you out the best way I know how

    G-Scorp proceeds to start freestyling

    The Establishment have taken their disrespect of me to far
    by signing that hip hop freak Andre Lamar
    Resident Gangsta? more like resident Joke
    biggest achievement Andre has had is scoring a free Toke
    Worked in PWR until he was unceremoniously Fired
    Show up on E-WF and Imma make you Retired
    G-Scorp should be in the World Title Picture
    but the establishment haven't even put me in the fixture
    So what does G-Scorp do when he's not even in the bracket
    Grabs a microphone and proceeds to cause a racket
    I am the hottest wrestler today
    Andre lamar, best get out of my way

    G-Scorp drops the Mic and storms out the ring and the crowd chant for Andre Lamar

    Spritz: Holy Shit, G-Scorp making a massive splash after being out the game for 4 years

    Capallo:The ball is in Lamar's court
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    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Eynesbury: This next match is a one fall match, already in the ring from Trieste Italy, he is one half of the former Lightning tag team champions Roberto Pamich

    Cappalo: Roberto is going to show his brother up tonight, this guy is our future

    Spritz: Huge match against Shane Mendoza who dominated the former E-FW, a win here propels Roberto to instant Main Event Status

    Eynesbury: And his opponent, He is one half of Jackson Mendoza and a member of the retired E-WF Stable Championship Shane Mendoza

    Spritz: The epitome of ease he likes to call himself, Mendoza looking to finally get a decent grounding in an E-Fec

    Match: Back and fourth offence showing off Pamich's high flying charisma going up against the very technical methodical style of Mendoza

    Finish: Roberto is on the top rope, he flys in the air attempting a frog splash and Shane rolls out the way and the referee starts counting both men out

    1..2..3..4 Mendoza starts murmuring 5...6.. Mendoza has gotten up now and hits Roberto with The Signature (Throws his opponent into the ropes and on return jumps up high and hits a huge DDT)


    Davids: A well contested match there but Shane gets the win today

    Cappalo: Are you kidding me, that move should be illegal

    Davids: Why?

    Cappalo: Because Matthew Cappalo said so.

    Spritz: Ohh brother
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    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Eynesbury: Ladies and Gentleman the following is the second quarter final match of the E-WF Inaugural World Championship Tournament as well tonights Main Event. In this match shall both me be pinned, submitted or there is a double count neither man will progress which would move Scarfo Jones into the final.

    Introducing first one of the most hyped up superstars to ever step foot in a ring he is The HIGHER OCTANE SUPERSTAR Henry Ormond Stevens.... HOS

    Capallo: A guy who couldn't get a match in the former E-WF is in the main event what the hell?

    Davids: Its a new era and we appreciate talent h......

    As David's is commentating the arena goes black and a flashing red light starts as Cameras pan up to the arena rafters and we see Deception on the rafters as he embraces the hate from the fans as he zippiness down the ramp followed by Vinnie Omega.

    Deception unties himself from the zipline as HOS looks frustrated and we get this one underway

    Match: Deception is doing a number on HOS who unfortunately is getting very little offence in and the very few times he does get a leg up in the Match Vinnie Omega interferes to bring Deception back on top

    Finish: Deception is standing on top of Stevens who is barely moving but after a while just manages to get up and Deception hits Stevens with Malice Intent (Curb Stomp) and Stevens is not even moving. Deception then walks over to Vinnie Omega and whispers something in Vinnie Omega's ear and Omega leaves the arena for some unbeknown reason as deception turns around to a now standng but wobbly HOS

    Deception hits him with the spinning Killswitch and goes for the pin


    Eyensbury: Ladies and gentleman your winner and the man who progresses to the semi finals of the E-WF Inaugural World Title Tournament DECEPTION

    Spritz: A great match there for Deception who dominated Henry Ormond Stevens and leaves him laying.

    Cappalo: Scarfo Jones v Deception Semi Final I am digging that Davids

    Davids: As am I Capalllo

    Spritz: I am Hayley Spritz and on behalf of.............................

    as Spritz is wrapping up proceedings this music starts to play
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    The cameras scan the arena over excited fans before focusing on the ramp where we see an unknown ring announcer, thinking the music is for him the crowd start chanting You Suck as this gentleman walks into the ring and grabs a microphone and while Kings and Queens is still playing simply says....

    Dennis McAvaney: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome at this time, Mr. Smyth!

    Cappalo: Oh hell yeah!

    Davids: Oh hell yeah is right!

    The fans erupt with cheers as Smyth’s entrance music continues blasting through the arena. A few moments go by before Smyth slowly walks out onto the staging area, fully suited and carrying his trademark briefcase. He stands at the top of the ramp and soaks in the cheers before walking to one side of the staging area to continue scanning the arena.

    Spritz: Needless to say, Mr. Smyth is certainly remembered around these parts and it’s easy to understand why: a two-time IWA Endurance Champion, a JBW TV Champion, a TWE Ironfist Champion and arguably one of the best talkers on the stick.

    Cappalo: The premier businessman of professional wresting is here! In E-WF! We are not worthy!

    Davids: The debut episode of E-WF Lightning, and we have the be all and end of of professional wrestling Mr Smyth, but why? why is Mr Smyth in E-WF

    Smyth walks down the ramp with a purpose, straight up the steps and into the ring. He places his briefcase on the mat before walking over to the corner to grab a mic from a producer. He slowly walks around the ring as the music dies down, but the cheers do not. A ‘This Is Awesome!’ chant starts to echo around the arena, but the noise level quickly drops as Smyth brings the mic up to his lips.

    Mr. Smyth: So I guess this is where I’m supposed to thumb through the old playbook. You know the one – the one that all wrestlers who debut anywhere have a read of before they come out on the mic. In that playbook, there is a list of reasons as to why said wrestler is here.

    So why am I here? Why is Mr. Smyth here is E-WF?

    The fans give off a quick cheer.

    Smyth: Maybe I’m here because E-WF is the dominant force in professional wrestling, and where else could I challenge myself to prove that I am the best in the whole wide world?

    The fans pop.

    Smyth: Or maybe I’m here because it’s a lowly, pathetic excuse of a company and, quite frankly, being top dog here would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

    Some fans boo, whilst others cheer.

    Smyth: I know. I’m here because I want to be the old head that guides the next generation of wrestlers. I will be their Miyagi, their shining light. I will hand out hugs and high fives to praise good work and I will meet bad work with a stern talking to in a father figure capacity.

    More boos than cheers this time, as the fans sense the Smyth of old has returned.

    Smyth: Perhaps I just wanted one more great match. Come out of retirement so I can pass on the proverbial torch to the star of tomorrow.

    Or maybe I was completely underutilised at the last place. Nobody gave me opportunities, I was held down by the man, I wasn’t appreciated for being the hardest worker on the roster so I’m here to prove them all wrong and drop my big pipe bomb.

    The fans boo again as Smyth slowly walks around the ring.

    Smyth: No. The reason I’m here isn’t listed in the playbook of predictability. The reason I joined E-WF is the same reason why I do anything – business.

    A few years ago, I headed up a consortium that bought out IWA and as a result, I became the most powerful man in professional wrestling. IWA, at that time, was arguably the top wrestling company…and it was mine. I told you all for years that one day, I would be the most powerful man in wrestling. Now, I don’t want to say that I told you so…but I told you so!
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    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    The fans boo louder as Smyth now has a really smug look on his face. He cups his hands and steps closer to the cameraman in the ring.

    Smyth: In these hands, I held the fate of IWA. My power was unquestionable, unequivocal. I had the power to nurture this company and turn it and everybody who worked for it into the biggest thing that any man could have created. But I didn’t do that. As soon as that paperwork was finalised, I shut down the company.

    The fans erupt with boos with a faint 'IWA' chant going, but Smyth is quick to cut it off.

    Smyth: I decided to demonstrate my power by doing the one thing that cannot be undone. You can build something up and fail later on down the line. Progress and prosperity can be undone. What cannot be undone is complete and utter destruction.

    I killed IWA.

    Louder boos as Smyth’s level of smugness increases.

    Smyth: That is a true demonstration of power. I became God, and that had a knock on effect on the business as a whole. IWA was the top dog at the time. The standard bearer for the industry so when I shut down the company and made many people unemployed, the burden of doing what IWA did was placed onto others and they couldn’t cope. As a result, those companies died too.

    Smyth cups his hands again.

    Smyth: Their fates were also in my hands, and I knew it. I killed IWA and as a result, I killed professional wrestling.

    Fans boo, with a prominent chant of ‘bullshit’ echoing around the arena.

    Smyth: Oh no it’s not. Look what is around now. One company, flailing for life and then you have..this. Whatever this is. I killed the industry, I am the reason those people lost their jobs and I am the reason why you lost your precious sport that you so desperately love.

    And why the hell not? This industry is filled with those who yearn attention. Massive egos with even bigger insecurities, all wrapped up in a warm blanket of narcissism. Why should these people prosper over you…or you. You could be a good person, but your minimum wage job means you can’t go do what it is you really want to do. Instead, the troglodytes of this business get to do what they want to whoever they want, however they want to do it.

    The wrestling industry is an archaic concept that should have been killed off decades ago for the benefit of everything else, but there will always be that small child in all of us who yearns to live vicariously through the lives of wrestlers. Nobody had the balls to do what needed to be done.

    Except me.

    And that’s why I am back in this business and that’s why I am here in E-WF. This mini resurgence needs to be nipped in the bud long before it becomes something worthwhile again. I have killed this industry once before, and I will kill it again.

    The fans explode with boos as Smyth stops dead centre of the ring and looks into the hard camera.

    Smyth: My name is Mr. Smyth. I am exactly what is best for business.

    And that is your precious pipe bomb.

    The fans explode with boos as Smyth holds out the mic and lets it drop to the mat. He picks up his briefcase and exits the ring, before walking out of the arena and now we get the black screen to end the return of E-WF
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions


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