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    Brandon Medieros and his wife Carter Davis (she serves as his valet and also wrestlers)


    Brandon and Carter


    From Las Vegas

    38 years old

    5 ft 9

    300 lbe
    Brandon-Former EWA and HWA wrestler- even holding a title in HWA. Had a secret but torrid love affair with EWA announcer Carter Davis throughout his whole career. Carter Davis is a hermathodite and lived as a man to keep his job- but after Brandon got him/her pregnant, Carter quit, only showing up for EWAs final show, announcing that he/she and Brandon were having a baby And getting married. At that final EWA show, Brandon was beat very badly by a lot of people. He thought his career was over.
    But after a few years of rest, raisng their baby, and Carter having the surgery to make him a women, Brandon decided to get back into wrestling

    Moves: Slap that ass- Brandon Clotheslines his opponent, then jumps down and slaps his opponents ass

    KISS of death- Brandon lays a passionate kiss on his opponent and when his opponent backs away in disgust, he blows mist in their eyes

    Heel of face- roundhouse kick

    Face of heel- European uppercut

    Finishing moves

    That Ass- a butt but, like Rear View Mirror

    Carter Davis:

    From Texas

    250 lbs

    5ft 9in

    Bio is above

    moves- skips around ring, then hits a clothesline

    finishing move- Iron Claw

    entrance theme

    They both walk to the ring following a flower girl
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    Full Name(s): Mariko Voorhees

    Nickname(s): Da Voodoo Knight

    Age(s): 26

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 200

    Hometown: The Dark Continent

    Billed From: The Dark Continent

    Background Story/Gimmick: Mariko was born in a small village where he was sacrifice for the his tribe God at the age of five. He was sent into the words only to return 13 year later as Da Voodoo Knight. He now server the God he was sacrifice for. Proof off this is the white paint on face and body that won't fade. The white paint on his face resemble a skull to represent his death in the forest.

    Preferred Alignment: Heel or Face

    Fighting Style: Be realistic, specialise in 1 to 2 areas: Speed and Submission base with a little raw power thrown in there.

    Signature Moves: double mule kick, full Nelson cobra clutch, inverted figure four ankle lock, full Nelson bulldog, claymore kick, stomps in the corner and Samoan Wrecking Ball.

    Finishing Moves: (Max Three): That Voodoo That You Do (fireman carry into a front flip) and Da Voodoo Blood Curse (Brock Lock)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: The arena turns purple as he enters. Around his waist are pouches attached to a belt with black sand in them. At the top of the ramp he throw the sand into the air similar to how LeBron throws baby powder. Once in the ring he pour some of the sand on the mat and write out the name of his opponent before blowing it away.

    Added Information: He usually hit the double mule kick and then hit the opponent with the Samoan Wrecking Ball. Carries a 5'10 staff.

    Past accomplishments: survived in the jungle by his self for 13 years.
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