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    E-WF Roster thread

    Please add your characters info here with this information and I will use it for the E-WF shows

    Full Name(s):






    Billed From:

    Background Story/Gimmick:

    Preferred Alignment: Up to creatives discretion, PM if any concerns

    Fighting Style: Be realistic, specialise in 1 to 2 areas

    Signature Moves:

    Finishing Moves: (Max Three)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description:If you want anything specific otherwise leave blank

    Added Information:Anything I have missed out on asking, any special sequence of moves etc

    Past accomplishments:

    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Name: Deception

    From: ???

    Height: 5'11

    Style: Tech with high flying tendencies

    Weight: 185

    Bio: Deception the former persona of Kid Justice of RTE first burst on the scene when he formed a tag team with Knight Wing to become Knights Of Injustice. After a few failed attempts at capturing the RTE Tag Titles from A Touch Of Class, Justice was attacked by A Touch Of Class and Graves who stuck a chair between his neck and hit a top rope DDT. Per his return and losses in matches by heelish tatics. Kid Justice brought his own brand of Justice against Scott Cage and became Deception. Deception then went on to pick up a few victories including a empty arena match win over Cage at Fight Night V. However when RTE doors close Deception vanish now resurfaced he has come to E- WF to bring his brand of justice and show the world its deception.

    Signature moves:

    Double Cross (McGillicutty Neckbreaker)

    Malice Intent ( Seth Rollin's Curb Stomp)

    Sense Of Justice ( codebreaker)


    No More Heroics ( Spinning Killswitch)

    Alignment: Heel

    Looks Like: Red Hood

    Entrance: lights go red flashing and he appears from rafters and ziplines down to the ring. The camera pans up to the rafters and watches him walk to zipline and come down.

    Entrance music: The Evil King by Natewantstobattle

    Other: Often does his promos from rafters must time could be found up there. Any mention of Kid Justice days sends him into rage. He is also smart a opportunist.
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    Name: Bres Scáil

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 185

    Nickname: Celtic Chaos

    Age: 35

    From: Dublin, Ireland

    Gimmick: He's a hitman a merc for a price or a favor ( titles shot) he will take out anyone no matter who what where or why .

    Bio: Born with the blood of Celtic warriors Bres has been driven his whole life. He was a amateur boxer at 18 and boxed until he was 25. He had a record of 25-0. He is a nasty man with nasty intent and has dangerous strikes. He will pull a high flying move out once in a while but his style is in your face nasty.
    He is not a people person hes very intense. He loves to hurt people and is willing to do anything for a price. He was trained after boxing by Tajri who was impressed by his power and speed. He spent the next 5 years training under Tajiri sleeping on the floor's of his training dojo. After 5 years of training at the age of 30 Bres debut in wrestling in NJPW and spent 3 years their winning the Jr. Heavyweight Title twice and was managed by Tajiri who gave him the nickname Celtic Chaos. He lost a loser leaves Japan match again Okada in what is know as one of the hardest hitting matches in NJPW. He then spent a year in Progress Wrestling winning the World Title once. He held it for 4 months before dropping it to Jimmy Havoc in a glass table match.

    Wrestling Style: Brawling Strong Style Tech

    Signature Moves:

    Snapmare & Running Knee strike to back of skull

    Irish Curse

    Wrong Side Of The Barrel ( Cesero Super Uppercut)

    Finisher: DOA
    (Dead On Arrival) (Denonation Kick)

    Entrance: He comes out just walks to the ring with lights going off around him. He has a mask covering his face and takes it off when match starts.


    Entrance theme: Kill the power

    Tommaso Ciampa

    Alignment: Heel or Face whoever pays for him
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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkkynutzzz View Post
    Scarfo Jonez
    Can you do a bio when you can mate
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Full Name(s):Scarfo Jonez

    Nickname(s):Psycho ,SCARFO!




    Hometown:Chicago ,Illinois

    Billed From:The Highway to Hell

    Background Story/Gimmick:

    Preferred Alignment: Up to creatives discretion, PM if any concerns

    Fighting Style: street brawler , suplex city

    Signature Moves:Pained Face (super running big boot) , Jacknife State (multiple jackknife power bombs)

    Finishing Moves: Left For Dead ( dominator) , Faceoff (spiked double arm ddt) , Chains of Scarfo ( rings of saturn submission)

    Entrance Music:Motörhead -outlaw

    Entrance Description: Think of Ghost Rider with flames and swinging Chain

    Addedd: use the chsin after the match to Hang the opponent by his neck either from the top rope or the corner post with feet dsngling to the outside

    Past accomplishments:TWE Bloodoath Champion , World Street Fights champion , 1st Combat Cage league champion , Leader of the iron knuckles 1st place

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    6.28. 2012-6.28.2012
    6.29. 2012-6.29.2012

    0-1,787 at wrestlevania

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    Full Name(s): The Great Noroi & Mistress Payne

    Noroi (wrestler) and Payne (manager)

    Age(s): Noroi (mid 30's) and Payne (late 20's)

    Height: 6'5 (Noroi), 5'2 (Payne)

    Weight: 380 lbs (Noroi), unknown (Payne)

    Hometown: Osaka, Japan

    Billed From: Osaka, Japan

    Background Story/Gimmick:

    The Great Noroi and Mistress Payne have been active members of the japanese wrestling circuit for some time now. Noroi started out his wrestling career under the name Hisashi Takeda and made a name for himself as a strong contender due to his powerful moves. It was shortly after his second title reign ended that he met Mistress Payne, a sultry dominatrix looking for a wrestler to tame and turn into her weapon of destruction. Hisashi attempted to attract the mistress' attention for several months, constantly humiliating himself for her pleasure. On July 26th, 2015 Mistress Payne ordered Hisashi to kiss her boot and declare her his mistress, leading to the official alliance between them, after which she renamed him The Great Noroi (Curse). Since then Noroi has been accompanied by his mistress on every match, allowing her to not only degrade him but also degrade his opponents, often holding them down as she flogged them or made them kiss her boots.

    Preferred Alignment: Heels

    Fighting Style: Powerhouse

    Signature Moves: Sidewalk Slam, Big Splash, Big Lariat

    Finishing Moves:
    Noroi's Fury (Choke-out Sit-out Powerbomb)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description:

    The Great Noroi comes out walking slowly with Mistress Payne sitting on his shoulder. He holds onto her with his left arm as she plays with her flogger. Once they reach the apron Noroi helps his mistress down. She barks orders in japanese as he climbs onto the apron and proceeds to hold the ropes open so Payne can walk in. Once inside the ring Noroi kneels in the corner as his mistress circles the ring playing with her flogger and yelling japanese words at the fans.

    Past accomplishments:

    2x All Japan World Champion

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    Full Name(s): Andre Lamar
    Nickname(s): "Dre"
    Age(s): 24
    Height: 6 Ft 4
    Weight: 230 Pounds
    Hometown: Compton, California - United States
    Billed From: "The Streets of Compton"

    Background Story/Gimmick:
    Andre grew up as a troubled child. Raised by a single Mother after his Father abandoned him when he was young. Not having a father figure in his life, led Andre into the street life and growing up in Compton, it was not hard to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Due too his size and love of rap music, it was not long before Andre was rolling around with people twice his age in a notorious California gang.

    Andre's troubled life would eventually catch up with him and after an attempted robbery went wrong, Andre found himself with a spell in jail. During his jail sentence, Andre used the time to work on his muscle and fitness with the aim of going right back to his "old lifestyle" when he was released. However not long after his release, he was spotted at a California gym by a PWR talent scout and was signed to the company due too his size and natural charisma. Andre would take to wrestling quickly within PWR and wouldn't take even less time to corrupt and align with General Manager- Dave Ryan. During this time Andre would feud with Usain Kingston in a heated rivalry which would lead to Andre losing to Usain in a loser leaves PWR match. Andre though obsessed with the money and fame has given wrestling another go with E-WF.

    Alignment: Heel

    Fighting Style:
    Brawler (Makes use of his height and strength)

    Signature Moves:
    Big leg drop with theatrics (Crip Walk from the ropes to the positioned opponent, then leaping leg drop)

    Finishing Moves: Straight Outta' Compton(Clothesline from Hell) & 310 Stomp(Black Out/Curb Stomp)

    Entrance Music: - (NWA - Straight Outta Compton)

    Entrance Description: Similar to JTG's. Flash and Cocky mixed with the "Crip Walk"

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

    1x Women's Champion - Akira Tajiri
    Female of the Year 2015 - Akira Tajiri

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    Full Name(s): Dr. Insano Jr.

    Nickname(s): The Maestro of Violence

    Age(s): 27

    5 ft 11

    215 lb

    Hometown: Toluca, Mexico

    Background Story/Gimmick: He's coming from a long family of Mexican Luchadors with a great history in the Independence scene in Mexico and very famous for their extreme rules nature. As many other Luchadors he's identity is unknown and no one has seen his face as he always shows up with his mask. As the legend say the Insano familia was controlling the wrestling world of Toluca and the nearest places for many years when Dr Insano Sr. was alive. Now his son Dr Insano Jr. wants to do the same in E-WF making the company his Insanity Asylum

    Preferred Alignment: Tweener, no allies, acts like a heel but he has a connection with the fans.

    Fighting Style: Extreme-Brawler

    Signature Moves: Superkick, Double arm DDT, Kimura and a High-angle sitout powerbomb

    Finishing Moves: Package Piledriver, Reverse STO, Frog Splash

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: Very slow Entrance. By the sound of Harmonica the lights go out and when the music starts a red light shows up on the top on the ramp where you see Dr Insano standing with his head down. Dr slowly walks down the ramp and stops just at the end of the ramp. Then the drums start to play and the lights returns. He raises his head up and spits water. He then enters the ring sliding the bottom rope and climbs a ring corner.

    Added Information: He's based on Pentagon Jr so in Dr.'s matches you can use his moves. He wears a similar mask as well.

    Past accomplishments: -
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    Bertha Ray

    I will fill the bio in when I can find an old one I have for her. If not I will just make a new one.

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Team Name: Varisty Club
    (Atticus Alexander III & Damien Blake)
    (Managed by Miss Thorn played by GG)

    From: Los Angeles, California

    Height: Alexander/6"3 & Blake/6"1
    Miss Thorn/5"8

    Weight: Alexander/225 & Blake/215 Thorn/???

    Age: Alexander/23, Blake/21,Thorn/28

    Nicknames: The Dream Team

    Bio: Two Star athletes at Cali High School. They were all state athletes in three different sports including football,wrestling, and basketball. They often refer to themselves as The Dream Team. These two guys are two over the top stereotypical douche jocks. They say jokes they only fine funny and laugh at others expanse. However one of the teacher's at the high school saw the potential in these guys and persuade them to train to become wrestlers and for her to manage them. However she agreed to it if only they kept up a 4.0 GPA and kept winning State Titles. After destroying the Cali wrestling scene where at one point they held the tag titles along with their teacher who held the womens title for 1 year.

    Wrestling Style: Alexander/brawler Blake/high flying all around athlete

    Signature Moves:

    Crash Course ( Alexander holds them in a fallaway slam postion but first a superkick by blake then the slam.)

    School House Rock ( Boot Of Doom)

    Perfect Scores ( Backbreaker/Alexander springboard 450/Blake)


    It's Academic (Running Electric Chair Drop/Alexander falling into a backstabber/Blake)

    Useally done with Blake tagging in and Alexander running with foe on shoulders before falling back and Damien hitting backstabber.

    Pop Quiz ( Shatter Machine)

    Look Like:

    Alexander/Alex Riley FCW/orignal NXT days



    Entrance: They come out in letterman jackets with their names on back and sunglasses to camera flashes as they get to the ring holding ropes for teacher the two guys pose while Miss Thorn poses in the middle of them.

    Entrance theme: Outcome (Corey Graves & Jake Carter Theme)

    Alignment: Cocky Heels

    Other info: Miss Thorn comes out and attack people from behind with her curriculum book or the guy's call "The Playbook". They also get super agressive and protective of teacher and also back her up in the ring when she wrestles. She also seems to keep them in check. Mid match she will speak to her boys strategizing how to win match. They also enjoy the finer things in life as the two guys are trust fund babies.


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