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    Extremely Lethal


    Carbon (Matt Morgan) & Venomous (John Morrison)

    Full Name: Extremely Lethal - Carbon & Venomous (Tag Team)

    Age: Carbon - 29 Venomous - 26

    Height: Carbon - 6’ 11’’ Venomous - 6’ 1’

    Weight: Carbon - 320 lbs. Venomous - 217 lbs.

    Billed From: Berkeley, California

    Background Story: Carbon and Venomous met while in graduate school working on a project together, as both were Chemistry majors going for their Master’s Degree. They didn’t fit in as the typical Chemist majors as both were extremely tall, strong well fit guys and were very dangerous as they liked to see what would happen if they mixed certain elements. They never stuck to the norm as they liked to explore different reactions to see if they could discover something new. They began to hang out and both found they were interested in professional wrestling and decided to ditch science and train together. They like to use science terminology to trash talk their opponents, which nobody understands but still cheer for them anyways. They take their approach to science and apply it to the ring; they like to mix certain elements with their opponents to see what type of reaction will occur. They play to the fans who cheer for them to do certain new ‘experiments.’ Carbon and Venomous are both serious guys, but the crowd treats them as cool guys because they do whatever they want. They both were very awkward (because they were so serious) good looking guys, but have come to embrace their cool in their own awkward manner.

    Gimmick: Dangerous Chemists, who like to mix elements to try and discover something new.

    Previous Championships: 1X IWA Tag Team Champion, 1X PWR Tag Team Champion (Current), PWR Tag Team of the Year (2015)

    Alignment: Face

    Signature Moves:

    Tag Team:

    1) Chemical Imbalance (Slingshot Catapult by Carbon into Forearm Smash from Venomous, followed by a Slingshot Elbow Drop from Venomous to opponent on Carbon’s knees) (*Miz/Morrison Move*)

    2) Radioactive (Simultaneous Powerbomb by Carbon and Neckbreaker [*Reality Check*The Miz*] by Venomous) (*Miz/Morrison Move*)


    Carbon: Sidewalk Slam, Delayed Vertical Suplex, Sitout Powerbomb, Body Avalanche, Back Elbow Strikes to cornered opponent

    Venomous: Corkscrew Plancha, Running Shooting Star Press, Dropkick, Slingshot Baseball Slide Kick, Snap Suplex

    Finishing Move(s):

    Tag Team:

    1) Lethal Injection (Carbon Samoan Drop, Venomous Running/Diving Corkscrew Neckbreaker) (*G9*Cryme Tyme*) (*Main*) -

    2) Hazardous to your Health (Carbon Sitout Powerbomb, Venomous Sliced Bread #2) (*Made in Detroit*MCMG*) (*Secondary*) -


    Carbon: Carbon Footprint (Bicycle Kick)
    Venomous: Snake Attack (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)

    Entrance Song:
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    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X PWR Tag Team Champions (First Ever)
    PWR Tag Team of the Year (2015)
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Full Name(s): Darius

    Nickname(s): The Reaper

    Age(s): 25

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 250 lbs

    Hometown: Saratoga Springs, New York

    Billed From: Saratoga Springs, New York

    Background Story/Gimmick: Darius's career began with ICW, EWA, and HWA. He was well known for his hardcore similarities to Mick Foley. Whenever he gets the chance, Darius will utilize any tool that he can get his hands on to mutilate his opponent. Darius was raised to defend himself by any means necessary and those means usually involve a weapon.

    Alignment: Heel

    Fighting Style: Technical Brawler; Mostly uses kicks (Big boot, side kick, etc.) and elbow shots, but has also mastered submission moves. Similar to Edge & Punk.

    Signature Moves: Big Boot to a running opponent (Usually after an Irish Whip), Tigerbomb

    Finishing Moves:

    Executioner's Calling (Spear)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: Similar to Edge's entrance; Throws devil horns into the air and pyro shoots out but it shoots from behind Darius and covers him with sparks and smoke.

    Added Information:

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    Full Name(s): KJ Punk

    Nickname(s): ummm

    Age(s): 27

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 230 lbs.

    Hometown: Tupelo, MS

    Billed From: Tupelo, MS

    Background Story/Gimmick: meh

    Previous Championships/Accolades: IWA World Champ, HWA Extreme Champion or whatever the fuck it was called on Redemption, EWNCW Ignition Champ

    Alignment: FACE

    Fighting Style: Striker

    Signature Moves: Macho Man Elbow Drop (The Tribute), Mississipp-knee (Nakamura's knee), Downfall (GTS into Codebreaker)

    Finishing Moves: Rolling Elbow, Anaconda Vice (Southern Discomfort)

    Entrance Music: "King of Amarillo" by Issues

    Entrance Description: (Note: Only needed if special entrance is wanted. Example - Del Rio's car entrance or Undertaker's Motorbike entrance.)

    Added Information: Doesn't wear an elbow pad on the elbow he does strikes with.
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    First IWA World Champion

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    full Name(s): Kid Wonder

    Nickname(s): SEGA

    Age(s): 32

    Height: 6 foot

    Weight: 92 Kilos

    Hometown: Toorak, Melbourne Australia

    Billed From: Manor Lakes, Australia

    Background Story/Gimmick: rich brat who gets what he wants and just expects things given to him flaunts his notoriorty with the prestigious connections he has made and couldnt give a dam who he hurts to make a dollar. doesnt respect anyone with less money then him unless they can beat him beat and the fact he was one half of the longest reigning Thunder World tag team champions on TWA (thunder wrestling association) with El Amoney.


    Fighting Style: CM Punk

    Signature Moves: Running Knee, Cross Body of the ropes, Swanton Bomb

    Finishing Moves: kidnapped (throw into tyrnbuckle opp stumbles back then hit with an inverted ddt) flying kick, Figure 4 Leg Lock

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: (Note: Only needed if special entrance is wanted. Example - Del Rio's car entrance or Undertaker's Motorbike entrance.)

    Added Information: A Lot of wealthy connections, Always dresses Sharply.

    Full Name(s): "Mad Dog" Paul Conrad

    Nickname(s): "Mad Dog"

    Age(s): 31

    Height: 6 foot 8 inches

    Weight: 135 kilos

    Hometown: Laverton, Melbourne Australia

    Billed From: Laverton, Melbourne Australia

    Background Story/Gimmick: As a kid this character was an orphan moving home to home and as a teen-young adult his only friend was the gym... Lost the plot when he was told he would win the TWA Heavyweight title but was told to lose the match just before he walked out he performed the whole match stiff and had his contract terminated. After several brawls and altercations with the law Kid Wonder hand picked his "Mad Dog" to join forces with him to create Two Of A Kind.


    Fighting Style: Matt Morgan

    Signature Moves: Power Bomb, Throw into the turnbuckle, Big Boot to the face

    Finishing Moves: Clothesline From Hell, ChokeSlam

    Entrance Music: Evolution

    Entrance Description:

    Past Accolades: BWA Grand Champions, AWF Tag Team Champions, EWF Tag Team Champions, JBW Showdown Champions, JBW Mayhem Tag Team Champions, JBW Undisputed and Triple Crown Tag Team Champions.

    Two Of A Kind Brief:

    TOAK has been at the Epicenter of the EWN Tag Team scene throughout 2012 and showed their dominance in nearly every single Fed at the time. From debuting with their self brought AWF Tag Team Titles and then becoming the only ever AWF Tag Team champions retiring the titles to becoming the first ever EWA Tag Team Champions, The only JBW Triple Crown Tag Team Champions as well as holding gold in BWA. At the time the only place they failed to secure a contract was with EWNCW that was until their return to Tag Team wrestling in mid 2014 with a contract to EWNCW that never eventuated and now they are primed to show PWR just why they are the most decorated Tag Team in EWN Cable
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    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Full Name(s): Israel Pamich

    Nickname(s): "Herzegovinan Horror"

    Age(s): 29

    Height: 6 foot 1 inch

    Weight: 114 kilos

    Hometown: Trebinje, Herzegovina

    Billed From: Trebinje, Herzegovina

    Background Story/Gimmick: Born into poverty and a civil war, Israel was an orphan at a young age after his father died in Kosovo and his mother could not afford to keep him. After having been raised by an anglo saxon family under the name of Michael Williams Israel found out through some investigations that he was indeed adopted and went in search of his ancestral roots. Finding out that his grandfather is a recipient of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemorative Medal and his father paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of his people. Going back to his birth name of Israel Pamich, Israel went on a mission to honor the people he cherished the most through Instigating Integrity upon everyone. Along the road though he lost site of his own integrity and now he is ready to to instill a little integrity into PWR

    Alignment: Face

    Past Accolades: EWNGP Season 1 winner, 2 Time and retiring RTE Champion

    Fighting Style: Randy Orton

    Signature Moves: European uppercut, Running Body Slam, Drop Kick

    Finishing Moves: (Max Three) Intergrity Instilled (Yes/Labelle Lock) A Little Integrity (720 DDT)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description:

    Added Information:

    Picture: Israel.jpg
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    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
    PWR Tag Team
    Former AWF, EWA, JBW Triple Crown (Warfare,Mayhem,Showdown) and BWA World Champions

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    Sasha Panzer

    5 ft 6

    110 lbs

    From: Berlin, Germany

    wrestling style: kicks, screams, hair pulling but also can wrestle a high flying stlye.

    Finishers: Chick Kick is her finisher. She wears a glove on her right hand which she loads with an object at times- she calls it Lil WMD

    bio: youngest family member of the Panzer family. Does not get along with her sister Barbie, nor her brother Oli. The only member in her family that ever gave her attention was her brother Karl. She briefly dated Hanz Gruber who turns out was only using her while dating her sister Barbie. In EWA she made friends with April Snow, Mike Muir and Faith Leflur, staying friends with them when the all went to JBW until she made friends with Ano Doom. When she hooked up with Ano, Muir, Snow and Leflur let her go her own way. The past few months, Sasha was left to her own, no more Ano, no friends, no family. a chance meeting with April and Mike after Sasha rushed from a building hosting a wrestling show- April and Mike nursed her back to health- she was brutalized at the show backstage. Sasha is very loyal to her friends and is a big Tommy Thunder fan

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Hanz Gruber

    Berlin, Germany
    Trained under Karl and Oli Panzer. Wrestled in Europe for years before heading to America where he wrestled for HWA. He then wrestled for EWA and EWNCW. He had planned on wrestling for ICW but that fed closed before that could happen. Left wrestling for a few years and fought for MMA companies through out the world. He did very well but it was hard trying to find opponents for him as he purposely hurt his opponents when given the chance. Was kicked out of the MMA world when he broke a mans arm in his last contest. So he got back into wrestling again a few years ago. He looked into going into IWA years ago but it didnt look right for him so he just wrestled in Japan and Europe.
    He is all about himself, doesnt give a shit about anybody unless its a hot blonde

    Entrance: He walks out to the ring with a random woman most matches. He takes his time alking to the ring and waits until his music has completley stopped before entering the ring. And the random woman always holds the ropes open for him. Wears a black trench coat to the ring and at times just a black vest. Always has a cane and a metal claw on a finger
    He always has his cane handy- and will use it as a weapon. He wears a metal claw on his right index finger and will also use it as a weapon when he can

    Wrestling style: Wrestles a very stiff Japanese style now. Also mixes in some high flying stuff from time to time. He also uses some mmA holds

    Moves: Clothselines, drop kicks, running bull dogs, enziguri kicks, assorted chops, running knee to chest
    Finishing moves:
    scorpion death drop- Die Motherfucker Die,
    sharpshooter- Guten Nacht Schlampe
    crippler cross face- Sie dumm fuhrt

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young


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