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    Pro Wrestling Rebellion (PWR) Roster Thread (New/Updated)

    If you're interested in joining Pro Wrestling Rebellion (PWR), either PM Tommy Thunder, Tai Knight, or myself or post in here! Please follow the template below too, as it'll be much easier for us when it comes down to booking your characters and writing about them in commentary.

    Picture: (Can be anything, wrestler or otherwise that best resembles your characters look and appearance. Note: Once a picture has been chosen by someone else, it cannot be used again.)

    Full Name(s):






    Billed From:

    Background Story/Gimmick:

    Previous Championships/Accolades:

    Alignment: (Heel, Face or Tweener. Note: leave blank if you are open to allowing creative too choose)

    Fighting Style: (Note: Be realistic. You can't be the Undertaker, HBK and Rey Mysterio combined.)

    Signature Moves:

    Finishing Moves: (Max Three)

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: (Note: Only needed if special entrance is wanted. Example - Del Rio's car entrance or Undertaker's Motorbike entrance.)

    Added Information: (Note: This is anything you would like creative to be aware off, about your character. Examples - Tattoos, Scars, Previous Injurys.)

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    Singles Roster:
    (( Being Updated ))

    Mr. Torture

    Antonyo Angelo


    Noland "N" Swisher


    Ano Doom

    Oscar Layman

    Sterling Jagger

    Tommy Thunder

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    Women's Roster:
    (( Being Updated ))

    Eden Sky
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    Tag Team Roster:
    (( Being Updated ))

    The Gamers (Alex Wright & Brooks Heaven)

    Fuegos Artificiales (Taco & Paco Torres)
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    (( Being Formatted ))

    PWR World Heavyweight Champion:
    Mr. Torture


    PWR Women's Champion:
    Juno Mercury


    PWR Breakout Champion:
    Israel Pamich


    PWR Tag Team Champions:
    Extremely Lethal
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    You may now post your bios!

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    Full Name: Mr. Torture

    Nicknames: The Man in Black, The Man in Latex.

    Age: Unknown. (he says he's under 30)

    6 f 0 in.

    Weight: 220 pounds.

    Hometown: Unknown.

    Billed From:
    The Torture Chamber

    Background Story/Gimmick: Not know much. A problematic child and teenager, he soon developed a fascination for torturing animals and bondage sex. He was accused of appearing on snuff movies, torturing and raping young girls, but accusation was dropped due to lack of proof. He went under psychiatric treatment, and was cleared as sane, with possible outbursts of violence. As a way to channel his pulsions, he started wrestling. Soon, he showed his abilities as a wrestler, and trained with William Regal and Taka Michinoku. He went to Mexico to hone his skills in CMLL, where he captured the CMLL Light Heavyweight championship, and CZW, where he was Wired TV Champion. He can fight on technical matches, but thrives on hardcore bouts.

    When signed to IWA, he feuded with Orion Slayde, scoring a win and a loss, before losing the final feud of the match. He then moved to fight Ace Note, losing the match that defined who was the better of the two. He joined the Nest, but failed to achieve greatness, therefore, he was expelled after Mike Hawk became dual champion. He moved to fight Kaige Chamberlain, and thought he had got rid of him after a spectacular beatdown at Full Throttle, but Kaige came back with a vengeance. In the go home show for DFI2, Torture revealed Kaige's father had paid Mr. Smyth to get his son into IWA, driving his opponent crazy, something that allowed Torture to get the win in their match. After being accused of running Kyojin over, he stole Benny the Ball's Blackout belt, making his intentions clear of getting a shot at Last Resort. He won a match to enter a fatal fourway, and on IWA's last PPV, he pinned BTB to become the final BlackOut champ.

    His gimmick is as a BDSM master, likes to use typical BDSM objects such as floggers riding canes and such. He has his own Chamber, where he is often seen performming sessions with female slaves. He has a preference for spanking, and his own hand as weapon of choice.

    Alignment: (Über) Heel

    Fighting Style: Technical with some light high flying. (Early 2000's Chris Jericho)

    Signature Moves:

    Torture Crux: (Sitout crucifix powerbomb: )

    Michinoku Driver II:


    Curse of the Damned: (Colt Cabana Billy Goat's Curse: )

    Other moves:

    corkscrew plancha,
    Suplexes (belly to belly, german, northern lights, saito),
    Shining Triangle:,
    Dropkicks (Standing, missile, top rope)
    Floatover Modified Stunt Rider stretch (see from 1:41 to 1:51
    I Am The Parka (corkscrew moonsault),
    spinning heel kick,
    double underhook DDT.

    Finishing Moves: Wheel of Torture (Sliced Bread #2: )

    Torture Sault (Lionsault: )

    Arm Reaper (Fujiwara Armbar: )

    Entrance Music: Krieg - Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground cover)

    Entrance Description: Lights go out before the music starts playing, they light up as soon as the voice sounds. He sometimes enters through the audience, Shield style, on special occasions. He may carry a vintage torturing object (flooger, whip, cane), or his beloved barb wired black baseball bat.

    Added Information: None of his real appearance is known, he always wears his latex suit, and looks exactly like this:

    Join the Best e-fed, EWNCW!! Send a PM to Tommy Thunder, Kingstrem, TheJosephBanks, S.E.Zero, TTC or me filling the form you'll find in the Inferno Thread.

    Find all the EWNCW links here.

    The Jesting Madness: Last EWNCW Tag Team Champions (6/3/12-5-5-12), first ever EWNCW Blacklist Champions (5-5-12/11-12)

    Also check TWE!!

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    Name(s): Alex Wright & Brooks Heaven

    Tag Team Name: The Gamers

    Age(s): Alex: 22, Brooks: 24

    Height/Weight: Alex 5'9/168, Brooks 5'11/188

    Hometown: Baltimore, MD

    Billed From: The Mushroom Kingdom

    Background/Gimmick: Two lazy ass gamer who was made to get off of the couch and do something with their lives. They tried many different things but failed horribly until they came upon a Backyard Wrestling Federation. To everyone surprise they was actually pretty good at it and eventually caught the eye of an up in coming major wrestling company, PWR.

    Alignment: Heel or Face, depending on what is needed.

    Fighting Style(s): Alex is close to a John Morrison and Kofi Kingston mix. A lot of kicks and awe like moves. Very agile and quick but lack power. Hit and run tactics is his main thing. Brooks is more of a Kevin Owens, AJ Style type wrestler. He's not really a power house but is consider one out of the two. More of a savage fight with moves that are design to punish opponents with a few high-flying moves here and there.

    Signature Moves: Alex: Spinning heel kick, round house kick, different variations of dropkicks, rolling thunder, peele kick.
    Brooks: Spinning clothesline(of the top ropes sometimes), Power Up Power bomb(PPB), springboard moonsault, tilt a whirl backbreaker

    Finisher: Alex: PK Flash (Running Double Knee), Brooks: Hyrule has Fallen (Chaos Theory), Tag Team: Three Rings of Death (Slingshot into a double running Knee) Sometimes preform from the top of the ropes or a backbreaker into a diving double knee from the top. Hence why it's called the Three Rings of Death.

    Picture: Alex:

    Entrance Song:

    Entrance Description: Both men appear from warp pipes on opposite sides of the stage. They come out to meet each other in the middle before giving each other a fist bump.
    Tai "Greatness" Knight
    A EWNCW Original
    EWNCW World Tag Team Championships: The Force of Greatness (3/18/11 - 6/16/11)

    PWR: The Empire: Nate Washington, TJ Bell and Clay Law

    PWR: The Gamers: Alex Wright & Brooks Heaven
    PWR: Myandra Rain

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    Can I be Sonic The Hedgehog?

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    Name: Antonyo Angelo

    The Italian Stallion

    Age: 28

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 205

    Hometown: Turin, Italy

    Previous Championships/Accolades: He only won a championship in HWA but i honestly don't remember which championship it was.


    Gimmick: An very rich Italian guy and very famous wrestler in Italy and Europe. Very stylish and very strong character. He gets everything he wants with the power of money (like JBLs gimmick). He believes that his above the average American and any other wrestler in the roster and he calls himself the American savior.

    Fighting Style: Technical with some light high flying (Cessaro meets ADR)

    Signature move: Fallaway slam sometimes from the second rope and Running DDT

    Finishing move:The Emperor's Cutter (top rope RKO) and Caesars slam (angle slam)

    Normal moves:
    Big boot
    Flying Lariat
    Suicide dive
    Eye poke
    sleeper hold
    swinging neck braker
    Backbreaker rack
    Running dropkick to the corner
    Multiple European uppercut
    Diving elbow drop
    Bridging cobra clutch
    Vertical suplex
    Belly-to-back suplex
    Snap suplex
    Elbow smash
    Reverse frankensteiner
    roundhouse kick

    Entrance Description: Like Del Rio but without the car. He has Amanda Flyn introducing him and while he walks she's behind him uploading him. She also usually sits on the middle rope for Angelo to get in the ring.

    Entrance song:

    Appearance - gear:
    Attachment 2265 Antonio looks like this guy and on his trunks he has the Italian flag on it.

    Name: Amanda Flyn

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 115

    Alignment: Heel

    Hometown: I honestly forgot but I'll say Chicago, Illinois.

    Gimmick: She's a young lawyer and Angelo's manager. She enjoys working with Angelo. She believes and agrees with everything that Angelo is saying and shares the same opinions with him about USA and the American people despite the fact she's one of them. She's very good looking but her relationship with Angelo is strictly business. She's not a wrestler but she usually gets involved in Angelo's matches distracting his opponents.

    Entrance Music: Same as Angelo's.

    Entrance Description: I said above.


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