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    ROH Ep 14

    We are one week from Best In The World. Kevin Kelly is here with Truth Martini as we are live from Raleigh, North Carolina. Kevin Kelly says we got a big homecoming show this week. The tag titles will be on the line tonight. We also will see Silas Young's real woman and Rhodes Industries inviting Chris Hero for a press day before their match at BITW. Truth says that is something we never seen before as Cody Rhodes brings some class to ROH.

    Colby Corino music hits and out walk Corino & Jacobs are in the ring Colby grabs mic and says its time to end this he cant wait to finsh this. He says that his father is sitting at home because of the beatings he got from Elgin. Colby says that he himself has been bruised scared and bled but he says that he needs to end it for his father for himself its hurting to many people like his father and his friend ACH. ACH is going to be out for a month with a concussion from the superkicks from the young bucks.

    Elgin walks out alone in his bullet club t shirt. He says your right Colby this does need to end he is done with the Corino's after BITW because hes going to send the last Corino home bruised battered and broken and move on to bigger and better things because Micheal Elgin is bigger then Colby & Steve he's better then Colby & Steve he's smarter everything about Elgin is better then Colby & Steve. He says look at your father's legacy. He has built it leeching off other people success and calling it his own. ECW he tied himself to possibly greatest Japanese wrestler of all time Tajiri. ROH he took credit in turning Kevin Steen that's right his name is Steen and making him a household name when everyone could see Kevin was a superstar. He even did it to his so called best friend Jimmy Jacobs in S.C.U.M. he took it right to the top winning the ROH tag team titles. He would go under the mask and call himself in a mask Mr.Wrestling 3.

    So Colby don't you see your dad's career its a joke it mean's nothing just like whats going to happen at BITW and just like right now. The Young Bucks attack from behind tossing both men in sync shoulder first into ring post.
    Elgin walks into the ring and is thrown Colby like blood to a shark and he drops him with a Elgin Bomb. The Young Bucks hit a double superkick on Jimmy Jacobs.

    End Segment
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    Match 1: Hangman Page vs. Kyle O' Reily

    End Of Match: Page has taken his time dismantling Kyle with almost surgical pecession as he keeps staring at his rope thats in the corner of the ring. He grabs kyle and tosses him like a lawn dart into turnbuckle where the rope is not even blinking as he drops to his knees and grabs it. The ref is telling him to let it go or hes DQ. Hangman Page just laughs at him before dropping it and picking up .
    Kyle and hitting Rite Of Passage ( kneeling back to belly piledriver) 1,2,3

    Winner: Hangman Page by pinfall

    He grabs the rope and puts it around Kyle neck.

    ( Hard 2 Find him doing it so think Page/abyss and Kyle/Raven)

    Dalton's music hits

    He runs out with Bobby Fish as soon as they get close Page takes off but has left his rope behind. Dalton says Page you wanted a title shot so bad all you had to do was ask silly no instead you thought you put your hands on my boys. He says that sounded better in his head but never mind. He says Adam baby you want a shot? You got one! He's useally a lover not a fighter but he can go fisticuffs with the very best in the world because he's Dalton Castle and he wants it all. He says he likes it rough and you look like you like to play rough so why dont you bring your rope and we wrap it around our pretty little hands nice and tight and we have ourselves a texas bullrope match. Page looks him dead in the eyes and says by the end he will hang by his title.

    End Segment

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    Back from break and Kevin Kelly & Truth Martini are talking about how the card just got a hell of a lot better. Dalton Castle vs. Hangman Page in a Texas Bull Rope Match. They go to talk more as Silas Young walks up behind them and says hi Truth and hey rosie you miss me?

    Kevin says why are you here? Silas look at him and goes cause I can because I wanna you got a problem? Kevin says no but you do with Awesome Kong. Silas gets angry says he didn't fight Kong because he's a real man.

    He says he like to introduce the real women of pro wrestling O...D...B...

    ODB walks out and she grabs a mic as Silas walks into the ring he holds the rope open for her. ODB says she fought that behemoth of a woman if you wanna call her that and she beat her. She goes on to say that Awesome Kong lets dance b****.

    Match 2: Awesome Kong vs. ODB

    End Of Match: Kong has been overpowering ODB however everytime she gets a upper hand ODB slimes her way back with shots. ODB goes to punch Kong and Kong ducks before hitting a spinning fist almost knocking ODB teeth out. Kong goes for Implant Buster but Silas Young grabs her feet causing ODB to reverse it and go for a roll up she grabs the tights and feet on ropes as Silas holds ODB feet for 1,2,3

    Winner: ODB by pinfall

    ODB & Young run off celebrating. Kong gets up slowly pissed she grabs the ref and hits a Implant Buster. We go to break with Kong being escorted out of arena.

    End Segment

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    Back from break and we are shown War Machine.

    They start talking and say all the teams come all the teams go Raymond Rowe & Hanson have beaten them all and The Guns are not any different. Raymond says these titles right here prove they are the best tag team in the world these titles prove that all comers are just another x in the calander on their way to history. Hanson cuts in says don't get us wrong Guns you are good but, you aren't War Machine, you aren't The ROH tag team champions and you never will be. See you soon.

    Match 3: Caprice Coleman vs. King Taven

    End Of Match: Coleman has been kept grounded by Taven whose been focusing on the crowd whose chanting Kenny King. Taven head is a little out of it until Coleman hits a swift kick to the jaw dazing Taven. King Taven throws Coleman into the corner and starts raining down punches before Coleman slips under him and hits a powerbomb and only getting a two count. Taven rolls out of ring, and Coleman grabs him by the head lifting him up when Taven grabs Coleman and drops him jaw first into rope. He rolls into ring and Superkick followed by Fall From Grace 1,2,3.

    Winner: King Taven by pinfall

    Taven grabs the mic and The Addiction bring him his crown. Daniels and Kaz tell the camera crew to grab him a chair. They do and Kaz opens chair for Taven before Daniels cleans the chair off for his king.

    Taven says last week The Kingdom sent their punisher to the gallows like Eddard Stark. He says weakness is something The Kingdom isn't built on. Kenny King wants to claim Taven doesn't deserve this crown Taven says Kenny King doesn't deserve to call himself King. Taven says he's talk with his Kingdom and they agree that at BITW Kenny King vs. King Matt Taven is going to happen not because I need to beat you because I want to. You see a true king wont let himself to be challanged no matter the man or peasent. You see Kenny, when BITW they meet we are going to see who the true king is. Taven says if he wins, Kenny King no longer will be allowed to call himself Kenny King but if Taven loses, The Kingdom will break up. Kaz & Daniels look on in shock saying thats not what we said. Taven says don't question your King because if they don't think their King can win then They don't deserve to be with him. Kenny King music hits and he comes out says your on and he can't wait to kill The Kingdom.

    End Segment

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    Back we are outside a Hotel Ballroom with Chris Hero next to a sign that says Rhodes Industries. Hero walks to the door and sees a receptionist who tells him to follow her and brings him to a seat.

    The room is empty until Cody Hall walks from the front door holding it open as press come in they fill up the room and then the lights go out and you hear Brandi Rhodes say please welcome Bullet Club & ROH number 1 merch seller The COO of Rhodes Industries The American Dream Cody Rhodes.

    Cody walks in with his wife on his arm as the press snap photos of Rhodes and he shakes their hands as he makes his way to the podium. He says thank you, thank you please be seated. He says in less then one week the wrestling industry will be all around their TV's all over its Social Media to see Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Hero at Best In The World. I would like to thank you all for coming to this media day. Now let's welcome my opponent Chris Hero. Chris walks up to podium as he says let's get this over. Hero picks a media member.

    He says hello David Eckers of I wanna ask you how does it feel knowing that at Best In The World you go one on one with the greatest wrestler in the world Do you think you stand a chance for over the last month Cody Rhodes has out smart out class you in everything So how do you think you can even be on his level?

    Chris Hero looks at him and looks back at Rhodes says are you serious to Cody before beginning to speak but his mic isn't working. Cody has a mic and says damn I don't know why thats not working but to answer Chris question He can't and he knows Rhodes is the best wrestler of all time.

    Rhodes picks a media member. He says hello im Joesph Kyle of and he likes to know if Rhodes feels like he has to step down to face Hero when their are other wrestlers he could be facing with bigger draws?

    Rhodes says great question and he does because everyone knows Cody Rhodes is better then Chris Hero. He says he should be facing the very best ROH has to offer not Hero.

    Chris Hero grabs the mic and says this is some kind of joke. He says he's done and begins to leave before Cody Hall stands in his way Hero says move before from behind Rhodes attacks Hero. Both Cody's begin throwing strikes on Hero until Chris gets a upper hand tossing Hall through a wall. He grabs Rhodes and throws him through the doors into the lobby. Brandi screaming as Hero makes his way towards Cody whose side stepping and pleading for him to stop Brandi Rhodes hits a low blow. Rhodes laughs as he starts stomping away at Hero. Rhodes picks up Hero and goes for a crossroads Hero reverses it kicking Rhodes in head grabbing him and tossing him through the Rhodes Industries sign as the police come and escort him away.

    End Segment

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    Back from Commerical and we see the ROH World Champ #1 Contender Mark Briscoe.

    He says look boy you have gone talk bout how he's not worthy to be the champ he says that's funny because he thinks Kenny isn't. Mark says he's had his up and his downs here but make no mistake he's gonna be like The Jefferson's and he's moving on up and he's taking the title. The biggest mistake Kenny Omega has ever done is not thinking that he's a threat. BITW Kenny Redneck Kung Fu Mark Briscoe adds world champion to his list.

    Kevin Kelly & Truth are joined by the ROH World Champ Kenny Omega to call our main event. Kenny says he finds it funny that Mark Briscoe and his white trash brother think he's gonna lose this title. He says speaking of Jay where was he this week? He says Jay Briscoe is in NJPW facing Okada. Kenny says on the eve of his brother's biggest match and he's in Japan. He says lets see this match man its gonna be good.

    Main Event: Motor City Machine Guns vs. (c) War Machine

    We are given the intros as both team get a nice pop. The Guns are looking ready. The champions are ready to kick some a**. The Ref holds titles up and here we go.

    End Of Match: Chris & Alex have been getting the crap beat out of them as War Machine have made frequent tags and have been working on the backs of the guns. Rowe & Sabin are in the ring as War Machine makes another tag. Rowe hits a back breaker as Hanson crashes down with a top rope leg drop. Sabin gets covered and only gets a 2.

    Hanson has Sabin in the middle of the ring in a bearhug as Chris reaches in pain for Alex Shelley. Sabin hits some elbows bringing the big man to drop Sabin. Sabin with a few forearms before dropkicking Hanson to the outside. Shelley is taged in and from apron a running soccer kick followed by a cannonball senton bringing the big man down. Shelley tries to pick the big man up and after a little does he goes to go into ring as he's going through ropes Hanson with a swift kick caught in the ropes Shelley eats a running knee strike by Hanson.

    Hanson tosses Shelley into ropes and goes for a powerslam but blind tag by Sabin. Rowe runs in and both teams go at it. The guns have War Machine in corners and attempt to irish wrap them into each other its reversed and reversed again and The guns hit a in stereo enziguris. Shelley kicks Rowe to the outside as The Guns double team Hanson.

    Inverted atomic drop by Shelley followed by a running dropkick to the knees by Sabin followed by an inverted STF by Shelley followed by a running dropkick to the face of the opponent by Sabin. The Guns are feeling it pumping up the crowd. Shelley goes back to the apron and tags in as they hit Made in Detroit (Sitout powerbomb (Sabin) / Sliced Bread #2 (Shelley) combination.

    Sabin hits a suicide dive to outside on Rowe as Shelley covers Hanson 1,2,3.

    New ROH World Tag Team Champions
    The Motor City Machine Guns

    The crowd pops and streamers fly as the champs grab their titles and hold them high. War Machine enter the ring and it startled the champs who hold their hands out and the two teams shake hands. Kevin Kelly says he will see us at Best In The World as we end show.
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